97-01 Toyota Camry CV Axle Replacement, with Knuckle and bent Sway Bar Link repair

97-01 Toyota Camry CV Axle Replacement, with Knuckle and bent Sway Bar Link repair

It is 10 degrees Fahrenheit out here on this
wonderful winter day. One of my friends accidentally slid into a curb and broke her tire. You can
see that the CV axle in there is broken as well as the knuckle and a couple other things
are bent. So what I’m going to do right now is change it out. Got the tire off now,
got the tire supported up and you can see right here that the steering knuckle is broken…completely
snapped off right there. And then back in here you can see that the CV axle is also
snapped right out of that little holder that it’s in right next to the engine mount.
We just need to make sure that this line right here doesn’t have a whole lot of tension
on it because the caliper can’t support it’s own weight. So I’m going to strap
that up so I don’t have to worry about it. So right here in the rotor there’s a little
cotter pin. So I’ve taken the cotter pin and bent up the little edge of it so it’s
straightened out, and then I can grab it from the underside…just wiggle it on out of there.
Ok so now there’s a big old nut right in the middle of that wheel that’s attached
to the CV axle, so we need to take it out. I have a big old breaker bar, and without
air tools, sometimes that nut can be stuck on pretty tight, so you can get another…like
a hollow bar, and stick it over the end of that to extend your leverage and lift it up
and get enough force to actually break loose that nut. Luckily for me this bar was enough.
So now that nut inside of there is coming loose. So I took the tire, put it back on,
attached two lug nuts to it and then set it back down again so that wouldn’t spin while
I was trying to rotate the nut off. It held the tire in place so that I could remove the
whole thing. Now I’m going to jack up the car, take the tire back off, and then work
on getting the rest of the broken parts off. So the CV axle is this guy right back here
and it is the thing that is connected right inside of here with this nut. So what I’ve
done is I’ve taken this nut and put it right on the edge of the bolt like that so I can
hit it with the hammer and not damage any threads. So if I take my hammer…just pushing
that right back through. And this car, amazingly, isn’t that stuck…just a couple light taps
and it started to feed all the way through. So now that it’s moving I can just remove
this nut the rest of the way, pound it through and that will release the rest of the contraption
from the broken CV axle. So this is the part where the CV axle goes on the transmission
and you just got to make sure that this is the old one right now so you can see how flush
it is. When you pull the new one out it’s gotta be that same…you know, stuck as far
in there as you can. Alright so I missed a step, but to get the top part of the knuckle
out there are two bolts up here at the top that are 24 millimeters…sorry, 22 millimeters.
And so I put my wrench on one side and my ratchet on the other side and just kind of
twisted them counter clockwise to get that top part out. And this was the part that was
broken and so once those two nuts were out I just pulled that right out. Now we’re
going to come in here and get that castle nut off. Now normally when you’re replacing
a CV axle it’s not going to mess with your alignment very much unless you of course hit
something, and then you will probably be off your alignment cuz your alignment’s, you
know, done off of whether the components in your car are straight, or off of this part
right here which is they adjust these little nuts and it makes your alignment on or off.
Alright so this nut right here is on where the steering connects to the actual knuckle
of the car, so I’m going to release this cotter pin right here and then take off this
castle nut and then that will allow me to separate this shaft from the knuckle itself.
Quick rant here for a second…the hardest part of this whole job; you know the CV axle
is not that bad…the hardest part of this job is that the knuckle’s broken right here.
And so when I try to twist any nut, like let’s say this nut back here on the caliper, the
whole thing kind of shifts. Like the whole thing rotates so that I can’t get any traction
anywhere with it. Now what I’ve done to fix this problem is taken a huge crow bar,
put it right back in there. The crowbar is this guy that says “Pittsburg” on it.
And I have propped it up with my leg here. And then when I try to rotate this, instead
of going forward it just rests itself on the crowbar which allows me to take off these
nuts. So that one I’ve just barely got it spinning, obviously I can’t hold the camera,
support the car and twist the nut. But I’m pretty proud of myself. So once I get this
nut off and the other one, hopefully I can get that off with just the same position as
well, then we will be able to remove the caliper from the knuckle itself and hopefully be able
to get the new knuckle on there and keep moving forward. So as I’m trying to do that lower
nut on the caliper where that ratchet is, right here at the breaker bar, I had to take
the crowbar and pin it underneath the frame down in there and over the top of this joint
right here, and kind of just press down on both of those at the same time to get the
right leverage that I needed. So yeah, it’s working out pretty well. Ok, finally got the
caliper off and that kind of leaves us more room to deal with the bottom bald joint. So
I have the cotter pin lifted up and I’m going to slide that out through the castle
nut, pop the castle nut off, and then separate the broken knuckle from the bald joint, and
