9 Cars That Are Huge Fun Despite Being Slow

9 Cars That Are Huge Fun Despite Being Slow

Number 9 : Fiat Cinquecento Sporting. A synonym for cheap fun. A small 53hp engine is mated to a close-ratio
gearbox and has the task of moving around a body that weighs less than 700kg. Combined with sport suspension and an anti-roll
bar, you can guess that this early 90’s Fiat was great fun in the twisties and this is
the reason they’re so popular in the Group A rally class. Number 8 : Honda CR-X. Low kerb weight and
Honda suspension magic are the two keywords here. All models except for the VTEC version weren’t
exactly known for being fast, but they were known for being a real joy in the bends. It’s quite a difficult car to master, as it
loves to shove its tail out in corners. Respect it or it’ll bite. That’s why it’s loved by so many. Number 7 : Peugeot 106 Rallye. Be it phase 1 or phase 2, the Rallye is really
well known for having fewer frills, but more thrills. It weighed around 800kgs, sported a high-revving
100hp 1.3, 100hp 1.6 or 120hp 1.6 depending on phase and region and was basically one
of the cheapest ways to have fun back in the 90’s. They’ve always been great choices for racing,
and still are, together with its sister cars, the Citroen AX and Saxo. Just like the CRX, it is quite tail happy. Number 6 : The Original Mini. What started off as a mid-50s project to make
a very practical and economical city car, actually turned into an icon that is still
loved by many today. That’s partly due to how awesomely fun they
were. 35 horsepower truly doesn’t sound much, but
in a small car that weighed just over half a tonne, it actually is enough. It was so much fun to drive, people actually
called them road-legal go karts. Number 5 : Renault Clio. Another fine early 90’s French hatchback,
that due to low kerb weight, a 5speed manual and great chassis is huge fun to drive. The Clio was and still is a popular rally
car and respected motoring journalists consider its top version to be one of the best hot
hatches ever made, regardless of era. Number 4 : BMW 3-Series E30. Obviously, we’re not talking about big-engined
3-series cars like the M3, but instead, we’ll be focusing on the 1.6 to 1.8 litre cars. A lightweight, rear-wheel-drive car, that
loved to give oversteer joy to its driver. A true driving machine that’s definitely lots
of fun for its cost. Number 3 : Toyota Corolla AE86. No need for introductions here, this car is
a JDM icon that’s been tracked, rallied, drifted lots of times and is very famous due to a
popular anime called Initial D. Weight of around a tonne, high-revving 1.6, an optional
LSD and a sport suspension setup, this was the successful recipe for this 80’s icon which
gets lots of love worldwide. Number 2 : Toyota MR-2 W10. If Toyota could improve the driving characteristics
of the AE86 in any way, that would necessitate moving the engine in the middle. And they did just that a year later, creating
the first generation Toyota MR2. While the Supercharged variant was actually
really fast, the rest of the range wasn’t, leaving you with a thrilling sportscar that’s
huge fun in the corners, without being fast on the straight bits. Number 1 : Mazda MX-5 NA. Low, rear-wheel-drive, capable in the twisties,
sporty driving position, steering, pedals and shifter, a chopped off roof and most importantly,
pop-up headlamps. Miata is always the answer to lots
of stuff. The highest powered variant was the 133hp
1.8, but you could have an identical, yet slower experience, with the 88hp 1.6. Slow, yet awesome fun. Thanks for watching! Remember to leave suggestions for future videos
in the comments below!

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  1. Meanwhile everyone in my class manages to have a blast in a 4 cylinder early 90's Jeep XJ Cherokee, solid axle all around even lol

  2. I don't know if already did it but you can do a top of iconic car in one licence (nissan ,Peugeot, .. )

  3. I think that older videos were better with text
    Your voice is a little boring
    I prefer listening to the exhaust od engine than Your voice
    Just my opinion 😃

  4. Fiat X1/9 is another fantastic option for fun: 75 hp, 1.3 or 1.5l I4, mid engined baby Ferrari. My uncle has owned and raced 9 of them in his lifetime and they are so damn fun!! its a great cheap classic too

  5. this is like the top 9 list of Budget JDM cars you can build and learn to drive
    for first cars these are really the top of the market !!!
    "aw i got my license imma turbo my BMW to 350hp Look at me"-From mommy and daddy's money and then these types of "carguys" be like honda civic is rice man you can't drive While he just drives an Auto that runs on diesel….

  6. Most saxo vtr/106 rally owners in greece are ricers(kagoures) so if you get one and you want to get one to mod,before you mod it you will get tons of disrespect.They are also having problems with the engines because all saxos/rallyes in greece are badly used and pushed in to the limits because most owners are bouncing of the limiter

  7. These cars are not so slow. You don't now what slow is until you have driven a Trabant up a hill. That is slow. These cars have a relatively acceptable speed. A Trabi does not even now what speed is…

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