A Top Gear-ish Review: The VW Jetta

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means it’s the right thing laurin car cars they’re only designed to living beings from point a to point B as safely
and as cheaply as possible I think I found a solution in this CEO of
monotonous all it’s very family sedans I think the germans are here to help the germans are here and here Tuesday and lillian gish damping is the agenda Mark five to be specific and I think this is my favorite from its that the juror mentioned monica line it’s chrome grill just features that fell
out forty allegations but I’m not going to try to convince you just take a look for yourself %um in you know we know it but how is it before they let’s find out street it’s on his sleeve it’s it I mean find in these groups this time why yes point and power in the germans can be is in line
two point five leader five soldier injured it is you know a hundred and fifty horsepower
than a hundred and seventy four offering anyone with the left foot as you know is it why so it’s a very dangerous place for cars children that’s right it seems to be asking yourself thirty five he states let’s find out hi who yes I mean he did the reason is the the dead jennifer jason
leigh live looks like it’s going to get smaller this is the chief of police the plan a new suspension politically speech for its but finds it I wonder if with helpings loans but for what he did this is running scared right stay with us planes tyson so is the judge of rejuvenation of the close
in sports the way it is the students that modern cars can be made
from thimpu as a cause that is something that is cheap plants transportation James constant balance and technology today with the driving fine yes

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