9 Mods You MUST Do To Your Car

9 Mods You MUST Do To Your Car

Every car guy loves improving his car in many
ways depending on his personal tastes and needs. Here’s a list of 9 ways YOU can improve your
car that won’t cost a lot and are plainly WORTH IT! 1) Tyres
Now, you may have a car with incredible coilovers, power that could move earth itself and brakes
that could even stop a tank. Thing is though, the only thing between your
car and the road is the rubber on your wheels. A new set of performance tyres can massively
improve your car’s grip, meaning better cornering, smaller braking distances and less wheelspin. 2) Suspension
When a manufacturer designs a car, they usually design it with sales, a.k.a. profit in mind. That means the car must be as cheap as possible,
while handling good enough and being comfortable enough for average Joe. Carguy Joe though usually wants better cornering
above all and this is why he should invest in a tried and tested suspension setup. A good set of coilovers on a miata for example
can not only improve handling and reduce body roll but also lower it and make it look amazing
without giving the harsh ride of lowering springs. 3) Brake Pads
Talking about brakes that could stop a tank, chances are yours usually can’t. And that’s fine, unless you drive a tank that
is. OEM brakes are usually built to be more than
perfect for daily driving, cheap to service and able to quickly stop the car to avoid
accidents. The problem is that they heat up quickly,
and become useless after a couple of minutes of hard driving. This, exactly, is where upgraded brake pads
come into play. 4) Steering Wheel
The thing you interact most of all while driving a car is the steering wheel. It’s something that should provide confidence
to you, be grippy enough for your hands, and in lots of cases, look good too. Lots of OEM wheels are fine, but if you’re
taking your car to the track or doing lots of spirited driving, chances are you’re better
off investing in a smaller, grippier racing wheel. Not advised for a daily driver as you won’t
have an airbag anymore and a crash may result in you looking like an ape, or Jeremy Clarkson. Same thing really. 5) Head Unit
Now, I know this isn’t important by no means and I know that blasting running in the 90’s
wont actually turn your car into a tofu-delivering Corolla. You knew so much too. However, even a regular $50 head unit can
improve the sound quality a LOT, even on stock speakers, and instead of only being able to
play music from the radio or your dad’s tapes from the 80’s, you can now play mp3’s off
a usb stick like a boss. Your Civic has officially been transformed
into a new Mercedes. 6) Wheels
No, I’m not talking about 10″ wide Rotas with negative a million offset with stretched mountain
bike tyres on. What I’m talking about is a nice set of lightweight
and durable wheels that can improve cornering, acceleration, steering feel and even your
car’s ride. And if we’re talking about a set of sexy wheels,
let’s not forget that they can competely transform the way your car looks. 7) 1st stage tuning
Whether this is worth it or not is completely car specific. As a general rule, this is incredible value
for money on turbo cars with remappable ECUs. Stage 1 usually refers to a free-flowing intake,
less restrictive exhaust and a remap. Cars like a mk4 Golf GTI see power increases
up to 50%, while keeping the reliability and drivability of the stock car. 8) Weight Reduction
Did you know that your car’s engine can weigh up to 30% of the car’s total weight? Take it out, the less weight, the better. Naw, seriously though, unless your car is
a daily driver and you care about noise insulation, a comfy interior and the lot, you could simply
take all of the luxuries off and end up with a car that’s noticeably faster at the track,
for free. I know that taking your floormats out sounds
hilarious, but once you add rear seats, insulation and carpets into the mix, trust me, it truly
does all add up. 9) CarHub Stickers
Enzo Ferrari himself used these back in his glory days. Did you know why Ford’s GT was so successful
at racing back in its glory days? Yup, same reason, it had CarHub stickers on. Joking aside, if you guys are interested in
getting any for your pride and joy, let me know in the comments below and I’ll figure
a way out for you guys to get a hold of em! If you enjoyed the video, support me by clicking
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  1. 9 cheap ways? you are an idiot, coils and wheels arnt cheap, 2gs to get coils for my car bro, aint no shitty honda, and you can get cheap wheels but that means there badly made, if you want quality look forward to spending 800$ per wheel, the steering wheel i 100% agree with, makes it much nicer to drive

  2. Problem with my project is that stock it came with 4 lug 13 inch rims. Trying to find anything bigger and wider that will still fit the car is hard.

  3. Do you Americans need to declare your mods on insurance?

    Because you do in the UK and it fucking sucks.

  4. My list would be:
    Steering wheel
    Weight reduction (including the whole stereo)

  5. Im sorry but your not aloud to use "Like a boss" in 2017 unless your a marketing team of out of touch middle age men trying to appeal to a younger demographic because they heard there 8 y/o son that no-one likes and is homeschooled with zero social skills say it so it must be lit af fam to say fire stuff like that

  6. Imagine seeing a real mechanic working on your car with little shorts, ugg boots, no safety glasses, no latex gloves. 0:46 So dangerous wtf

  7. The most important one in my opinion is to restore your car, it's really embarrassing to have a beat up car with nice aftermarket parts on it, it doesn't go well together.

  8. You list will cost you $5,000-$5,500. Might aswell buy a newer car and you wont need these. Number 8 Is stupid, the car manufacturers have balanced the cars 50/50 weight distribution, or atleast as close as possible. You removing all interior will make your car unbalanced and unsafe to drive if its not done profesionally aka invest more money into front light bumpers,hood and sides such as carbon fibre, and steel back to make sure your weight distribution is good. Thats atleast another $5,000, if not more.

  9. What about mods for street cars?
    i have a Stock KE30 rolla and im trying to make it as a car that would look sexy and could be a daily driver too, i don't need that much power, (200hp is enough)

  10. anyone i can talk to about rims for a ford focuse lx bc they a inposebel to find under 1000 buck dose anyone know if you can swap ford 4 stud to ford 5 ?

  11. Doing weight reduction on a car is the stupidest thing you can do unless you have a car that’s specifically for drag racing because taking out 100 pounds equal 1 thousand of a second less

  12. Lmao this guys title of the video is bullshit, these are not mods you MUST do to your car. Anyone who is a car person already obviously knows that tires and everything else basic in this video isn’t just a must as a car guy. You’re an idiot if you don’t know about tires, breaks, wheel, suspension, etc. dumb video period.

  13. This is the single most vague list I've ever seen. Here, I'll make one similiar

    5 things every fast car needs
    1. Engine
    2. Tires
    3. Transmission
    4. Suspension
    5. Body

  14. Suspension is like 400$ how is that cheap
    Steering wheels are like 300$ too
    Boi what hell wheels are expensive as hell too

  15. Should I do wheels or suspension first? Just got my first car and I pretty much just use it as a daily driver. No racing or anything. Just want it to look nice. So just wondering if suspension is that really important, I have stock 🤷‍♂️

  16. Had a Sparco wheel. That added so mai has to the driving experience. Loved it!

    Checkout my channel. I’m trying to build my sub count.

  17. BLAIRING THE INITIAL-D SOUNDTRACK MAKES MY CAR BE WHATEVER IT WANTS TO! <3 Incidentally Lovely video, thank you very much=^.^=

  18. Hey bro your vids are very helpful me and my son are starting our first builds. I got an 03 lancer and we just got him a 05 G35. We would like to represent those Carhub stickers on our builds as they would look great on them. Thanks check u guys out and keep u guys updated.

  19. start first with coilovers then rims and after that with tires. coilovers are smaller than stock. so its posdible to fit wider wheels.

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