then finally pop this end off as well. I already have the nut down off the other side. I actually
just had three cop cars pull up wondering what the heck I’m doing behind the Big O
Tires at one o’clock in the morning. When it’s seven degrees out. They actually pulled
up from this side and then another guy came up from over there thinking I was stealing
something…but nope, it’s just finals week and Sunday at midnight is the only time that
I can work on cars. So right here as I’m trying to get off that bottom bald joint,
I have this thing right here called a pitman puller. So basically what it does is this
little guy right here screws and unscrews. So as I tighten it down on top of this bolt
right here it’s going to pull the knuckle up because it has these claws down there at
the bottom. So hopefully that pulls it up and out of the way cuz with how loose everything
is because everything’s broken, there’s no good way to hit that or pry it off even
if I had like a pickle fork or something to stick in-between there, it wouldn’t really
work out very well. Alright, got everything disconnected. Pretty stoked about it. The
little pitman puller down there did a great job pulling off that busted knuckle. Alright
so now I just need to pull off the rest of that CV axle. So this is half of it right
here and the other half is still inside of there attached to the engine mount. You can
see the very back of there it’s attached to the transmission. My Mountain Dew froze.
So that is where we connect to the transmission. And this is where it is bolted onto the engine
mount. So in order to get this part out of the engine mount, you have to remove this
little pinch bolt right here, which kind of sticks it up inside of there. And then what
I did is I took a can of that PB Blaster, which is that guy over there, sprayed it up
all around this opening on the inside because sometimes this little gizmo, whatever this
is, seizes up inside. And then after that, I took my little cat’s paw right here and
put it up inside of that little opening right there and then hit it a couple times with
my handy dandy sledge hammer. And then after I hit it, then it popped out. I’ve seen
a couple other YouTube videos where they took out this engine mount, that seems like an
incredible amount of work and I don’t have any power tools…so brute force and some
PB Blaster did the trick for me. So there’s that. Also I took…this is kind of a little
pinch thing that’s holding it up inside of this little groove right here. If you just
crab both of those with the pliers and pinch it shut, that releases it from the groove.
And then you have to transfer this over to the other CV axle. Anyway now that that is
out I’m going to grab the new CV axle, clean up the inside of this, and then press it back
into place. Alright here’s a little trick I learned from Eric The Car Guy, he’s another
YouTuber. I’ll post a link for his channel right here. He knows quite a bit about cars.
Anyway so he says to line up both of these CV axles up together and check to see if they
are the same one which is a great idea because when I got to about here I could tell that
my CV axle, the one that broke, doesn’t have this which happens to be the AVS little
gear sensor thingy. So I have to wait till tomorrow morning so I can swap that out to
get the one that I need. Here is a sway bar and this is actually the easiest part of the
whole deal. All you have to do is take off this 14 millimeter bolt here, 14 millimeter
bolt on the side right here, and then the whole thing just pops right out. If the bolt
on the inside of the sway bar starts spinning when you’re trying to unscrew it, just kind
of grab the sway bar and kink it sideways so it pinches the bolt in the metal bracket
and that will let you get this off the end of it. Cuz when it’s pinched inside the
bolt like that it won’t spin around. Alright so these are the sway bars right here. Sway
bar links. You can see that the new ones are a lot thicker than the old ones are. I’ll
put all of the parts and stuff in the video description below so if you need to replace
this on your vehicle it will be a lot easier to find it. I usually do Amazon. Amazon is
the cheapest place to get this kind of stuff. To get the sway bar on there’s a little
nut right here on the side that you can just get on and then you can continue ratcheting
it on the other side over there. Hold it still with this one; ratchet it with the other one.
And we’re off to a good start this morning. The CV axle, I just took it and pressed it
gently into place
and it looks like it is sitting exactly where it needs to. When you’re going to put in
the bottom bolt right here you’re going to want to make sure to do this before you
put the CV axle in place because you can’t get that nut on there once it’s all put
back together. Ask me how I know. Alright got these top two bolts in. Got the king nut
and the cotter pin through here. Now I’m going to take the caliper and put that back
on the bolt that it was on before. Alright got this final nut in place. This is not tightened
down as far as it will go yet. I’m going to wait till I get the tire back on and then
drop it down and then finish tightening it up. But we’re all finished on the inside.
The caliper bolts are tightened down as far as they can go. And there you have it. I replaced
a CV axle. Anyway I will list all the parts and stuff you need in the video description
below so take a look at that…the sway bars, CV axle, everything else. If you have any
other questions make sure to leave them in the comments. “Like” this video if it
helped you and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching.

About the Author: Michael Flood


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