850+ HP 2015 Mustang GT Build & 2017 Ford Raptor Giveaway! – Hot Lap

850+ HP 2015 Mustang GT Build & 2017 Ford Raptor Giveaway! – Hot Lap

Hey, what’s up everybody i’m Justin with americanmuscle.com and welcome to a very, very special edition of hot lap. Now 2016
actually marks a huge year for us here at AM because it’s our tenth
anniversary and to celebrate we’re doing our
biggest giveaway ever and I’m gonna unveil that to you right now. Alright, two years ago we built, and gave
away bagged and boosted 2013 GT, last year we built and gave away a Whipple 2015
GT with none other than Chip Foose himself so how do we top that? Well, as
you can see we have a custom painted 2015 GT behind me here guys and we’re
gonna give it the full treatment I’m talkin boost, full suspension, wheels and
tires some appearance goodies, basically the works. Now this is going to be a car you can drive on the street every day of the week take it to the strip on the weekends put
up a serious number and it could be yours. But, if you’re serious about
dragging this thing and driving this thing like it’s meant to be driven then
chances are you probably prefer to tow it to and from the track. Well, we’re also gonna throw in a brand
new top of the line race trailer, loaded to the gills with brand new tools
low-profile Jack, impact gun, brand-new Race Star package, with radials and
skinnies, basically everything you need for a fun day at the track, minus the gas, pretty killer right? Well
guess what I’m not even done, you’re probably gonna need something to tow it
with right, how about a brand-new 2017 Ford Raptor, the baddest, most capable,
factory produced truck around, yes we’ve lost our minds. Anyway guys a new Raptor
is incredibly sick as you probably already know it can be lighter and more
powerful than the previous generation raptor, in fact the new twin-turbo
EcoBoost power plant is gonna put out more power gonna put out more torque than the
previous generations mighty 6.2 liter but it also has more ground clearance than
the previous generation Raptor thanks to the Fox Racing suspension and those big
old beefy BFG all-terrain ko2’s. In addition to that guy’s this thing is packing some
really tough styling, skid plates basically everything you need to take it
off road, but with a modern day creature comforts of a luxury car. So how do you
get down on the greatest gearhead giveaway ever? Well let me tell you. Go to
americanmuscle.com/win you can enter weekly for your chance at
AmericanMuscle.com’s 10th anniversary giveaway package. But first, it’s time to
start working on this custom orange GT behind me you guys know the deal we’re
gonna rip it apart get a whole bunch of horsepower but now it’s time to get to
work. Alright guys, now traditionally with
these type of builds we’d save the big power stuff to the very end kinda like a
big reveal but not this time around we’re starting big and we’re showing you what’s going to be powering this beast. Under the hood, currently Joe and I are installing the 2.9
Whipple blower and in my opinion probably one of the most popular set up’s
when it comes to forced induction with the S550 GT’s because, honestly guys
they just flat-out work. That’s one of the nice things I like about the Whipple blower
for instance first up we have one of the largest intercoolers available for the
positive displacement S550 cars along with a massive heat exchanger that Whipple throws in, should help combat some of the heat that is oftentimes problematic when
going with a twin-screw or positive displacement blower, but one of my favorite
things about a blower like this is that the power delivery is just instantaneous
guys, you’re not waiting for anything to spool up here like a turbo car or
centrifugal blower. Basically your mashing the throttle and the power is on tap, lots
and lots of it. now guys obviously can’t just bolt up a
blower like this and go with the stock fuel system in place so we went with a
tried-and-true combo starting with the JMS fuel max booster pump topped off
with a set of ID 1000 injectors, from injector dynamics. So this is a solid and
necessary combo when it comes to safely achieving big power numbers like we are
here. Now we went with Whipple’s one hundred and thirty two millimeter
elliptical throttle body for this build these PD blowers absolutely hate inlet restrictions and the power numbers can really suffer because of that so by
eliminating that puny 80 millimeter factory throttle body, replacing it with
the big boy, 132 millimeter option the power number should jump significantly
and allow that front feed to really breathe properly. Now if you guys remember, this
is pretty similar to the setup we did on the MMD by Foose car as far as the 2.9
Whipple is concerned and we made over 600 to the tire with that car. This time
around we are upgrading that throttle body of course we do plan on upgrading
the headers. Now, speaking of those headers we have a lot of work to finish
