90° Reverse Bay Parking Manoeuvre | 2019 UK Driving Test

90° Reverse Bay Parking Manoeuvre  |  2019 UK Driving Test

The UK Driving Test includes the option of
the reverse bay parking manoeuvre. We always recommend reversing into parking bays whenever
possible, as the car is more manoeuvrable and it is much safer to drive forwards out
of the bay afterwards. In this video we’ll show how to reverse bay park safely – with
an overview of the manoeuvre from outside the car, and then a more detailed view from
inside the car. If you have any questions about the video then please leave a comment
and we will do our best to reply. The
driving examiner might ask you to do this manoeuvre at the very start or end of your
driving test. They will direct you towards a suitable area in a car park, and then say
“I’d like you to reverse into a convenient parking bay, finishing within the lines.”
We can choose which bay we park in, and we don’t have to tell the examiner which one
we have chosen. We will be using the 90º method in this video, as we feel it is the
most reliable for new drivers. If you prefer using a different method – that’s fine as
long as the car finishes with all 4 wheels inside the bay lines. We choose to park on the left in front of
the lamp post. We position our car in the middle of the road to give enough room to
turn, check to our left for any danger, and signal. We need to stop 3 bays past our target
bay, so we drive slowly and stop level with the 3rd bay. We select reverse gear, check
all around the car for danger and start reversing very slowly. When the next bay line becomes
level with our shoulders, we quickly steer left to full lock. As the car slowly turns
we look around again for danger, then use the blind spot mirrors to check our rear wheels
are going to finish within the bay. Once the car is straight, we steer right to straighten
the front wheels up, and stop once the whole car is in the bay. Knowing exactly when to steer into the bay
is key to a good bay park. Once we have chosen a target bay, we drive slowly and stop 3 bays
past. Once reversing we normally turn when the first bay line becomes level with our
shoulders, but for more precision in our learner cars we have stuck a dot on the top of each
door. Different cars and seating positions may need slightly different turn points, so
if needed experiment until you find your favourite time to steer into the bay. In this video we have concentrated with parking
on the left, but the technique for parking on the right is exactly the same – position
in the centre of the road and stop 3 bays past the target bay, then steer quickly right
to full lock once the next bay line is level with our shoulders. As always, keep looking
around for danger until the car has stopped. If possible, we would normally choose to park
in a bay that has empty bays next to it, as this allows more room to manoeuvre the car.
However, if the car park is very busy we might have to park in a bay next to another vehicle.
We will need to be extra careful, so we drive very slowly to ensure we don’t cause any
damage. If we turn into the bay or straighten our
steering at the wrong time, then the car might stop at an angle to the bay. If we see that
our wheels are on or outside of the bay lines, we must ‘tidy up’ our car’s position,
by carefully driving forwards out of the bay and then reversing back in again to straighten
the car up. Car parks are often very busy, so we must look carefully all around the car
before driving forwards, and once again before reversing back into the bay. If we spot a
hazard near our car, we should stop until we are sure it is safe to continue. Another method to bay park is to position
the car next to the target bay, then turn the car to 45º before reversing in at an
angle. If you prefer to use this method, then as long as it is completed safely then it
will still pass the driving test. So, remember to:
Stop 3 bays past the target bay Look all around before reversing slowly
Turn into the bay precisely Straighten the steering once the car is straight If you found this video interesting then please
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  1. Thanks for watching – if you found this video interesting then please subscribe to our channel and click the bell to be notified of our next video!  This video includes;
    * 0:06  Introduction 
    * 0:50  Overview of the manoeuvre
    * 1:34  Detailed view of the manoeuvre
    * 2:35  When to steer into the bay
    * 3:21  Parking next to other vehicles
    * 4:26  Stopping at an angle to the bay
    * 5:16  Parking with the 45º method
    * 5:48  Summary

  2. I did more than 20 lesson but my hand Stell not straight. When i ride
    car in small road or bought side parking car, i m panic so what can
    I do please help us.thanks

  3. Pretty useful, simple & well edited tutorial video thanks I did like the weather and the graphics as well keep it going!

  4. He makes it look so easy! I’m still learning at the minute but i can drive I just struggle with gears I have terrible anxiety and don’t think I will be able to ever get the whole driving thing

  5. 3:29 You confused the hell out of me for like 15 minutes because that car stopped on the 4th bay, not 3rd !!!!! And I thought i was stupid and couldnt count !

  6. Can you please make a video about driving in one way roads, as exiting these kind of roads can be tricky. Thanks.

  7. Stop 3 bays at what point – middle of the bay? It is impossible to see when exactly one should start turning – middle of the 3rd bay, one of the lines?

