7 Common Dream Meanings You Should NEVER Ignore!

7 Common Dream Meanings You Should NEVER Ignore!

At first glance, dreams might be just fictional scenarios our minds make up when we’re sleeping. But what if there’s more to them than just stories we tell others, or write about after? Although there’s no scientific evidence to prove that dreams hold special meaning, for many years they have been studied to promote better self-awareness, and to help us understand what’s bothering us in our everyday lives. According to Suzanne Bergman, a social worker and dream specialist, “Dreams are a universal language, creating often elaborate images out of emotional concepts.” Have you been recognizing certain themes you frequently dream about? Here are 7 common dream meanings. This is a common dream many people have. Being lost or trapped usually means you’re unsure about what step to take next from a particular circumstance in real life. People who dream about getting lost in the woods, a large building, or any maze-like structure in general often feel overwhelmed and can’t seem to find a way out. This reflects the mental, physical, financial, or emotional burdens they’re experiencing in real life. Do you ever dream about missing public transportation, such as a bus, train, plane, or taxi? Often, people who dream about such scenarios tend to miss them only by a fraction of a second. This can also pertain to scenarios where you dream about being late for a job interview, performance, or special event. In real life, these dreams may reflect the regrets you have for not going after what you wanted. Whether that means missing out on seeing your favorite band perform live, Or not applying for your dream job on time. People who dream about these scenarios usually find themselves in or near a car vehicle. They can either be the driver or the passenger when they experience a brake failure, flat tire, or getting hit by another car. In real life, this typically means that you feel like you don’t have control over a certain situation, or you might be headed for trouble in the future. Contrary to what it sounds like, people who dream of this scenario are usually no longer in school. Common dream scenarios involve having trouble finding the test room, being unprepared from lack of studying, or missing equipment to complete it. They indicate that you are feeling tested in real life, which makes you anxious about what your future holds. This is a common dream people with anxiety often have. They usually dream about being chased by an animal, person, or something you cannot readily identify. In real life, it means that they are trying to run away from a certain situation, or it could be an emotion they are not ready to confront yet, whether it’s grief, or a breakup. Have you ever dreamed about reaching into your mouth, only to feel your teeth fall out, or that there is a missing gap? This indicates that you may feel insecure in real life, unattractive, or not good enough, whether it pertains to school, your work life, or romantic relationship. You may also have a fear of being embarrassed or judged by others. People who dream of this scenario often find themselves falling from a high building, or sinking into an ocean. They usually feel helpless and overwhelmed. It’s a common misconception to believe that having those dreams mean a foreshadow to your own death. But in reality, they indicate your fear of falling, or that you’re not content with where you are in life. You may need to carve a new path, or make some new choices to help you find meaning again. If you have a special topic request that you’d like us to explore next, Make sure to let us know in the comment section below! Also, please be sure to subscribe to our channel for more helpful tips, and share this video with others! With your help, we can reach more people to spread awareness on the mind and mental issues. Thanks for watching! Hey everybody! I just wanna give a personal thank you video for you guys, for always supporting Psych2Go and making this all possible for us. Our vision is to make psychology as accessible as possible so that it promotes self-awareness, and helps you guys grow. However, we want to make more content for you guys, and would love your support in buying one of these bracelets from our partner, Introvert Palace. Check out the bracelet, it’s pretty cool, and it even includes Pluto! The link to purchase will all be in the description below, and I hope you guys have an amazing day. Bye!

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  1. I finally got my answer for a Dream I had in the fourth or fifth grade when I was being chased by a person that I didnt know and I ended up getting kidnapped by them but before that happened in the same dream Carrie Underwood was in it after I was kidnapped I got to a door and that was when I woke up

  2. Today i dreamted very i can say scary dream..my dream: i wake up in my room then i go to check my mom room and she was not there so i was like: Ohh so she probbly in a shop! Then i look from a window and i see MY CAT!! WHO IS STUCK AND CAN FALL TO THE GROUD (BC I LIVE IN 8TH FLOOR, IN A FLAT) SO I JUST OPEN A WINDOW AND I GRAB MY CAT AS POSIBLE I CAN! AND THEN SHE ALMOST FALLS BUT I GRAB THE LEG AND JUST YEET HIM IN TO THE ROOM!! HE WAS VERY SCEARD AND IN SHOCK! I WAS TOOO…THEN I GO TO MY PHONE TO CALL MY IBFF LIKE REGULAR DAY…I SAYD TO HER: TODAY WAS A CRAZYYY DAYY!!!!! I walk pas the exit doors and what i saw…THEY'RE WE'RE OPENN!!! (I mean i dream a lot that exit doors are open) i remeber i didn't saw my other cat! I just was screaming: I KNOW U ARE HERE!! U TRYING TO ROB ME!! I KNOW U ARE HERE!! Then i saw my cat but not that was looking for it was my cat who allmost fellt from a 8th floor! I picked up him and i was going to just hold him…i was very sceard! I saw some people that in real i don't know maybe just saw on youtube but one old lady was very simular that i know in real life but thats not very about her! So i saw that old lady i sayd to her: if u gonna see black cat who is fat (Yeah my cat is fat but he is doing everything good) soo when i sayd that i went i can say home to my bed (somehow there was a door where was that old lady) i was sitting on my bed…i was seeing her she sayd to me: look under your bed he is waking up! I was like what?? I see just black and there is my other cat who i was looking for…then i saw…a kid who was a boy with black eyes i was so SCEARD I PICKTED MY CATS AND RUNNED OUT OF THE MY HOUSE WITH MY PHONE….AND THATS HOW it ends…bc i was to sceard and i waketed up…so idk what means a kid under your bed :/ but it was very sceary bc i love my cats veryy muchh!!!! :((