up here the Whipple install and then we gotta get the car in the air so let’s
get to it. Alright, when I mentioned earlier we really want
to attack every aspect of this car from a performance standpoint so even though
we probably could have a good power through the stock manifold with that
Whipple in place, we could make more with a set of aftermarket long tube’s so that’s where
we’re at right now. I’m currently finishing up with the Kooks 1-7/8 inch long tube headers, they’re off road version here, which in
my opinion are definitely the most popular options for the S550 GT. Kooks
quality and level of craftsmanship are really evident with these products here
and it comes down to the fitment, the fitment is great with these headers and it
really does show through with the quality of the build. We did go with there 1-7/8 inch version which is the most popular size in my opinion for
these S550 GT’s. The big three inch collector at the very end here loaded
with their patented scavenger spike system which kooks claims helps increase
your exhaust velocity, better velocity means better scavenging during overlap
which means better smiles for you when you mash the pedal. Finally guys,
the biggest and probably one of the best changes besides the power is the awesome
change to your exhaust note when installing set a long tubes like this, the car is just gonna sound way more pissed off than it did before which is a great
thing for us and we really can’t wait to hear all this thing’s gonna sound with
the exhaust. Alright guys, with the headers pretty much wrapped up its time for us to show you how we
plan on fortifying our drivetrain and our driveline cause, after all we really do
hope the new owner of this thing enjoys it like it’s meant to be enjoyed drives and hard at the track so we need
to make sure its up for countless passes in numerous, hard launches. Now, you can make
as much power as you want but if you don’t have the clutch to handle it power is never going to make it to the
rear tires so, first up were ditching the factory clutch, replacing it with a rock-solid option. The McLeod rst twin disc and matching aluminum flywheel. Now the McLeod’s gonna
be a solid option for a few different reasons first and foremost it’s a twin
disc and why is that good? well, twin disc is a wonderful thing because you have
two disks here doubling your surface area, essentially
doubling the amount of power you can hold with this thing. Perhaps the best
thing though with the twin disc guys, is the pedal feel very similar to stock here
because you’re not using one of those crazy pressure planes. Again guys we are
pairing the rst up with McLeod’s lightweight flywheel option. It’s gonna help save some
weight over our factory flywheel and even McLeod’s steel flywheel option. In fact,
McLeod actually recommends going with their lightweight aluminum option here
for forced induction applications. Now, the McLeod upgrades are definitely the big
additions to our transmission here with this build but we’re also installing a
couple other smaller parts that I really think will help as well. First up, something I recommend to every
MT-82 owner out there and that is making the switch to a stainless steel clutch
line. Now, the clutch lines in these cars are actually made from plastic if you can
believe it or not so these things can fail, they can swell under high
temperatures especially when you’re dealing with an upgraded clutch like we
are. Now, we’re to install the stainless steel braided line here from SR
performance this thing is Teflon lined braided hose here, stainless steel of
course so it’s gonna be pretty much bulletproof compared to that plastic
factory line and overall it’s going to improve our pedal feel and make for a more consistent
shifting experience. Alright guys, that’s going to wrap up everything pretty much
tranny related here but we do have a few other driveline components that we
are going to install to make sure that the new owner of this car can take it to
the track, throw a few clutch dumps on a sticky tire and make sure they
get off the line and down the track safely. Alright guys working from front to
back here let’s start with the driveshaft shop carbon fiber driveshaft
now I feel like I’ve sang the benefits of upgrading your driveshaft countless
times here at AM and that’s because mainly they’re going to be much lighter
compared to your factory, two-piece driveshaft and more importantly, much
stronger than that factory drive shaft so why ball out and go with the carbon
fiber option. Well, because guys there are a few reasons first of which this thing
is going to be lighter than all of your other options out there even those
lightweight aluminum options secondly guys even though the carbon
fiber and aluminum versions are both rated to hold the same amount of power,
the carbon fiber option will have three times a torsional strength compared to
