8 Classic Vehicle Designs from Engineer Horacio Pagani

8 Classic Vehicle Designs from Engineer Horacio Pagani

– [Glen] In today’s video we’re going over some of the greatest car designs of the great Horacio Pagani. Pagani has become one of the biggest names in car design working first at Lamborghini and then going on to
create his own company. I’m Glen with Minds Eye Design bringing you eight amazing car designs of Horacio Pagani. (upbeat music) Pagani’s early career didn’t include all the car design wonderment
that you might expect. He started out making
fiberglass cabins for campers while working on his passion project, an F3 race car. He was using the money
made from the campers to fund the entire project. Once it was completed save for an engine, Pagani decided to reach out to Renault and pretty much just asked for an engine. Not only did they give him an engine, they sponsored his team
for the entire season. While his racing career didn’t
quite work out that well, he made quite a few strong connections. After meeting with one
of his racing connections Pagani ended up getting
a job with Lamborghini. So the native born Argentinian packed up and moved to Italy. – [Narrator] Number eight. – [Glen] Pagani started out
working in the body shop and the composite materials department of Lamborghini, where he began
working with carbon fiber. After his stint of that,
they decided it was time for him to design an actual car. And it was just in time for
a 25th anniversary vehicle. The special edition Lamborghini Countach was his first big name project. The 25th anniversary
Countach was originally going to be limited to 400 models but became the best selling Countach selling 667 cars. The suspension was redesigned
and with upgraded tires it was more stable and
safer than previous models. Air intakes were redesigned to improve aerodynamics while continuing to keep the engine cool. With a top speed of 183 miles per hour and a zero to 60 time of 4.7 seconds it’s faster than its other models. – [Narrator] Number seven. – [Glen] Debuting in 1999
at the Geneva Motor Show Pagani’s first vehicle was the Zonda C12. During the design phase of the Zonda he ran into the same problem
with his F3 race car, he had no engine. He was introduced to the lead engineer over at Mercedes Benz which led to the Zonda C12 being fitted with a 6.0 liter V12 engine producing 554 horsepower. With his love for carbon fiber you can bet that there was a ton of it used during construction. Only five of the original
Zonda C12s were made while one was used in a crash test and another was a
demonstration and show car. – [Narrator] Number six. – [Glen] Only one year after
unveiling his first car Pagani was back at it again at the 2000 Geneva Motor Show with the brand new Zonda S. Pagani was determined
to show that his company was not just a one trick pony. The new model sported multiple changes to the body style. The Zonda S had new lights and exhaust as well as an elongated nose and flaps at the rear of the car for improved aerodynamics and turning. It sported a 7.0 liter engine that boasted 542 horsepower. Only 15 of the 7.0 liter
Zonda S models were made. Pagani went on to make a Zonda S 7.3 which had a larger 7.3 liter engine. Only three of the Zonda
S 7.3 models were made but there was also a roadster version that had a run of 40 cars. – [Narrator] Number five. – [Glen] In 2005, Pagani was
back at the Geneva Motor Show with his brand new Zonda F named after a Formula 1 driver and personal friend of Horacio Juan Manuel Fangio. While this model shared a lot in common with other Zonda models made most everything was re-engineered. Enhanced intake manifolds, a revised ECU, an upgraded exhaust are just a few of the upgrades. It also came with an extra headlight, a revised front end and
a brand new rear spoiler. All of which helped make the vehicle even more aerodynamic
than previous models. The original Zonda F
was limited to 25 cars. They went on to make a roadster version of the Zonda F as well, which was also limited
to a run of 25 models. – [Narrator] Number four. – [Glen] In 2009 Pagani
was ready to bring us another insanely powerful vehicle. The Honda Cinque was designed to be the most extreme road legal Zonda. And there was only a plan
to make five of them. The Cinque had a brand new six-speed sequential gear box. The body work was redone
with new side skirts, a rear diffuser, as well as
a roof mounted air intake. The changes made the car
extremely aerodynamic. That, coupled with the power of the engine made it the fastest Zonda
created at the time. It went on to make a roadster version that was also limited to five models. – [Narrator] Number three. – [Glen] In 2017 at the Pebble
Beach Councours d’Elegance, Pagani Automobili surprised everyone by unveiling the brand
new and last rendition of the Zonda. Only three of these vehicle were ever made and was created as a 60th birthday present to Horacio Pagani himself. It might have upset a few Cinque fans when it claimed the title of most powerful road legal Zonda ever made, but getting your hands
on one might prove tough. Only three were made and one was retained for Horacio’s personal collection. – [Narrator] Number two. – [Glen] After an
incredibly successful run with the Zonda models, Pagani decided to bring out something brand new. Enter the Pagani Huayra, named after Huayra-tata, the god of wind. It was incredibly well received even being named the
hypercar of the year for 2012 by Top Gear magazine. The Huayra was a complete shock to the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. With its sleek body style, gullwing doors and outrageous performance. Powered by a twin turbo
charged 6.0 liter V12 engine, which produces an insane 720 horsepower only 100 units of the
Huayra were produced. – [Narrator] Number one. – [Glen] The latest vehicle from Pagani is the incredible Huarya BC named after a personal friend of Horacio as well as the first Pagani customer Benny Caiola. The Huarya BC was entirely track focused and had an improved version of the original Huarya’s engine. Not only was the engine upgraded but the weight of the car was reduced using a new material called carbon triax, which is supposedly 50% lighter and 20% stronger than carbon fiber alone. Only 20 units were made, but of course there is a BC roadster version with around 100 units being made. So there we have it. Eight amazing designs from Horacio Pagani that shook up the automotive world. Let us know which one was your favorite from this list. And don’t forget to like and subscribe to stay up to date on
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