  8. I passed My Driving Test First Time On: 7/3/2019. I watched this video during my Seven Months of Learning to drive. I am so pleased and many thanks. The guy in the video is a really good driver 🙂

  9. Does it count on your exam if you go to do a forward bay park, then just reverse into the bay behind you??

  10. Like so many things, they have really dumbed down the driving test regarding manoeuvres. No wonder you see so many people struggling so much, in our overcrowded towns the tests should be harder. Has our species started to mentally regress, what's going on. ?

  11. hi hope you do a video clip on how to stay centre on the road of the lane that a driver has to stayed in with out going over to the white line either lift or right? thank you

  12. I just cannot fathom this manoeuvre out and don't know why and have test in couple weeks help,thanks for vid any tips I can use I always end up at an angle

  13. Thank you so much for these videos!!! I had this manoeuvre on my first test and completely messed it up but continuously watched these videos a few times a week for a month and passed second time with one minor!!!
    Honestly amazing, each video is so hopeful for new drivers

  14. Hi.

    So I've been practicing reversing inside a garage and reversing through a gate lately and I've seem to be doing the same mistake multiple times. When reversing inside a garage, I tend to be too close to the wall on my side which leaves little to no space of opening the door. Similarly, when reversing through a gate I tend to be too close on my side again and leaving no space for the door mirror to clear the gate. I don't know how I can fix this problem 😭

  15. passed over a year ago, but realised recently I only ever forward bay park. maybe this will help me remember

  16. Passed the test over a year ago but still struggling with reverse parking. This has made it clearer thanks

  17. Got my second test coming up in just 3 weeks and just found these videos! Going to help massively with practice, Thank you!

  18. Why do I find reverse parallel parking easier than this? I literally could not get into a parking space the other day and it was really embarrassing, at least I have the excuse that I'm a learner…

  19. This is very useful, thank you. If you were ever to remake them, it would be better without the distracting music.

  20. I passed my test couple years ago and I still can't do this properly 😁 gonna try it this way tomorrow! Edit; yay it worked!

  21. I passed my test in April but they didn’t cover the reverse park in any of my lessons beforehand as they said it wasn’t needed for the test to be able to reverse in and drive out as in the test they got us to drive in and reverse out, so I still don’t know how to reverse into a bay. It is wrong that things we need after we have passed aren’t covered anymore, as they also didn’t cover the turn in the road as it isn’t on the test anymore so I had to teach myself as my grandparents live in a cul de sack with a dead end so I always have to turn around when I do to visit them

  22. My instructor taught me this method, but he had a different explanation of when you need to steer into the target bay as opposed to this video. The way he explained it worked was that you turn to full lock when the back wheel of the car hits the bay before the target bay. It does work, although I've also tried the steering method in the video and it works also. Could be that it varies for different cars as the car he uses is different from the one in the video obviously. One thing that I've learned by heart about this maneuver is that you should look at your rearview mirrors to see if the bay lines of the target bay are visible and straight as that should tell you that you are in the bay perfectly.

  23. I failed my test 3 times before, I agree that first time I made 2 serious but then realised in my other exams that the examiners will actually fail you no matter how good u are.. last time I failed because there was a speed bump and broke slightly hard. I can see the examiner milking by pushing himself towards the front.  i would really like to take do my nexst exam at a separate agency other than DVLA.

  24. I have my 2nd test today.

    I'm in a car that I've had 3 hours experience in as my original driving instructors car is unusable and he is injured. I'm worried because the new car is smaller than the car I was taught in so watching these vids has helped as I have a reference to look at. Thankyou

  25. When you say the next bay line become level with our "shoulders" does that mean the drivers shoulders, or a part of the car ? 😂 thank you

  26. As I have my exam tomorrow feeling relaxed and confident 😊 Hope for a pass these really helped I was using just Advance School videos as they are well detailed and precise

  27. Thank you for these videos. I passed my test on Wednesday but now I need to work out my reference points to nail the parking in my tiny little car. I'll give this a try but I think I'm just going to have to work it out myself!

  28. Hi, I can understand it's very hard if you start reversing from within the left lane. But is it allowed to be in the middle of the road when you start reversing to park? We live in Australia.

  29. Yeah but how can I do this whenever i'm driving a van? I can't see from behind and its bigger than a car. Forward bay parking isnt an option for me because i wont be able to see what's behind. Also where can I park at the services as I don't see a van park?

  30. I am not sure if this is a dumb question or not but does the parking bay matter and will the instructor question or fail if you use the 45 degree parking (as it does seem easier)

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