that aluminum driveshaft. This is the ability to twist without actually
breaking this is gonna be a benefit to you because it’s going to reduce the
shock to your drivetrain when you dump the clutch or on the hit and because it
does have that slightest amount of twist or give, its actually going to allow your tires to hook up a
little better off the line equating to better sixty-foot times. Alright guys, so
we’ve addressed one weak spot with the driveshaft here but we’ve yet to address
the biggest weak spot with these s550 cars and that is the factory half shafts so
we’re upgrading to these monsters, check these things out. Fourteen hundred
horsepower rated half shafts from our friends over at the driveshaft shop now
these things guys are about as bulletproof as they come maybe even a little
overkill for our particular build here but better safe than sorry because
ultimately nothing is going to ruin your day faster the track snapping a half shaft
trust me. So, what makes these things so burly after all, well for starters 300
millimeter alloy steel centers here massive CV joints, chromoly Billet
cage here and these cold formed, rolled splines, much stronger than your
traditional standard cut splines basically bulletproof is the perfect way
to sum these things up. If you’re worried about breaking something at the
track it shouldn’t be these. Alright guys, well the build is coming along
pretty well I mean we have our power in place are drivetrain and driveline
mods are in, now we’re finishing up with our suspension and we really want to
make sure that this is fun the cruise on the street a well-rounded build, but
something that can definitely throw down at the strip so we’re getting it set up
for that. One company that really has these S550’s figured out from a suspension
standpoint is BMR, in fact their lead Mustang guy Kelly Aiken has his
own personal S550 GT in the eight second time slip range at over a hundred
and fifty miles an hour with sixty foot’s in the 120 so obviously their products
are working. Now I’m just finishing up with the BMR sway bar kit here something
that’s not going to help the new owner going down at 1320 of course but
something new owner will enjoy if they do eventually want to get some back
roads. twenty five-millimeter rear bar big ol’ thirty five-millimeter bar up
front both of these are three-way adjustable and both do include BMR’s adjustable endlinks, a must when doing suspension on a lowered Mustang and
I will talk about that lowering process here in a minute. These sway bars are gonna help reduce
some body roll in the corners and help the car feel a little bit more composed
at the limit, after all we don’t want this thing to be a one trick pony we do
want to do a few things well, turning being one of them. Moving on from the
sway bars we do have a few other goodies from our friends at BMR that will help
our cornering a little bit but they’re more focused about getting the car off
the line consistently and reducing some of our wheel hop. first up the BMR
vertical thinks otherwise known as a rear lower control arms the factory
lower control arms or links in these cars are made from stamped steel, are loaded with soft
rubber factory bushings which are great for the everyday consumer, they’re going to
soak up a bunch of NVH, or noise vibration and harshness but they’re basically
gonna suck for everybody else rate the performance drivers the guys tracking
these things because those soft rubber bushings, what they do is they deflect or
deform under load and that’s whats going to cause the bad wheel hop that these things
are notorious for along with poor traction now the BMR end links or
vertical links are a huge upgrade over the factory part because you’re looking
at T-6 billet aluminum here and we did go with their spherical bearing
option, its just going to offer a much more consistent performance whether you doin
straight-line launches or some aggressive handling situations in
addition to those vertical links from BMR we also did BMR’s adjustable rear toe links here which is
gonna help keep our IRS in check and help reduce that wheel hop we just
talked about. Again huge upgrade over the factory parts
they’re replacing, in both construction and materials and a really solid and nicely
built part overall. Now, I really like this part because it eliminates those factory
eccentric bolt that you usually find back here, which are notorious for moving
around or shifting or deflecting under load. Instead BMR throws in these
lockout plates here which does eliminate those bolts instead moves all your toe
adjustment to the rod itself making for easy on car adjustability when it does
come time for an alignment. Finally guys we have one more part from BMR that we
did install here on this car that is definitely geared towards drag racing
that is the BMR Drag Racing lowering springs now, besides being really good when it comes
to track time I really like the stance these things are gonna give us. A little
