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  1. Thanks for the support Grind Hard Crew! What do you think about the new project?
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    Our tubing bender https://bit.ly/2LH2O5c

  2. If you dont add supports and gussets down those tubes you're gonna be in trouble. Did you use pipe or tubing ? There is a huge difference. Hope you know that I'll assume you do! That thing will be a beast

  3. I have to live vicariously through others and Brother let me tell you this video made me fell like I was there. I built my son and his step brother Lawn mower powered Scooters. They were the Hit of the neighbor hood even the Cops were wanting to have me make them one for there kids. But the best part of this was the bonus video of the summit climbing. I miss that very much and it is so cool to see it again. Just wanted to say thanks

  4. I love how you guys aren't idiots. You may not have all the answers on hand, but your ideas all have merit. Good problem solving skills.

  5. You will have to mount the shaft with the sproket and clutch to the stationary part on the front part with the engine. If the clutch isnt in a stationary mount it wont work.

  6. This build is so cool. I can’t wait to see it finished. I really like your guy’s channel. keep up the good work, cheers from Canada:)

  7. So dope, I've got a push scooter/700c/leaf blower project that I've been putting together right now and you all are straight inspiration. I commend your efforts and your results. Thank you dearly.

  8. there is a quote I like that applies to this video, don't know who said it but its "just because you can doesn't mean you should"

  9. Cool vids… and builds ..plus great back ground muzic …..what is the name of the artist and song playing in the background on this video??

  10. One joke in poor taste and I'm done… I bet you really do Grind Hard on that Plumbing don't you?. Never again I swear!. 😂😂😂

  11. Why didn't you put the snowmobile engine in the Barbie car and leave the dirt bike alone .. destroy one nice product to create two shity ones not so smart

  12. Why did it switch from "Mountain Scooter" to mountain climbing? Thanks for wasting 10:44 of my life. SMH.. Typical liberal millennial's…

  13. I love to Tinker around with shit like that always have. I remember when I was about 13, had a 5-speed Stingray bike it actually had a shifter like a car, with a banana seat and sissy bar. I had extended the front forks to make it into a chopper. later 20 horse four stroke engine off a piece of construction equipment, which I was able to add to my Choppa. I remember using a torque converter set up off of an old snowmobile, combined with drive to the original 5-speed gears. when I connected the throttle cable I disabled the governor on the engine because I like to go fast. I'll never forget the first time I rode it! the thing Road and handled like a dream I remember going through all 5 gears and in 5th gear I was flying. I rode that bike everyday of my life weather permitting until I was 16. I remember writing it up on the highway and keeping up with cars I don't know what the top speed was but I would imagine around 60 miles an hour, on a Stingray bike

  14. These would be good for people who cannot shift a standard motorcycle. Missing hand or foot would not block fun and happiness. And CAT can ride on it too.

  15. Question: are you actual plumbers, or do you save princesses with turbo’d Barbie Power Wheels? Either way you’re cool.

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