74 years old Traffic Enforcer rewarded by netizens

74 years old Traffic Enforcer rewarded by netizens

I am already 74 years old. I don’t get tired yet. How will I get tired? ’cause I really love my job. Good morning, my name is Hieroteo Villarosa and you can call me as Irongsky and I am already 57 years old. I already saw him long before managing the traffic and I can compare him to Traffic Enforcer Sales before. I enjoy watching him and when I went back here his presence is viral in the traffic scene. he’s still there though he is old. I am still enjoying watching him until I saw him on Facebook. I have heard that Mr. Cordero is already 70 years old. What I did is I called the attention of the mayor and I asked why don’t you give him a recognition? I know he was already given one, but up to this time he is still there so you should give him another kind of recognition. After retirement he is still there he is hardworking, persevering and still doing his job at the age of 70 years old. That post became viral a lot of people shared the comment I posted. The post is non-political I just asked the mayor that he should be given attention. After that, I was thinking people who are sick and those who died we help them sometimes… then why don’t we help this person he is still alive. So that he can enjoy his remaining life Just like what God did to us we were given a chance to live and if you pray you will be blessed. That is what I thought about. I said, why don’t we give something to him that he can appreciate. not just the award Why don’t we give him something financial I ask myself if where can I ask for help then I discovered “Old Negros” a group in Facebook. Old Negros rhymes with old people I asked them, “why don’t we make a fund-raiser?” They agree with me that’s where it started. I got hold of this app for fund-raising for Mr. Cordero. I set an amount but we haven’t reached it. It’s okay even though It’s just a small amount as long as it was heartily given to that person, it is already a big help. For me, if I can still do my job I will still do it. I told myself that if I can not do my job anymore I am just telling the Lord that if one time I can’t work anymore and it’s time for me to take a rest just give me four days… to take a rest and on the fourth day, just take me to the afterlife. All of us is a sinner but our Lord, He know everything. He’s the one who gave us life. If we talk about the different traffic situations here in Bacolod those, for our brother, Tony Cordero for him those difficult traffic situations he could solve it easily through his skills and experience in what we call traffic management. Wherever his assignment be even the most congested intersections of Bacolod To most motorists the are locals of Bacolod He is an icon. An icon in the field of traffic enforcement here in Bacolod Can you imagine in 24 years sometimes you will see him in the busiest intersection he doesn’t mind the rain and he endures the heat. You can see in his heart that he really love his job. This man is reliable and in work he is alert even if it rains, he is still working. Even during typhoons, he is still in the middle of the street. Well, my inspiration is that this job, I really love it. I don’t get bored in this kind of work. Because I have done this for almost 24 years but I don’t surrender in this job because my dedication is that I really want to serve in traffic. and… once I was accepted here I promised myself that if I will be admitted in traffic office as long as I can perform my job I will do it well. So I proved it. I never break my promise to work in traffic Even though I am this old I am already a senior citizen at the age of 74 I never thought of taking a rest because I am old enough I don’t think like that. I am very inspired because the senior citizens who are my age even younger than me sometimes I am thinking about the first thing they ask me. My age. Because they see that I am I am already old I am telling them what my age is then they’ll tell me I am incredible. “You are just like 30 years old when you work.” I told them there’s no one who don’t get tired even though your young you will get tired how much more if you are old enough. But again, it’s just because I really love my job and I really want to serve as long as I can I will serve. I just ask the Lord all of us will perish because we have limitations when the time comes instead of saying I’ll take rest I’ll ask him to just let me rest for four days after that after four days… take me. So I’ll have time to say my last will I don’t want to suffer anymore because my sacrifices are too much. that is what I am asking.
are too much. that is what I am asking. They have given me recognition I am really thankful to them I am very thankful. In my life until… I could rest when The Creator take me I will never forget them I am very happy that they have given me attention they recognized me rightfully Even though this is just a simple gesture the whole world is… watching. Long live… Antonio Cordero

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  1. Congratulations and may GOD Continue bless you with more wonderful years Mr. Cordero. Mabuhay Ka! sana maraming mga Traffic Enforcers na katulad mo dito sa Bacolod.

  2. Si tatang yan dito samin buting tao yan bitiranong nforcer na yan at njoy sya sa trabaho nya lalo na sumasayaw yan

  3. Congratulations sir😊 saludo aq sau..iba ka sa lahat..ung maganda pa sau, pagsumasayaw..nakaka good vibes.. Thank you for your service. 😊May God bless you😊

  4. Witness ako sa Kanyang Husay at Dedication sa Trabaho Bata pa lang ako Traffic Enforcer na yan si Tatay eh,, tuwing pupunta kami sa LLibertadsiga Palagi yung tinitignan ko Dahil sumasayaw siya At ang galing niya Sa Traffic.. Legend Traffic Enforcer

  5. I always see him on that crossroad since my college days in Bacolod. I love watchinh him when the traffic stops. I used to name him "THE DANCING TRAFFIC ENFORCER". God bless you sir. You've done your job well more than anybody else.

  6. Wow… I’m from Negros too… so happy to see this video and know the good hearts of the netizens…. thanks for this video

  7. Wow nkaka inspired si manong😊good bless po manong..always kita nakikita taz ang galing mo mag trafic.kahit matanda na dedecated kaparin sa work mo..good job

  8. Wow….yes i remember this man…20 years ago….i was student then in college when i was amused to his skill…nice moves while doing his job as traffic enforcer….God bless!

  9. Seeing this guy multiple times, and enjoying the way he does his Job. May pasayaw pa, maskin kainit. Proud of you, brother!

  10. Kaluy-an ka perme Sir sa imo kapisan.. Salamat sa imo nga serbisyo ga ulan man o naga tagi-ti ang adlaw ara ka sa dalan ga trabaho. Salado! God Bless You Sir!

  11. He is a living legend! He did try to retire but he came back because he loves his job and the Bacoleños.God bless ‘Tay! You are a blessing and an inspiration.

  12. So proud of you! Since my pre school days, I see him on the streets, dancing and so passionate about his work.

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