  3. I sometimes have a dream in which i act like a hero to save others and become satisfied after helping them…
    And once i have dreamt that i m not prepared for an exam n i will lose it.. and the same thing happened to me in the next real test….

  4. Hey is it normal to dream about being in a happy state then after a few seconds the scenario changes that I'm in a car that was sicking and then feeling trap inside wanting to go out and then suddenly your running away from a some sort of demon or creature and cannot wake up even you wanted to and you don't wanna sleep again ??? Well I have this sort of dreams way to much but not everyday just trice a week

  5. In the Philippines, dreaming about teeth falling out signifies a death of someone close to you. And to reverse this, you must bite on a piece of wood when you wake up

  6. When I was younger I had a dream of a trex chasing me throughout a crate yard (I’m not sure what they’re actually called) but I’m not sure if I had that issue irl with the dream meaning

  7. Recently I’ve had tons of dreams where me and this one girl either ask eachother on a date, or we go on a date. But it hasn’t happened yet in real life. I was kinda hoping this would have some type of answer

  8. I dream about getting chased by a nightmare animal like some sort of panda with bloody eyes and upon millions of razor sharp teeth.
    I also keep getting that fake fall motion in my sleep when I lay on my back.

  9. I had a dream I was dying and being pulled to a dark hole until my mom appeared and pulled me way from the hole.

    My physiatrist diagnosed me as having seasonal depression
    I'm a social introvert

  10. Me I dreamed before of being chased by zombies but then I realized it's my own head so I was able to headshot them all.

  11. I know this is kinda late but I once dreamed that I was about to fall from a high platform but somebody saved me

  12. Me: having a dream

    Also me: wakes up in the middle of the dream

    Me three: goes back to sleep to finish the dream XD

  13. i don’t know if this happens to anyone else but it always happens to me, so i’ll be dreaming about something then i wake up and forget the dream, then i get to school and see someone that was in my dream and i feel so weird as if they had the same dream. idk it’s weird

  14. i had a dream where i was a furry, then i lost my fur suit but then i found it in a fridge. after that me and my friend got in a fight in walmart.

  15. I dreamed this, so i am a boy in the dream (i am a boy in rl too) So i died Then i becomed a girl, i was so stressed and sad and confused it was like a nightmare.

  16. I commonly dream that I'm in my car and then, the road brutally ends and my parents and I dive into the lake or also I dream that I go all naked at school and everyone's look constantly at me and whispering things I usually can't hear🙁

  17. I used to have a dream with me driving a car, and suddenly not being able to stop because its broken and then die because of a car crash and I panick everytime

  18. Wait, so you're telling me I'm not the only one who dreams of their teeth falling out?! I thought it was too weird to be common omg!

  19. It’s not a dream really. But I’m really curious. Sometimes when I’m just about to drift off to sleep, I have this feeling that I’m falling for like a second and I spring up. Can you explain this??

  20. The second dream-tHiNg "missed opportunities"
    I can't be the only one who noticed the "BIG BANG CONCERT" signs?
    bAnG bAnG bAnG ~~

  21. Well, when I was 5 or 6 I had a HUGEE crush on this boy in my class.. yah I know. I always had dreams about him hugging me or him making out with my best friend.. few weeks later he moved away to Canada LMFAO

  22. I be getting chased in some of my dreams witch is too scary for me because I’ll be getting chased by By a clown or a ghost from a scary movie or sum😥,and am I’m the only one that my dreams make me run slow and everywhere I hide they always end up finding me☠️

  23. The last one is totally me! The only dreams I recall are falling off something high. I also never feel fully active or pleased with what I do. That's why I have lots of hobbies but I'm always still thinking that I need more or something is missing 😐

  24. Has anyone ever had a dream that was so good, and felt so long and then your body wakes up at 4 in the morning. Then you’re like “I want to finish that dream!” And somehow to back to bed and continue that dream?

