70 Year Old Blackhawk Hydraulic Jack Restoration

70 Year Old Blackhawk Hydraulic Jack Restoration

1940s Blackhawk hydraulic jack Model AA8.5 – 5 ton capacity Dramatic proof that Blackhawk jacks are your best buy. Clevis pin. Clevis pin number 2. Missing clevis pin someone replaced with a carriage bolt. I’ll have to make a new one. Release valve screw. A little bent. Will need to be straightened. Stuck! Impact driver. Greatest tool ever! acetone Foaming degreaser. Like regular degreaser, but more fun! I’ll probably need to buy a new toothbrush after this. The extension screw is totally seized up in the ram. The bent relief valve screw. I need to fabricate another one of these. One new clevis pin. The rivet heads snapped off. Not much left on the name plate. Ready for reassembly. Anti-seize compound. A little tight without any oil in there yet. Couldn’t rind a replacement piston seal, so I’m making one from an O ring. Hydraulic oil. The nameplate is beyond repair so I decided on a simple decal of the logo. It needs a handle. Let’s make one. Knurling the handle. Rilling out to reduce the weight. Acetone. Thank you for watching. Please Subscribe!

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  1. Got a 2 ton screw jack from a 60s /Toyota, stripped it cleaned it and re lubed it still works like a champ ,numbers on the side =2600 !

  2. Nice job! Because you have a good microphone maybe you should consider get a wooden table that would be less noisy. 🙂

  3. Master Craftsman. Nice to see there are still some out there. Hope to see more of these. This is relaxing to watch these videos.

  4. Please, people, say something … I have been cleaning and restoring things of this sort for as long as that jack was alive. Why not say hello, how are you, watch me diddle the metal on a wire wheel. Really, it's sort of fun, honest, try it sometime. OMG, say something!!!!

  5. You kinda skipped on how you replaced the rubber seals at the bottom of the piston. I doubt that cut o-ring seal at the top would live for long….Am I wrong?

  6. I still get it saving an old clunker jack instead of sending it to the recycle metal bin even more if an heirloom left by your father , grandfather or a close person or a museum collectable mechanical piece , but you need to free up so many precious hours to do so instead of buying one imported from a foreign labour camp that they sell now for 20$, it's like in 2019 your working for 10 cents an hours and i'm not even counting the video editing time ! But I have respect for what your doing !

  7. Good work apart from one thing, the lathe work on the clevis pin, well it didn't look too clean. I noticed the tooling moving a couple of times and the surface did not look well machined. Maybe your cutting tools need sharpening.

  8. Wow … Nice Job! I have one similar that could stand for an overhaul. I've tried several sessions with PB Blaster and a torch to free up the rusted in extension screw, to no avail. It'll be project # 1,722 on my to-do list.

  9. a beautiful job  would be a shame to put it under an oily old vehicle  also I would have put washers behind the split pins

  10. surprised you didn't soda blast instead of using so much wire brush wheel and i would have sent the bits away for powder coating, much tougher than paint

  11. i would have added some other colors like chrome or left it metal and coated it with a clear to kinda contrast the red some but all in all nice job

  12. You could make a new name plate, but I'm not sure how time consuming it would be. I've seen a video here on how to do them. Instead of attempting to copy the stock label you could make your own generic one with your branding. Then you could put them on all of your restored stuff.

  13. I have what I believe to be a 2 ton version of that, seemingly in fairly good condition. Have had it for some 55 years and the extension tube still works. Nice to know how to service the unit. By now probably requires a minimum of oil change.

  14. Great work minus the scaring you put on the ram shaft with your pliers. Those are hydraulic fluid leak points. I would not get under anything that this Jack lifts. Other than that minor detail really good work.

  15. Great work one of the thing i enjoy from your channel is when some of the parts you got to make them new cause its beyond from repair and you have the proper machine to duplicate that part that if you dont show it when your restoring it they wouldnt know cause you replacate the peace exactly..
    Well done 🤜✳🤛

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  17. I would want to research the nomenclature on that plate before believing it is as old as the title says.Sometimes you can read the letters on the backside of aluminum from the stamping pressure.(try steel wool).

  18. Накалил металл, ослабил его. Нужно закаливать после такой операции.

  19. 14:19 эту гайку нужно затягивать туго, а не так! Сорвётся домкрат, кто будет отвечать?

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    Old rusty stuff, check.
    No talking, check.
    Plain background, check.
    Fast forwarded parts, check.

    What happened to originality or is all this about making money? Remind of today's music industry…

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