lower than an inch up front just a little less than that in the rear which
means a whole lot of rake which always makes for a tough stance in my opinion
but again, make no mistake about it guys these things are designed for one thing
and one thing only, to do good at the track and the spring rates certainly reflect
that. You’re going to be looking at a one hundred and fifty pound front spring in
conjunction with the eight hundred-pound rear springs here which again in drag
racing the idea is to run the lightest front spring possible that way it allows
for easy weight transfer to the rear helping your traction, and your launch
overall. Working with those BMR drag springs there’s something in here that I’m
really excited about and that’s the Viking crusader double adjustable rear
shocks now these things are Vikings high-end option just a step above their
very popular B226 option the Crusaders gonna give you a whole lot to
play with here guys looking at twenty two levels adjustment when it comes to
rebound and nineteen levels adjustment when it comes to your compression so
again a lot of settings to play with when it comes to the track time and
getting this thing to leave properly unfortunately Viking hasn’t released a
front strut option yet for the S550 at least at the time of this video so
luckily for us, our friends over at Koni actually hooked us up with one of the
first set of struts available for the S550 GT they’re very popular Koni
yellow again, fully adjustable when comes the dampening and something again the new
owner will be very happy to have on the car. Of course we have the BMR springs up here as well but guys we got the power we got the driveline stuff, we got our suspension taken care of and we were also able to bolt up our
exhaust system. Now, keep in mind remember we went to the Kooks 1-7/8 inch long tube headers. We figure to be a great idea to pair that
with their full three inch Cat back so that’s what we did. Now, I like this Cat back for
a few reasons. First, we got there x-pipe in place here but we also eliminated
that factory neck down so we get a full three inch diameter from basically these
collectors we got their free-flowing mufflers and finally they’re black tips
now that should look really good. More importantly this combo, with those long tubes should sound
even better. Now, keep in mind guys this thing can be yours, right? This mustang,
along with the fully-loaded race trailer and that brand new 2017 Raptor it can be
in your driveway but you have to go to americanmuscle.com/win for
your chance to enter. You can enter one time a week and good luck alright guys what build would be complete
without a new set of shoes and we actually have two sets to talk about
here with this build. First up, let’s break down our street set up here we got the
RTR tech 7 wheels in charcoal 19 inch in diameter in my opinion probably
one of the sickest wheels currently available for the s550 cars and they’re from
none other than the man Vaughn Gittin junior and the crew at RTR. Now, the first
generation RTR wheel is probably the most popular designs for the S197 cars
and the guys at RTR are looking to keep that going here with the S550’s and
the new RTR tech 7’s. Now, there’s really nothing quite like these wheels
out there right now and they looked so damn good here in our bright orange, 2015
GT. Again guys, we do have the 19 inch staggered in charcoal they’re wrapped with a very good Mickey Thompson Street comp tire, a great setup for all around Street
use, but keep in mind with that whipple up front probably gonna blow these things off at
will which I’m sure make Vaughn and his guys really proud but we’re not done
this is just the first set to talk about we got one more set to breakdown, so let’s go check those out. Now, burnouts and drifting can be a whole lot of fun
believe me I know but like the old saying goes spinning aint winning and that’s
especially true if you plan on taking this thing to the track. Now, like I told you
guys at the very top of this video AM is throwing in the Mustang of course but
we’re also hooking up with a fully loaded race trailer a bunch of tools
from our friends over at Eastwood, low profile jack and of course a brand-new
drag pack here to help you hook up when you do go to the strip. Now that
drag pack consists of a Race Star package here they’re dark stars which is a very
very sick looking combo here wrapped in the Mickey Thompson et Street
SS this is one of the newer radials, I’ve heard a lot of good things about this
particular tire and of course we got the Mickey Thompson sportsman skinnies besides helping us get some much-needed
traction at the strip this package is gonna look so good on the car in fact
I wouldn’t be mad at you if you want to leave this package on all year round
but speaking of looking good we do have some appearance things
to throw at this car, we’re not going over the top of this one guys trust me we, but do