    And sometimes I get dreams about things that happen later in life, like a vision. Does god already know who I’m going to marry and how many kids I’m going to have? I’d like to know as well please god lol

  25. Am I the only one who hasn't had any of these kinds of dreams? I've looked up my types of dreams and apparently no one has the kind I have.

    Whenever I do dream (I don't dream every night), I have reoccurring dreams that I've had when I was younger. I dream the same setting and a similar scenario, but something different happens. I tend to notice my surroundings and who I converse with rather than when I was younger and just dreaming the dream. In some nights, I have multiple of these dreams (at max 3-4). The dream never changes it's several settings I've revisited. I don't dream about specific people or interact with people I know in real life or that I know of online. I've remembered at least 7 different settings that have been reoccurring throughout my life each time I dream.

    I know some people have reoccurring dreams, but am I the only one who has them everytime I dream? Another thing is I remember my first dream and I've had it reoccurring as well. It seems like a far stretch, but I know what I dreamed.

    If someone is reading this far, I'd really like to dig deeper into why I have these reoccurring dreams and how come I am unable to dream of normal things that's common. If you know anything about this please reply to this comment!

  26. I had a dream where my plant for the science project got ticked of by a bird. Weeks later it happened, and remembered the dream I have, I was shooked.

  27. I commonly dream about me driving (idk how to drive) going down a hill I know in my area, then losing control of my brakes. Also missing things last second. The worst kinds of dreams because I can literally feel my anxiety boiling in my blood.😖

  28. does anyone have a dream when people ask you a question but you like can’t respond and then you start waking up and respond out loud and you wake up

  29. I’ve had several bad nightmares of people breaking in my home at night. I even shot one of three. Disturbing to have a dream like that.

  30. Every day i wish i was famous
    And somtimes when i dream its mostley me with popularity on social media, somtimes i think its real :') I also have 80% Nightmares so i dont know what those two means ;_;…..

  31. I always dream about falling and sinking. I also dream about standing out side a bug white door of a big house but no matter what i cant never open it. It feels too scary and i wake up with an illusion of getting sinked into the floors.

  32. I dreamed about my crush asking me if will go to their sports day, I said yes, he smiled and teased me( I don't remember wht he said though).

    Is this a sign that I should really go and that he wants to see me?

  33. My cousin got hit by a car not to long ago. And I had a dream about a little girl who got hit by one in front of me. I was just screaming when it happened and then I woke up. Does that mean I'm traumatized.

  34. Sometime ago, I Used to have dreams that I'm with some kind of guy? We were both happy and somehow close….but his face is always so blurry and the dream would resume itself after a month or a year

  35. I have falling dreams all the times I rarely have any other dreams but occasionally I get a dream where I’m on a motorcycle and I fall off and endlessly roll and be in pain I can’t feel it but I can then I always wake up after rolling for a little bit it never really surprises me anymore but I still hate it

  36. I once dreamed about me on a crime scene wherein my older sister was the killed victim…after that dream I started writing all the clear details that I could remember on my dreams since I have a pretty good memory,and I could say that my dreams are very weird ;-;

  37. last night i had a dream about me going to my the high school that i’m going to next year and finding long story short my true love…. man that was a good dream

  38. My dream took place like this:
    Me doing stuff in the house, I see a child outside, (I'm a child myself) And I randomly decided to go outside and murder the kid (The place is taken in brod daylight) There were witnesses, nobody reacted, people just looked at me, gave me a weird look, and then went along to do their business.
    The next day, the police showed up to my house, gave me a 100$ fine for murdering a kid, and took my dog and cat away (I don't even have pets in real life.) Then they forced me to stay in my mom's house, for 5 days, and locked up, for punishment, and if I left, they would eat my organs, so dream me decided to leave for some reason, and of course they ate my organs. Fast forward to my funeral, (I had lots of friends and family in my dream for some reason) And the only people that showed up to my funeral were my pets. JUST MY PETS.

  39. I actually had the same dream 3 times in a row and it was about my school principal and he wanted to kill me (I was very scared of my principle at the time ) I still remember that dream very well and his eyes where red

  40. I once had a dream about going to school but it has a twist (*this is before sleeping* I told my mom to stop making noises because I couldn't sleep I was sick so I didn't go to school my dream I woke up in my driver's car and I was going to school but the roads where like an opposite universe like instead of a desert it was a lake and the gas station was in front of the road instead of being in the back but the thing is I knew I was dreaming I kept telling myself didnt I tell my mom to stop making noises I kept telling myself wake up wake up but I couldn't until I saw my friend and she told me this weird word and then suddenly I woke up

    I know this is not related to the video but I wanted to share my experience

  41. I had a dream that I was getting raped by an alien and another one about zombies and another I was about to die. I have weird dreams.

  42. Well once I dreamed about how I lost my mother in the city and I was lonely and lost and no one helped and then I wake up._.

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