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  1. We're in October which is the 4th quarter, and i wanna start selling on Amazon FBA so does that mean i gotta put everything on pause until Jan?

  2. thank you you said a lot of things thats actually saved me heaps money. some people ive seen never mentioned about this. thanks

  3. on step #1 i can't tell what she is saying. it sounds like she is saying that we would need a Amazon permit or program account. Or am i saying it wrong. can anyone tell me exactly what she said

  4. Hello! I love your videos, thank you for doing them! Do you have videos about what to do (or how to find out why) if the product you want to sell is not already on Amazon? I’ve heard you should look for high demand, low competition and that you don’t want to be the first one in the niche if you are a beginner, but it’s hard to believe that the product I want to sell is not already being sold. I’d like to know if it’s because of low demand or because the hoops to jump through are too many in number, etc.

  5. Amazon shipping picked up the shipment late and hence the customer returned it and yet they charged us the amazon and shipping fees by sending an invoice by email but there's no way to contact Amazon seller support as it keeps getting routed to frequently asked questions, also the returned goods have not been returned till date almost 20days , how does one get in touch with Amazon to solve seller issues
    [email protected]

  6. I love your videos! I almost fell in love with them and you! Thanks! I apologize for my English. But it is from excess of feelings.

  7. Wow! Nice vid. Please one question, u emphasized on opening an account immediately. What if I'm not ready to start selling my product yet. Is it possible to just open an account and live it for a while? "Lets say a month?" Cos I still have to save more money to invest in it.

  8. Fuck that shit!I'm not going to pay Amazon monthly just so I can fail at making sales.I want my money back, plus profit!

  9. I don't know about you but i found Zonkeywords as the best way to get to know what your customers want and since then selling on Amazon has never been the same for me .The site is trusted by top sellers in the world .The site also shows you what your competing sellers are @t would be such a waste of time and resources if you didn't check it out for yourself .Simply use this link to find out more @t

  10. This is a great time to be an Amazon seller or online entrepreneur in general. Spend the time now to research your products and put in the time to reap the rewards down the road.

  11. I have to agree with other comments. She is straight to the point and covered some of the best points. Thanks for sharing the info. People always think they dont want to give out their secrets. But, if you are smart you will succeed anyway. You are smart!

  12. Hello Sarah, I loved your video and I will like to sell on amazon. Will try everything you mentioned and see if I can do this. But if you dnt mind I will also ask you questions as I go on. Thank you

  13. Nice video! Thank you! Why is it easy to make $3,000 online now a days ? TRUTH EXPOSED Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUZGSQPITEo

  14. We are trading on amazon, and we have experienced issues almost each and every day.

    1. Any communication with so-called seller support team is very problematic, mainly because these humanoids sit somewhere in south country and do not think when they write their answers.

    2. amazon warehouse – they stole 5 items from our last delivery, and it was not possible at all to proof that we sent the declared quantity. Furthermore, they destroy 1 our item in average each two months.

    3. the seller has absolutely NO rights selling on amazon. Any silly reason can be used by buyer to pay for the item, and the seller bears all costs. It means according to amazon rules the buyer is not obliged to return the item, and the seller pays for postage, amazon fees, and the net cost of the good sold.

    4. We sell absolutely new items, bought either from the official distributor or from a manufacturer. Suddenly, out of the blue sky, one of our listings was blocked because one buyer put a comment "the item is not new", obviously not wanting to pay. The listing was blocked, all evidences I provided, were rejected (invoices, delivery notes with our manufacturer's contact details) and amazon requested from me Action Plan. Action Plan of WHAT??? To cure brain-washed amazon idiots? I can't help with this, they have to go to the doctor.

    Instead of switch on their brain or what they have and look through the docs provided, they threaten me to close our amazon seller's account.

    5. Regularly amazon have issue with advertisement (2-3 times per year, at least). We order automated advertisement, and each 4-5 months the level of impressions (what we are paying for) drops down dramatically (5-6 times) and stays like this for a month. Of sure, during this time our sales also drops down. I have tried to find out the reason, and was answered "oh, it's a problem with how you see the number on your page, not with real number of impressions", so they added the quantity manually, and charged for this added quantity. But the sales statistics shows clearly the drop down during the same period.