have a few solid parts picked out let’s get to work Now, we’ve got some of the usual suspects
making an appearance here on this build of course MMD contributed a few parts
for us that totally transformed the look of this car starting up front here we have
their V-series upper and lower grill along with their lower chin splitter
extension all three of these parts totally killer and again, totally
transform the look at the front end. We also have a new part from MMD, their
hood scoop here while generally I’m not a huge fan of bolt-on hood scoops like
this I will say this one actually turned out pretty good, looks pretty sharp on
the car and finally rounding out the V-Series parts installed their V-Series
rear spoiler which has been very popular here with the S550 we also replaced just
about every single light on this thing with an LED product from our friends
over at Raxiom, we have their side marker kit the reverse conversion kit we also did
their interior LED kit and finally one of their new products their hood vent signal kit which is just
gonna give the car, a small touch that California special styling. Well guys
this is pretty much it man we’re wrapped up with this thing now it’s time to get
it moved on over to the dyno, strap it down to see what kind of power this whipple
combination is going to putting down to the tire and finally I get to go for a spin. Alright guy’s, we just finished up with our dyno
runs and wow this thing sounded absolutely amazing here on the Dynojet
but check out these power numbers, 725 horsepower 484 pound-feet of torque at
the wheels mind you that’s good for roughly eight hundred and fifty plus to
the crank which is absolutely mindblowing considering this is a stock
motor 2015 GT. Cars are just capable of so much anymore it really just blows
your mind and look at this power curve its still climbing hard all the way up to 8k here. Torque curve is nice and flat, that’s what you want to see. This thing should be a complete monster out on the street and speaking of the street it’s time for my favorite part of this
build. I get to take this thing out of the shop, shake it down a little bit and
see how it feels. Alright guys, we’re in the car here, finally. The boy’s and I have been working hard the last few weeks. Its making great power as we saw, over 700 the tire on the dyno The thing sounds amazing one thing I noticed too right away when
I got in the car the clutch, this is incredible listen it’s it is lighter
than the factory clutch easily, hands-down but at the same time this thing’s ready to hold 8, 900 horsepower. The lightweight flywheel, the driveshaft, this thing rev’s like a damn F1 car now I mean Listen to that, that sounds amazing and oh yeah by the way, the Kooks combination doesn’t sound too shabby either, right? Now, one thing I really like
personally about this car is the appearance some of our past build’s we’ve
kind of gone over the top a little bit which is to be expected but with this
thing we kept it pretty tame I mean of course the front end we got the stuff from MMD, the spoiler back in the back as well, we’ve got some lighting from Raxiom but overall I mean the thing really isn’t over the top, and the wheels I really
love the RTR’s want don’t want to do any crazy break stands or anything like that but, definitely have to get on it a little bit right? I mean come on! Blowing the tires off 4,000 rpm in third gear
that Whipple’s really starting to breathe I can’t even have fun in this
thing because it’s just, it break’s them off too easily but overall the car feels really, rock
solid in the rear. When it does break loose and obviously you can hear it’s breaking loose a lot
there’s no hop whatsoever, I mean its just spin. This thing is ******* Awesome! We are gonna take it to the track, so, you
have to stay tuned to see what kind of numbers this thing’s going to result in.
Guys, it’s been a really, really fun build we’ve done a lot of cool stuff, there’s
no denying that, but honestly to be in this car now and to have taken part in
the build, this is the coolest build we’ve ever done hands down and I hope a lot of you guys agree with me. I cannot believe we’re giving this thing away it really just blows my mind
and the craziest part is, this is just one of three things we’re giving away to
one lucky person out there. The car, the trailer, the tools, the
damn Raptor, can you believe it? I mean the craziest gear head giveaway ever and
it could be yours, you have to go to americanmuscle.com/win for your
chance to enter. You can enter one time a week so what are you doing? Enter, enter alot because, believe me you’re gonna wanna see this package in your driveway trust me this
thing is awesome, thanks for watching be sure to stay tuned for future updates
with this car. And for all things mustang. Keep it here at americanmuscle.com

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