60 Days In: Narcoland: Cartel Route Van Search | A&E

60 Days In: Narcoland: Cartel Route Van Search | A&E

entle instrumental music) – [Halbleib] This is what we
call the cartel route. Any exits that have
hotels are gonna be some of your hot
spots for narcotics. We’re gonna go up there and
try and see if we can stop some dopers coming
up from the South. We stopped one truck leaving
here not too long ago worth about $180,000 cash
in it hidden in a trap, in a stash pot
underneath the seat. If you have a good
interdiction team and you’re stopping cars, you can make a dent in
the trafficking of heroin or cocaine or ice
that comes through. Just be careful up
on the interstate. – [Officer] All right. – I mean, we’re a small unit, and there’s tens of
thousands of cars passing down the expressway
every single day. It’s like sitting
in a deer stand and waiting for the
big boy to come by and all you see are
a bunch of does. If I’m going hunting, I’m going hunting for
the elusive 17 pointer. I’ve shot everything else. I’m looking for a reason
to stop a vehicle, and then I use that information to springboard
into a conversation with the driver about the stop. Where you coming from? Where you headed to? Everything okay today? Did you get enough
sleep last night? And I’m gonna use
that information to continue on with a goal
of trying to figure out what it is they are doing. John Fowler stopped
a car up here. I’m gonna go back him up. All right, hang tight. (gentle instrumental music) – No, no. Lift this whole thing up. Can you see under it? Watch for fentanyl. – Huh? – Watch for fentanyl. Here you go, John. Got some pills here. – [Man] I got some pills
and hydrocodone pills and a packet and a small
amount of marijuana in the other pack, so. (radio beeping) – I know we are making progress. It’s still a long road, but we’re going
down the right road. We’re doing the right things, and we’re working with
the right agencies, and we’re doing what it takes to make the community
a better place. Are we ever gonna stop drugs? We’re never gonna stop drugs, but we can control it
to a certain degree.

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  1. What a waste of time these guys are. "I know we are making progress." Liar. Can you really look the camera straight on and say drugs are less a problem in the US today than 10, 15, 20, 30 years ago? Of course not.

  2. Big 17 pointer….real big bust you are such a bad ass…i feel way safer ruining these guys life. They got pulled over for being black.

  3. I want to find a reason to pull you over then get in your personal business and when you don't want to give me the info I want. "Go ahead and step out for me"

  4. So basically they can unlawfully pull someone over for no reason and search thier vechile with no probable cause…that ain't right

  5. That is why you are never obligated to tell them anything if you aren't on probation or parole and haven't committed an actual crime. Traffic violations are not crimes.

  6. Yep I'm going for the big fish I'm going for the bed bug I'm going for the big one three carts and a couple Oxys couple dudes just trying to have a good night good Lord

  7. I mean they're not mind readers or using x ray vision. It's an awful video to start with and share with the public, but that doesn't make their efforts null.

  8. Never going to stop drugs because that would end your gain. It's not in your interest. You want to do just enough to say look at what we're doing, you need us; you make a business from drugs flowing in. Filthy money has defiled all higher ups in authority who could change things for the better had they cleaned themselves first.

  9. Lmao them lazy eye extracts 😂😂💀 if you in a illegal state take your carts out the package they would most likely think it’s a regular vape 🤦🏻‍♂️ but they are getting smarter out here so be careful y’all

  10. Total waste of time and taxpayer's money. I hope if the cameras weren't there, they would have been let off on a humble

  11. I simply will never get weed just relaxes you puts you in a great state of mind you function normally that those two wax pens are personal use smh and keep it real you guys only stopped them because they’re black don’t even dare to lie

  12. Believe it or not out here in dtla they have they spotters hanging out on exits waiting for they shipment to pass through alrdy knowing the car etc.

  13. Let me just tell you guys this. I like 5 minutes away from I-65S in Hillview.
    Half the sheriff’s in this video have actually been brought in from multiple agencies because shepherdsville (biggest heroin and meth spot in KY) is so overwhelmed that citizens can’t even ride down the street without seeing someone OD’d in a parking lot, a drug deal, or something weird going on. It’s been so much better since the undercovers have started taking stuff off the street.

    During their first 30 days as a task force, they gave over 60 citations for paraphernalia and 75+ arrests. Meaningful arrest’s too.

    My shop wrapped all the undercover police cars in this show with the reflective sheriff wraps so you can see them when light hits then only. That’s really the only reason I know any of this information because they told us. Plus I live in bullitt county so I actually know what’s going on.

    But I will say this though within the show was doing for our community and making these little drug dealers think they are Pablo Escobar. I wished They could show something that would really knock your socks off. Like the 30 pounds of meth they got a few weeks ago. Lol.

  14. Don't understand why they call it the "cartel route "because the cartels don't or have anybody working for them in the u.s. they don't waste their time with that

  15. Looks boring😴😴😴. The government letting the drug's in. Lock them mofos up.Stick to undercovers inside the jail. Cop part is snooze land.

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