6 Worst SUVs Only Stupid People Buy

6 Worst SUVs Only Stupid People Buy

rev up your engines today by popular
demand I’m gonna talk about the six worse SUVs out there now yes SUVs are
becoming more and more popular people buy many more SUVs than cars look at
Ford they’re giving up with their cars except for the Mustang and only selling
SUVs and trucks but being popular the price of SUVs is gone sky-high so you
don’t want to spend all that money and get a pile a junk so today I’m gonna
talk about six SUVs that you shouldn’t walk away from you should have run away
from them never even think about buying them number six on the list is a Nissan
Rogue I had customers with those they got some
mileage on them seventy eighty thousand miles they started to fall apart they’re
so bad than October there’s a lawsuit against them for their emergency braking
system it turns out that the emergency braking system that’s supposed to save
you breaks itself sometimes when you’re going down a highway for no reason if
people can smash right India just what you want to do own an SUV that gets you
in an accident it’s not avoiding it by putting on the brakes for no reason whatsoever
and over all the vehicles are junky they lose about sixty percent of their value
the first five years ownership so in this case hey Nissan gave it the right
name the road and you want to stay away from rogues whenever possible number
five on the list is the Chevy Equinox you don’t want to buy an equinox either
now Chevy kind of realized their problems in 2005 they started making the
original Equinox but they turned to digital crossover SUV they’re calling
the equinox so they’re still out there but it’s still falling apart they’re
known for excessive oil consumption I had a costumer with one that thing
Burnt a quart of oil every 500 miles but of course in any modern vehicle burning
oil is more than just a nuisance because that burning oil will eventually destroy
the catalytic converter in the oxygen sensors by clogging them up and if you
don’t have the oil of course the engine blows up it deteriorates the
anti-pollution system that can cost thousands to fix down the line all in
all not a good car our customers were the transmissions for now
we’re just typical with modern GM they don’t make that good automatic
transmissions anymore that’s a super expensive fix that runs thousands and
thousands of dollars these are on vehicles have less than a hundred
thousand miles I’m not talking about something that’s got three four hundred
thousand miles and yeah things eventually wear out these things wear
out before their time and just like seasons come and go the equinox I’d let
it go I wouldn’t get it in the first place, now number four in the list is the
Dodge Journey was surprised now 2019 they
discontinued some of the journey models and they were talking about hey
many their gonna drop the Dodge Journey entirely but they’re not a couple weeks
ago notice that they put out talking about how great their 2020 Dodge Journey
was in one of those PR brochures that they send out on the Internet to try to
war people into buying them yeah give it to Dodge there’s a lot of room inside
they have all the creature comforts but unfortunately they don’t hold up over
time they get pretty crappy gas mileage and their resale value is horrendous
now they’re owned by Fiat another failing company so now you got two
failing companies merging together what do you think they’re gonna do come up
with brilliant success after decades of failure I mean really one of the reasons
Fiat bought Chrysler was to have all these crazier dealerships where they
could sell their Fiats but now they’re even talking about pulling Fiat out of
the United States because their Fiat models sold so poorly in America that it
doesn’t make much sense to go through the trouble of trying to sell them when
you only sell in a few of them and not really making any profit and the few
customer of mine that did buy dodge journeys they were disappointed in the long run
they liked them when they were new everything for the kids and you could
fit a lot of people in them but as they age the new transmissions were out or
their engine started burning oil or their electrical system started going
haywire like a lot of late-model Chrysler’s do they said I’m not buying
another Dodge product so take advantage of my customers mistake and don’t buy
one of these dodge journeys now number three on my list of the worst six SUVs
to buy the Volkswagen Tiguan not surprised either a Volkswagen product
today in the United States although swaggin teague ones are powered by a
four-cylinder turbocharged engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission
realized a long time ago volkswagen bought outtie and Porsche they took a
lot of that complex technology and put it into Volkswagens who used to be a
simple reliable car manufacturer with the old beetles things were cheap could
run forever with very little maintenance that you could easily perform yourself
we can forget that with this that turbocharged direct-injection engine
notorious for having carbon buildup inside also had problems with the timing
chains and attention errs that they’d break when they get a little over a
