A Secret Used Car Part Market. 90% Lower Price for Any Car Brands

A Secret Used Car Part Market. 90% Lower Price for Any Car Brands

Hey, what’s up guys! Now I am in Guangzhou and I come here for snowboard, because they just built the largest indoor ski resort here. When I just arrived here, I found there is a very famous market, not far away from the ski resort, it is called Chentian. This is a quite interesting market, because it is considered as the largest market for the disassembled car parts. So these car parts, they are not brand new, they are also not like second hand, they are all removed from cars which have accidents or cars which are stolen. And disassembled, imported to China from all over the world. What makes this market become famous is that when it is back to 2015, when there is a German auto magazine, and they have a testing car BMW, the window was broken by somebody, and the computer system was stolen. So they go to BMW, finally checked the computer system was traveled around 20,000 KM away from Germany all the way to China. Then it is located in a place called Chentian, which is here. All the accident cars will be firstly disassembled somewhere around here and resale to body shops all over China from here. I just see a fresh accident Volkswagen Phaeton that moved here is waiting for disassembled. And that car will be treated like a dead fish, waiting people to cut him into different pieces and move to different stores here, and waiting for resale to other parts of China. So in this market, you can find almost every single part of whatever the brand, or whatever the model of the cars. You can find the stores here that specialized in selling wheels, doors, windows, lights and even engines. You can also find brands like Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, even Bentley and Ferrari. The most important thing for coming to this market is that you can find almost all parts for very very low prices. How much does this one cost? 15,000 RMB. This is the front lip bumper of Lamborghini Aventador, and they sell around $2,000. But if you want to get a brand new one, you need to pay at least 10 times more price. For me, I have a Porsche Boxster, and the car gets some problem with PADM system. There is something wrong with the mounting part of the engine. And the local Porsche dealer tells me that they need to charge me around $2,000 to replace a new mounting part for that. It’s not a big problem for the car, but it’s kind like annoying when I turn on the car and the error message will show up. But I do think that spending $2,000 is too much for fixing this small issue. Because I’m in this market here, so I’m more interested in to see if I can get the parts here for a very low price. Let’s go and see what I can get. Seller: What do you want? Jing: A part of Porsche Boxster. Seller: We don’t deal in Porsche. Seller: But I can check for you. I have a friend who deals with this. Jing: Ok, the two mounting parts under the engine base of Porsche Boxster. And I need one. Seller: It won’t be too much. Tell him what you want. The buyer is in our store now, you talk to him. Jing: Hi, I’d like a mounting part under the engine base of Porsche Boxster 2013. Jing: He said 2,000RMB one piece. How to deal? Seller: Scan the QR code to pay via Wechat directly. Jing: If I want to buy it, can you deliver it after I get back? Because I need to find a body shop to help me change it. Seller: Where are you from in zhejiang? Jing: Yiwu. Seller: I have a body shop in Hangzhou to help you change it, but not one in Yiwu. Jing: Is his price the same as yours? Seller: Yes. You can check the picture I gave you whether the accessory is you want. And if there is no problem, I will deliver the part to you. Seller: I will make sure that the product will fit in the car and work and guarantee you one-month quality assurance. If there is any problem within a month, you return it to me and I will pay you back. Jing: Can we trade this part on your Taobao shop (Chinese eBay)? Seller: It is the same as giving money to me directly via WeChat. I deliver goods for you, and you can still find me. I don’t have a body shop in Yiwu, but have some in Wenzhou and Hangzhou. I am famous in Hangzhou and Beijing. So they do have the parts and they only quote me 2,000RMB, which values like $300. And this is their first quote without any bargain yet. I didn’t buy immediately because I want to go back home and try to find a body shop that can help me replace the part. Then I will ask the seller here to ship me. It really makes sense that why and how this market exists. For example, An Audi A4 sells $40k in China, but an original light cost at least $2,000. So why not just buy a nice and cheap one from here for $200 if you are paying from your own pocket. Because sometimes your insurance company won’t pay you, or you don’t want to spend that much money on the insurance. Thank you for watching this video, if you want to find some cheap car parts you can come here. No matter is for your personal use or for your business. And if you like our video, please give us thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel. And I will see you in our next video, bye!

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