8 Reasons People Still Buy Pulsar 150 | MotorBeam

8 Reasons People Still Buy Pulsar 150 | MotorBeam

Hello everybody and welcome to MotorBeam. Bajaj first launched the Pulsar in 2001 and
instantly the Pulsar 150 became the leader in its segment. We are now in 2017 and 16 years hence, it
is still the market leader with over 30,000 units being sold every month. Now what makes this bike tick, well, here
are 8 reasons why the Pulsar 150 is such a legend. The Pulsar 150 is the first ever Pulsar to
be launched which signalled the start of affordable performance biking in India. The Pulsar 150 deliveries a fantastic mileage
of 55 km/l which means you don’t stop at the fuel pump often. The rider will never get tired on the Pulsar
150 which has a comfortable seating position. The design of the Pulsar 150 is just right,
nothing is too big or too small, it still appeals and doesn’t look dated. The seat of the Pulsar 150 is like really
long, so much that it is just apt for a family. Being an old bike means the Pulsar 150 enjoys
the economies of scale and is very well priced. The Pulsar 150 is a commuter bike but was
among the first in the segment to get a digital cluster, LED tail-lamps and backlit switches. The Pulsar 150 is low on maintenance and parts
are easily available. Most importantly, the resale value is really
good so selling your Pulsar 150 is quite an easy task. Thank you for watching this video, please
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About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Motorbeam….please do a video for pulsar fanboys plz….like Apache ….we the pulsar fans need a video for a great machine …eagerly waiting guys …please do it ….thank you
    ________pulsar fan boy ________

  2. nice video bro… i want to buy a used bike under 50k… for long rides… I have considered fz, gixxer, unicorn150, pulsar 150,180,220.. please suggest a reliable low maintenance bike.. thanks

  3. I m a proud owner of pulsar 150 dtsi 2006 model…..!!!! I gt it from junkyard…..!!! I just changed engine oil spark plugs n battery….!!!! N u won't blv that pulsar is still running smoothly….!!!! Such a great machine ..yeahhh not perfect but great…!!

  4. Guys who and all think black pulsar in Bangalore are used in chain snatching is true but the black pulsar is always robbed from others and than used think about this before commenting

  5. best bike plusar 150 best sitting brake systm total digital ! lighting engine sound best pickup totaly good bike any one select bike

  6. :Yeah, really it's a great bike.. great riding experience :-p feels like some big guy on road… that might sound too much but it's the feel of many guys… am i right?

  7. Resale value is really good??? Are you kidding… Resale value is Really Really good of Apache series… Pulser 150 & 180 is worst

  8. Please review the pulsar 150 ug5 2018 model. I'm looking out for a new 150 cc bike and I'm really on a tight budget. Please suggest.

  9. Pulsar 150 or Yamaha FZ s which one should I choose….I am taking a daily ride of 80 km perday and is through hilly areas ..which one is best …!???waiting for the reply

  10. The best bike. It suits for any type of rider. When ever someone asks me to suggest a 150cc bike I always suggest them PULSAR.

  11. कितने ही बच्चे आये और गए। लेकिन ये सबका बाप है

  12. 1:19 I think that short girl is neha (skoda superb, girl)

    If you watch faisal khan's channel in 2018 you must know who is neha

  13. 1:19 I think that short girl is neha (skoda superb, girl)

    If you watch faisal khan's in 2018 channel you must know who is neha

  14. 1:19 I think that short girl is neha (skoda superb, girl)

    If you watch faisal khan's channel in 2018you must know who is neha

  15. This is the best bike i have rided . I have rided all the other bikes from splendor to bullet to rs 200 , unicorn 150 ……but no bike was as joyful as pulsar 150 . This is my personal opinion ….I had unicorn 150 but the monoshock was stiffer compared to the pulsar dual shock…which is the most most important aspect not even the engine …it is the suspension which is important ….

  16. funny thing is jo performance segment pulsar ne suru 150 ne suru ki usmain engine ke performance ko lekar kuch nahi bola gaya!!

  17. Some people say… Pulsar is used by chain snatchers usually…. Why chain snatchers use only this bike?? Cuz it has comfort and is flexible… Why not chase ur dreams from this bike😂

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