hundred thousand miles and then those are interference engines so then the
valves hit the Pistons and you got to put new heads on the engine it cost a fortune
people junk them then if they got any serious mileage on and the dual clutch
transmissions that are in them they are probably the worst
thing that Volkswagen ever came up with I’ve seen those things go out and people
spend five to seven thousand dollars having them replaced this high level of
technologists in the Tiguan it bites you in the rear end if you keep him for
anything like the time now don’t be fooled by them let’s say you go road
test run it to dealer they are zippy fun to drive they handle quite well but they
just don’t hold up over time now let’s say you want to zippy little SUV and
you drive a thousand miles a year go ahead and buy one things generally not
gonna break down then thousand miles a year thirty years you put on 30,000
miles you’d probably be running perfectly fine and of course they have horrendous
resale value you’d get them cheap use but here we go again you don’t want to
use Volkswagen turbo use no number two on a list of SUVs not to buy is the BMW
X series the x3 the x5 but especially the yaks three over the years I’ve had a
few customers by BMW X series every single one of them turned into an
endless money pit as they aged level technology and these things are insane
special G sensors so they don’t flip over because they’re pretty high up in the
air those systems break you could spend
thousands of dollars fixing I’m their transmission systems here in the United
States are all automatic they are insanely complex and yes they
break all the time then cost a fortune to fix often it costs more to fix the
transmission than the car is worth and being modern BMW as they’re plagued with
oil leaks the use all this plastic crap on the engine system and on the cooling
system to which have a lot of plastic stuff that ages and crack and starts to
leave and then it may be cheap plastic but it isn’t cheap to buy or repair when
it does break now of course they’re not giving these things away they’re
extremely expensive to begin with so unfortunately I’ve seen quite a few
people buy them when they’re five six years old think whoo look at all the
money I saved and yes you saved a lot of money over the original sticker price
there’s no arguing that if you keep one of those things for another three four
years all those savings are gonna go right down the toilet in repairs let’s
face it if you’re spending forty two thousand up for an SUV you expect
quality and speaking of quality these extras here in the United States
their not made in Germany their made the United States
and South Carolina you’re paying that kind of money for a German car at least
myself I expect it to be made in Germany by Germans so if you value your SUV
money stay away from BMW X3 now here’s the moment you were waiting for
the worst SUV to buy and what is it no surprise the Land Rover or to be
specific the Jaguar Land Rover the company’s not one company Jaguar Land
Rover it used to be English but Tata the Indian company that makes those little
cheap cars bottomed out a while ago then they start having problems losing money
so now the Chinese own half of Jaguar Land Rover so you think the quality up
making these new Chinese factories but now last month the Chinese were
protesting at the Jaguar Land Rover factor about how poor the quality of
their vehicles are rather ironic one there they were known for poor quality
in England then the Indians bottom and the quality is still going bad and then
the Chinese on half of them and the quality still going down but strangely
enough at least here in the United States they sell a lot of these Land
Rovers because they’re sort of the in car for the yuppie crowd they all have to
have one I remember a customer of mine he was buying one for his girlfriend he
had a new girlfriend he was 50 she was twenty-something she just had to have a
Landrover and when I hooked up my fancy scan tool I found like 27 different things
wrong with it from the giant computer scan yeah these things are not
dependable hey when the Chinese are protesting in China their headquarters
in China about bad quality that gels in something and the warning about buying a
used one because it’s so much cheaper to save money is doubly so warning here
because as they age they fall apart faster than probably any car out there
buying a used one is an endless money pits I’ve had customers buy him they
thought oh I only paid $8,000 from this vehicle then they find out it needs four
thousand here five thousand here and over the years in my need forty thousand
dollars worth of work so you’re gonna go a roving in your SUV just make a point
of not doing it in a Land Rover do it in something that’s built a little bit
better and yeah everybody loves their SUVs these days but you don’t want to
get stopped with a lemon so heed my warning and don’t buy any of these six I
just talked about, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. my grandparents bought a dodge journeys about 7 years ago and they LOVED it but they sold it because they didn’t need all the room because they didn’t need to drive my siblings around anymore!