    It brings us back to the i.3 – the seller has ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHTS on amazon.

  15. My question is when you doing your own label product from overseas so how that will be ship to Amazon FBA .i mean i need to understand the whole things what need to take care of my end etc

  16. Hey Sarah. You are awesome ..You provide great value to people who are about to start -like me😉! I just love your accent and fun personality. PLZ PLZ send me ur email so that I give u my info ..bcz I want a mentor to help me start.. I have a modest capital to start with ..&wanna know what suits me best. Regards! ([email protected])

  17. I have heard Amazon doesn't except debit cards to set up a seller account. Is this true? If yes then what is their reason and or can you set up the account with a bank account?

  18. I recently filmed a how to sell on Amazon seminar. I was exhausted so I don't remember a lot unfortunately. I think I recall them stating that if you set up your account and don't sell right away or don't sell much (say you're not quite ready) that you will lose favor with Amazon and never get the buy box once you do start selling and that Amazon may terminate your account. Is this true? The thing is I want to set up a account so I can start researching items to eventually buy via retail arbitrage.

  19. The 8 things mentioned in this video are:
    1) Get an Amazon Pro Merchant Account
    2) Have the right documents ready when applying for an Amazon account (i.e. passport & bank statement)
    3) Act fast – don't wait
    4) Pick your Amazon business model
    5) Get a credit card or at the very least, a debit card
    6) Figure out a plan to manage your cash flow
    7) Check if the category you want to sell in is restricted
    8) Set aside time to (sic) every day and every week to run and grow your new business

  20. Dear Wholesale Ted, thank you for the informative video. I'd like to offer my colourful literacy activity sheets for sale. They would be sent to buyers as documents to download, and they could be printed off if the buyer wished. But as this is not a 'physical' product, I'm not sure if it would be permitted. Please could you advise?

  21. Well done. Thank you!! You get right to the point and there is no wasted motion. You are also easy on the eyes 🙂

  22. Thanks for the heads up..
    I appreciate that I didn't have to learn by trial and error. 🤕…..

  23. I want to start an account. Currently living in UK but emigrating to USA later this year. Advice? The PayPal option?

  24. Hello guys, I am wondering if I am allowed by amazon to use my father's credit card information on file for seller central account? Please advice. Thank you.

  25. Why no mention of trademarks? These are names, slogans and logos – with names are way more important for a start up. This is what a COMPREHENSIVE SEARCH accomplishes that can be done by a reputable trademark attorney or a specialty firm like us. Because there's no way to do yourself a $400 COMPREHENSIVE SEARCH that takes 5-6 hours to catch if a proposed trade name may be infringing on anyone else's prior trademark at the USPTO or any of the 50 States or under Common Law where companies have rights if they are using the same or LIKE name in sound, appearance or meaning even just 1 day before you in commerce. This is a very specialized task and needs a trademark attorney to analyze any resulting conflicts or similarities. IF clear, and you have the funds – get the trademark – as you should if advertising on Amazon. Own the name. No surprises later. What you build you keep. IF you do not have the $275 to file a trademark application, then wait. Test the market. If all goes well, THEN trademark. If not, you spent $400. Cheap. BUT IF the name is blocked, pick another name! Don't worry about slogans or logos.

  26. Why do you talk with your eyebrows so much loll, I love it, it adds effort and interest to every word you say #powerofspeech #hypnosis

  27. I've opened the account for a while merch by amazon Unfortunately, it was closed Can I open a seller account amazon FBA

  28. Just watched a video of your for the first time. Two thumbs-up !! I subscribed as well and look forward to watching any of your other insightful videos. Thank you 🙂

  29. Dear You're Really helpful
    I have a suggestion
    at the end of each video please try to summarize Purpose/bullet-points of complete video

  30. What is the easiest simple way to sell products (FBA) without investing 1,000$ in never ending training sessions, if you have people skills, international experience and speak 5 languages but have no marketing skills and a lot of responsibilities?

  31. Everyone on YouTube is selling courses, subscriptions, and products and links on HOW TO MAKE MONEY…it's disgusting and tacky and feels so bogus and fake.

  32. Can I just promote other people products that are listed on Amazon and earn a commission?

    I don't want to input products and I don't want to do FBA either. I just want to promote.

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