About Pawn Shops : What Not To Bring To Pawn Shops

About Pawn Shops : What Not To Bring To Pawn Shops

Hi, this is Luis for expertvillage.com and
we’re going to be talking about pawn shops. Today I’m here at Inland Jewelry and Loan.
Things that pawn shops don’t want are things that are broken, things that are trashy, things
that are missing pieces. I mean if it’s something that is really expensive and it’s missing
a piece and we can replace that piece, we’ll take it no problem. You know we’ve taken Rolex’s
in the past that have been run over by cars and we fix them up and then we sell them for
a good price. But if it is something that you wouldn’t want and you’re trying to throw
in the garbage, don’t go to a pawn shop and try to get money for it because they’re just
going to tell you they’re not going to take it. We want to make sure that things are at
least a little bit clean. If it’s a little bit scratched we can polish it and put it
back for sale, but if we’re talking a camcorder and it’s missing the lens, that’s not going
to work, right? So don’t bring it into a pawn shop and think that you’re going to get money
for it because then the only thing you’re going to do is you’re going to leave angry
and we don’t want that. We want our customers to come back whether they’re pawning, selling,
buying, whatever they’re doing, trading, we do trades. So just bring in, I don’t want
to say bring in the good stuff because people might get the wrong idea but bring in stuff
that you would actually want to have. Like TV’s for example. In 2009 they’re coming out
that TV’s have to be digital. So at this point we’re not taking any TV’s that aren’t digital.
So if they’re not digital, don’t bring them into a pawn shop. Cause you’re not going to
get any money for them. The older TV’s that are from 1985 that have a dial on the front
of it, we don’t really want those. On the other hand we do take antique items because
I know for a fact that many people like to buy antique items just to put them in their
living rooms or whatever. So we’ll definitely take antique items but anything that is like
old, trashy, beat up, we don’t want.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I am looking for a channel that shows pawn shop inventory, where two guys go into a pawn shop with a camera, (because the exchange between the owner and the camera guys would be quick, funny and heated), plus the public would be able to have a look at where their stolen stuff might be.
    The name of the City has to be part of the video. This will kill home thefts ahead of useless local constabularies.

  2. I bought a Gerber Mark II Vietnam commemorative knife from a pawn shop in Jefferson City Tn. last month for $50 and just sold it on Ebay for $248 I have got a lot of good deals from pawn shops.

  3. you can actually see and hold an item in a pawn shop, even at some auctions you can handle some of the items up for bids.

  4. Very informative. Too bad the guy with the pickle jar filled with snot he wants to pawn doesn't bother researching pawn shops.

  5. @mopbrothers Your a dumbass, u do know the word pawn means loan right. If you going to a PAWN shop to SELL your shit your stupid in the first place…

  6. so my friend wants to sell his air soft guns, a few of them are really nice that he barely used and they've just been sitting in his room. whats the best price he could get for them?

  7. @DJMagicSky not really, if you have like an old car and you dont need it anymore or say you found something interestin in your house that you dont need…mineaswell make some cash

  8. im a pawnbroker and i would take in something broken, the name of the game is making money thats the beauty of ebay. Any pawn shop that doesnt sell on ebay doesnt want to make money.

  9. am I the only one who goes to pawn shops that happen to ALL be owned by freaky crooks who seem to have problems? it really bothers me and they all look paranoid as bull fucking hell every time I go in. I just don't get it. also, they follow you… it's really annoying. If anything, I feel rushed out when they follow you, because when I go to a pawn shop that has a huge selection of DVD's or something, i want to look through ALL of them, but not with you standing behind me!

  10. In my town pawn shops are ridiculous. I had a six hundred dollar black hills gold ring and asked how much I could pawn for and the guy tells me fifteen dollars. I was like dude it has 5 diamonds in it. He goes oh we just pop the stones out and throw them away. I was like what ever dude. Only town where pawnshops dont take gold. The shops are full of junk but it seems like anything valuable they wont even make an offer on.

  11. pawns buy most stuff but there valuations r terrible anythin they buy must av a 99% at least 10% profit or they wont take it.

