Welcome to the first episode of ABT Sportsline TV. From now on we will give you interesting info on our past, present and future through our video blog. We decided to split these videos into different subjects – for example ABT Classics, in which we will present you the most interesting cars of our past in all of their glory details. Or the topic ABT Backstage, in which we will tell you about our dynamometer or how our workshop is dealing with its everyday work. Additionally we will show you our product news. Today we would like to introduce our ABT Sound Control. It is offered for the 3 liter Bi-Turbo engines for the SQ5, A7 and A6. See now how it has to be installed and how it sounds. The standard control unit for the Audi Sound Generator can be found inside your car very easily. Simply open the trunk, take out the base plate, remove this trim and fold up this side. There you can see the standard control unit. We have already loosened the two screws and can now remove the control unit, but not before detaching this plug connetion. This is how the ABT Sound Control looks like. In this case it can be used with the SQ5 – as it is said here. It will easily be installed as a Plug & Play system. First we place the sound control at a good spot by using Velcro tape, then we take the original control unit and connect it easily with this connector. The other connector will be attached to the car – and we are nearly done. The original control unit will then be put back to its original position and finally don’t forget to tighten the two screws again. The ABT Sound Control can be activated very easily: Just go to the car menu and turn the Audi Drive Select Button to “Dynamic”. Serial Audi Sound Generator ABT Sound Control Thanks for watching and have fun with our ABT products for your Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda. And don’t forget: stay energetic!

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Finde dass dort irgendwie Äpfel mit Birnen verglichen werden. Dynamik klingt eigentlich auch ohne Soundmodul von ABT genauso. Es sollte lieber zweimal der Dynamik Modus mit Sound Modul von ABT und ohne direkt gezeigt werden…

  2. das Soundmodul macht gar nichts von ABT. Wenn man ohne das in den dynamic mode wechselt hört es sich genauso an. Wenn dem so wäre hätten sie den vergleich im gleichen Modus gemacht.

  3. Audi offer their official "Audi Motorsound System Exhaust" as retrofittable for the A5 2.0TDI and 3.0TDI….Does this mean that this could work with that too? as a simple replacement of the sound module?



  4. peionlich sowas..das klingt einfach nur grausam schlecht und nichtmal annähernd wie ein v8. bestenfalls noch im stand. aber wehe der fährt..einfach nur übelst!
    peinlich, wer sich sowas schrottiges für 2 oder 3 tausend euro drunter schraubt.

  5. Für eine 489,99€ Softwarebox ist der Unterschied zum Seriensystem schlecht dargestellt. Wenn der Soundprozessor von Audi vorhanden ist, wird er im Dynamic-Modus auch lauter. Wo liegen hier die Vorteile oder Unterschiede?

  6. Also die Idee ist toll. Aber die Aufmachung des Videos kommt mir eher nach 90er Jahre erklär Video vor. Bitte Zeit gemäß und innovativ.

  7. congratulations. now the car sounds like a game from 1987. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAj1jPvz8t8

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