A Closer Look at Bike Path Route NYC Terror Attack Suspect Used

A Closer Look at Bike Path Route NYC Terror Attack Suspect Used

Here I am on the bike path this is the bike path that is the scene of the Halloween Day terror attack riding the lovely route you realize just how vulnerable the victims were to a monster at the wheel of a speeding truck there’s nowhere for me to go I certainly can’t outrun a car or a truck on a bike I definitely feel vulnerable the bike path extends for 11 miles along the west side of Manhattan this is New York to my left you could see the buildings and the skyscrapers to my right you could see the beautiful Hudson River in the aftermath of a terror attack it looked like a war zone the attack started here when a killer turned his rented homedepot truck onto the bike path and drove south he roared down the Hudson River Greenway at 40 miles an hour leaving a trail of bodies and crushed bikes that stretched for 17 blocks his truck came to a halt here after he deliberately rammed a school bus with kids on board unfortunately you’re wide open target former NYPD officer bill Stanton I’m riding my bike a truck is coming at me what do I do situation awareness you see the truck you get on this side of the bike you want to put a barrier between you and the truck drop the bike I look this way I come over the wall because it’s creating a barrier I’m running and I’m looking for a spot to shelter in place I get behind these chairs and I’m watching right now you have a barrier between us and whatever danger may come eight people were killed New Jersey resident Darren Drake was a project manager for a Wall Street firm New Yorker Nicholas Cleves also died five buddies from Argentina who were visiting New York for a 30-year high school reunion also lost their lives so did this mom from Belgium all gone after a day of unthinkable terror [Music]

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  1. its always the muslims, isn't it, my country is going to be a minority within 2050…, ISLAM IS THE RELIGION OF TERROR AND MANSLAUGHTER OF INNOCENT LIFE.

  2. Islam has nothing to do with this guy .this guy is going straight to hell. My prayer To their families their friends people they know God bless us all

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  4. If a person tries to rent a vehicle and you cannot pronounce their name and they look like a retarded amish…NO MOTORISED VEHICLES….CAMELS AND DONKEYS ONLY. Have to put a clause in contract …NO SEX WITH THE ANIMALS…No cream filled camels…no butt reamed donkeys…

  5. I love how that "former cop" acts like they have time to prepare for the truck… im sorry but you may only have like a second between seeing that truck and actually getting hit…

  6. You cannot blame evil on humans. You cannot filter out evil. Islam is only partially to blame. The other half is the inherently flawed state of human nature.

  7. People will be so busy talking about this incident, we will forget the Vegas shooting. & that's how we end up thinking attacks like this kill more people than regular Americans committing acts of terror.

  8. Jeez. People cant do anything anymore without getting KILLED BY A TERRORIST!!! We cant go on a bike ride, we cant go to a concert. wow

  9. So… You managed to remove the bodies that should be mangled up into the bikes but leave the bikes on the road. No blood, no scratch marks on the roads from mangled bits of metal. Did anybody actually see this first hand or is it Jus the "aftermath" again. Anyone know of any scrap Collecting drills happenin in new York prior to this, because the government seemed to be getting the nack of arranging drills in different areas just in time for the practised event to actually happen

  10. Yet when cyclist plows into pedestrians on a pedestrian they don't get shot by police and it's not called a terror attack 🙁

  11. wow inside edition doing a great job for a mockingbird mouth piece….. just more fake Ashkenazi propaganda… tell a lie , tell the lie bigger, keep telling the lies and eventually someone will believe.

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