  3. Scotty I paid $4800.00 for my 1974 Dodge Ramcharger which I still have since brand new still has the order sticker in the window.

  4. Why do you Call Ram trucks gas hogs if Toyota Tundras are far more basic vehicles and they get far worse gas mileage for being very small wheel and tires

  5. I just got a girlfriend, a brand new one. Can anyone suggest me how much value will she lose and how much of a moneypit she is.

  6. I don’t know if any of your other SUVs have the luxury’s of a Land Rover and the ability to bring those luxuries where ever you want

  7. I dunno… Rogue from X-Men is still pretty hot.. Oh, the Nissan clunkers.. No thanks..
    Dodge Journey's are roomy inside so when they break down in the middle of the desert you've got room to stretch out while waiting for the tow truck driver..

  8. So glad I came across this. Hey Scotty, what are your thoughts on Lexus SUV's, specifically the older RX330/350 and hybrids?

  9. Bought my E46 for 3 grand, probably the last generation of bimmer to be built worth a damn. 150K miles on original engine and automatic (I fear for the tranny though)

  10. So the Rogue is not a slightly smaller Murano… The turbo hydromatic was a good Chevy transmission and the Target Master 350 a good replacement engine. I delivered many of both as a Chevy parts driver. I once had a Corvette nose sail on me and end up on the other side of the highway on me. Oops. 😬 It was tied down to slide in advertising side boards on my delivery pickup. The side boards sailed with it. Lol

  11. The Journeys are fast, if nothing else. They always try and race me, no matter who is driving, when I am on a motorcycle, that will blow them away.

  12. I'm thinking about getting used Lexus GX470? I hear some years you can run regular gas? Can someone list which years? Thank you.

  13. Scotty do a vid on Conversion Vans. What their Pros and Cons on owning one. Which ones are worth the money and durability.

  14. What about the Ford Explorer are they reliable? And are they endless money pits? Are they good will they last a long time.

  15. And I notice drivers drive several of these models like complete idiots. I think I now know why. They're pissed at themselves for buying them and probably hoping to get in a wreck as an excuse to get away from them 🤣

  16. Those people in the south are happy they kept their 1950's 60's 70's 80's cars no doubt mostly GM cars easy to fix, look how many are in NC, FL, TX CA, every other house has a 1960's or early 70's car they use the new car as a beater when they save the old one isn't that some crazy switch back then in the 1990's it was the opposite funny how times change and so does the price on a nice old car it went sky high because they know it can last forever !

  17. Well say !! i will stay away from land rovers 2000 and up quality went baaad .i own a 1996 discovery and i off road a lot on it cant bit the hell out of it ! Bad gas mileage yes but fun to climb rocks on it and always bring us back
    I think cars were build way better back on the 90s

  18. I was thinking about getting a Chevy equinox but I'd rather just stick with my 2001 Chevy Blazer I couldn't stand driving a front-wheel drive with the shity transmission

  19. It’s too bad about the tiguan. But remember there are German made ones and Mexican made ones. Are they both crap??

  20. As soon as I heard saved money in relation to a used BMW i knew that would go south, because as my dad has pointed out if you want used luxury just buy a Lexus. Because you get used luxury prices but its a Toyota so you know the QA people were awake.

  21. I have a 2015 Volvo XC with 3.2 liter 6 cylinder and drives like a dream, best seats ever made and 60k with zero problem. It is beautiful outside and inside.

  22. Scotty… you are not getting the point, he is over 50 and his girlfriend is 25…who cares about what she likes to drive as long as he rear ends her every night. That’s why Mercedes, BMW and Volvo’s are my top choices.

  23. Hello Scotty is the suburban 2019 a good car from your experience or is there a problem or something that I should be aware of?

  24. There is a saying (paraphrasing here), 'If you want to drive out into the wild, you choose either a Range Rover or a Toyota Land Cruiser. If you want to come back alive you choose the Land Cruiser.'

    Soccer moms in urban areas would probably choose the more chic Range Rover though. Braving certain death escaping a soccer match parking lot is a noble fight after all.

  25. There is a saying, if you want to go to the outback take a Landrover. If you want to get back take a toyota landcruiser.

  26. Range rover land rover were rated one of most unreliable cars in britain with bmw audi mazzarati. The most reliable cars were honda no 1 along with toyota suzuki mazda subura.

  27. What about an older X5 3.0i (2000-2006) ? I've always wanted one, but you always make BMW sound like its going to take my pants off me ;DD

  28. Every single word about VW IS LIE I have no clue why you lie I will post a video of mine to show you how many miles I have in it !!! 320000 miles so far

  29. Isn't the Nissan Rogue like the best selling suv in America? Last I checked they sold something like 400,000. If they were really that unreliable, wouldn't the market have caught on?

  30. I've never heard anything good about Land Rover, what goes wrong with them? Transmissions don't hold up? Can't keep a head gasket in it? Electrical?

  31. I bet these SUVs are soooo bad for two primary reasons…. 1. the children that run these companies do not know or understand that saving a penny really, truly hurts their business in the long run. They're so gung ho to to look good for each other that they get into a savings frenzy towards design and manufacturing. Plus, they have no clue what a long run even is because nothing they own (or want) lasts! And 2… even in Germany, the art of engineering has changed drastically. Never mind that children are coming out of the colleges unable to critically think, but when they try to engineer complex things outside of the box, they end up making shitty cars that put you in the poor house to fix and you end up living in the box they're thinking outside of. And don't get me started on what's to come of engineering of our road bridges in the next 25 years. They'll be falling down for sure.

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