  12. i went to a getto pawn shop in in my home town corpus christi texas and half the game were scratch there was a broken tv and half the stuff was crack idk if a crackhead work at that pawnshop or their stupid

  13. Why am I the only one who understands how a pawn shop works? They have to make money off the stuff they buy. Just because you think something is worth alot of money, doesn't mean it is. Plus, there has to be a market for something. If the pawn shop isn't going to sell an item for a while, it is worthless! Lay off the pawn shops! They sell alot more stuff than you do. I think they know what they are talking about.

  14. @musik210 no doubt. that my favorite show. Rick reads alot though and he is into high end items. Everything at Gold and Silver Pawn is nice and behind show glass.

  15. @ZombyGenocide1 fuck you. your such a dumb fag. ok 1st he has 138 thousand videos loaded up. so he klicked the upload button the same amount of time…… SO HE MOLESTED IT 138 THOUSAND TIMES :|!

    dumb fuck

  16. 1:15 You can get a converter box, really cheap! Dumbass! Oh and your pawnshop looks like shit! Oh hey I have a used condom, its not ripped and its not missing anything.. Would you be considering to buy it from me???? Its in perfect condition no scratches or anything bro!

  17. you people need to stop hating they know way more about this stuff than you ever will so just do us all a favor and shut up

  18. There are some pawnshops that rip you off for example: all of them.
    For example $99 blutooth headsets are worth $5 because they found the cheapest listing on ebay for one broken selling for $10 so it's an instant 10 div by 2 =offer.

  19. And don't forget the REMOTE control. I worked in a pawn shop and people would haul these huge tv sets in and forget the remote control. Pawn shops won't stuff without the remote control.. Most pawn shops won't take appliance items that more than 2 years old. Don't bring in anything that has bugs in it. I remember a couple of times where somebody brought in an almost new televisions but when they set them down, cockroaches crawled out onto the counter. That's garbage to a pawn shop. 

  20. i have a graphics card that i bought that is from 2012 just bought it 2 weeks ago and want to sell it brand new hasnt been used got it for 170 on black friday now its back up to 220 would a pawn shop give me like 150 for it?

  21. number one if something missing something they will not fix it thats is a joke
    i am going to break it down to you big time , the insider info below
    lets say you have a dj drum machine and you buy it for 299 the pawn shop will buy it not for your asking price but so low its not even worth they buying it from you ……they will give you only 35 bucks ,  they are going to buy it from as low ask you can and sell it at top price thats how it works ……..they are ripping you off  heres a back down of things they will rip you off on below
    dvds 50 cents only and they turn around and sell them for 3 bucks
    video games $ 1 and turn around and sell them as 7 to 10 ea
    rings no more then 60 dollars and sell then for 3 to 4 hun
    fishing poles they buy them for 2 dollars and sell them for 30
    they are very picky and buying something from you i have never seen anyone
    walk out with more then 150 …..they dont buy computers for that much 40 bucks and sell them for 400

  22. Most people aren't capable of determining what most items are worth. If you think it may be worth something, take it in.

  23. You are a parasite who have managed to make it legal to take advantage of poor hungry people who are so desperately in need of electric gas and food that they will borrow money knowing that they will have to give 25% of the lone in interest. .The people taking advantage of the poor and destitute are in gods eyes what these people are doing goes against everything that god wants us to be. what these people are doing maybe legal but that doesn't make it right. morally right.
    In gods eyes this is one of the biggest problem on the entire planet. because the banks do exactly the same thing only on a bigger scale. and when they go bust because it was pretty much stolen. who has to bail them out?
    "You" the tax payer..This cannot and will not go on for every because thank the Lord People are waking up the crimes of the upper classes and they will be voted out by new political kids on the block who will come from nowhere and give the people what they want in terms of the banking system and immigration. There has to be a cultural and political revolution because otherwise theses curupt people in power who only go into politics for what "thay" could get out of it. not to help and serve the public. .These people are embedded into the mainstream political parties. so we need new ones so I apeal to any truly honest people to come forward and start a new political party. that will revolutionise politics forever. We must stop immigration and terrorism. .

  24. i was offered 20p for a £250 ring, then they lied to me about the weight, i weighed the ring myself and it weighed 6 grams, when they weighed it they said it was 1 gram, all pawn shops are the same all they do is cheat people.

  25. pawn shops don't want to buy the kind of junk they sell. they don't garantee anything they sell and always ask retail price. they are turds.just sell the things yourself.

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