American ingenuity will built this country mom and pop shops for the perfect showcase for our craftsmanship small towns all across America with like skeletons of what they used to be hard work and determination of some of the things that skilled woodworkers hung their hats on this is not a skill picked up overnight and to be shipped out next business day this is true American grit only the best all around me and they’re all in then the walnut they won’t admit sometimes creature every heart in this crazy stop driving through the small towns weaving in and out of Massachusetts in Connecticut I stumbled upon this old bill here there were a couple of signs scattered here and there one thing this was once a sugar mill to spare car parts tires and abandoned cars hopefully this is probably someone’s junkyard however won’t you walk in you’re greeted with some vintage signs reading Wilson Ford working did i just read gold for this a hermit see you later so as a disclaimer and as most of my fellow adventurers out there already know old abandoned structures are dangerous and if it’s Morden in what as a general rule from a typically don’t go in I say that because this place has a river running through it it’s dark and damp and smells of motor oil and mold cavernous building like a cathedral when it comes to sound each crunchy step echoes throughout the building with that permanent sound of water rushing below my feet this place is littered with old woodworking tools crates and vintage dolly supports things from one place to another but it’s also home to this 1965 dust covered cherry red mg roadster feeling of someone was right behind me never escaped my mind into the compound of rushing water would make it almost impossible coming as I made my way into Asgard corners of the building started finding old wet footprints well it looks to be like large dog tracks leading up a stairway this is when I err on the side of caution they say if you forget the past you are doomed to repeat it sometimes life throws you crazy things you have to deal with it the best way you know how sometimes like in the case of these old mills that are all along the country their fate is sealed and sometimes i just sent

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