8 Top NEW Ski-Doo Accessories 2018

8 Top NEW Ski-Doo Accessories 2018

Welcome to club Ski-Doo. My Name is Paul I’m the accessory product
manager. Let’s do a little tour on some of our new
top accessories. So over here, we’ve got a removable snowflap. We expanded on our whole concept of our Linq
quick release system. As you know you go up the trail, you need
to have the snowflap on for cooling, once you get off into the deep powder, it’s always
nice to get rid of that snowflap. So very simply quarter turn system here, Your
snowflap pops off. Take it and mount it this way, or this way
on the back of your tunnel. When you go back down the trail simply just
pop it right back on. The kit consists of this section here and
this piece here, you end up recycling your snow flap on the ’18 production, there will
actually be a cut line here so you can make a nice even cut. On the back here for the tunnel links, these
are good for 154 and up. And the reason here, the center to center
distance for the snow flap kit is actually narrower and we did that on purpose because
we don’t want someone to take a fuel caddy and stick it on the very back of the unit. And also new this year for us is the sliders
so we have a complete range from 174 all the way down to 129. In certain cases you may need to cut them
for proper size. The vestibule inserts super for wear, they reduce heat
reduce friction so very long lasting sliders, really good too as far as when you get into
low snow conditions and you get the big 3″ paddle tracks, again reducing the chance of
the tracks sticking to the slider. On the rail of the vehicle we’ve got the new
rail reinforcement different then what we’ve done in the past verses just the typical excursion. So all new cast piece here, powder coated
and you can see it’s spiced up as far as the laser etching with the X and Ski-Doo logos. And on the colour rails this really pops off
so it gives it a really cool look. The back of this summit, this summit is actually
a summit that is actually equipped with SHOT There is no battery or anything like that
on the back so we have developed a new bag for the SHOT vehicles. Will hold 5 liters of capacity nice narrow
compact. With the SHOT you will require a new base
plate here, there is a specific base plate for the SHOT vehicles with the linq system
with a detent here so easy on easy off. All of our new bags are branded with LINQ, we’ve removed the Ski-Doo logo, now
one squ for all products. SHOT vehicles will all come standard with
the manual rewind. WIth the manual rewind obviously you have
the hole in the panel. When the pull’s there, 2 things your knee
can go into that area and second you can not put knee pads on the vehicle when you have
that hole there. So we’ve come up with this really neat little
door you are able to access the rewind handle with this on here it also allows you to install
the knee pads. The secondary benefit is all those guys out
there that pull rope across the tank it reduces the chance of showing a rope burn on the side
of the tank. New flexible hand guards here, little bit
smaller then the ones we’ve had in the past we’ve added flex to the handle bar here and
also here flip it all over including minus 30. On the front of this vehicle we have our new
extreme skid plate you can see it’s a very tiny skid plate. The main purpose of this is actually on the
vehicle its self a wedge design.The vehicle was designed that way for better cutting through
the deep powder. When we put the full body skid plate on you
kinda lost a little bit of that benefit of the wedge design so with the narrow one you
will have full protection down the center and not loose any of your floatation characteristics
with the G4 how it was originally intended for. A couple years ago we came up with a really
neat adjustable limiter strap, so on the side of the tunnel you basicly lean down and pull
the little strap you reduce your limiter length by about an inch and a half or two holes so
what we’ve done this year we’ve updated it. We have a cable system that goes up right
to the handle bars so you basically don’t even have to get down just twist the knob
here and you just adjusted your limiter strap. Really easy.

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  1. LOL those knee pads are probably the worst thing ever… they don't cushion anything, in fact they hurt more than the damn plastic!

  2. Need to use a clip on mic when making these videos . Back ground noise just abouts cover the speaker up . Makes it hard to hear what he is saying.

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