Adam and Victoria’s Love Letter to their 1989 Mercedes-Benz 200 GE –

Adam and Victoria’s Love Letter to their 1989 Mercedes-Benz 200 GE –

This is definitely the kind of car that
people notice around here because as far as I know it’s the only one in the
States and for sure the only one in Chicago and we’ll get people waving and
you know asking us about it give it a thumbs up you know it’s it gets a lot of
attention here in Chicago what I know about the car is that it’s a 1989
Mercedes-Benz 200 GE and that’s very specific designation because in the late
80s they only made 610 of the 200 GE convertible Cabriolet is what they call
it tight other than that I know that it’s only was exported from Germany to
the Italian market in the late 80s and that’s one of the things that makes it
very rare my plan with it when I got it was to keep it as original as possible
and all the projects that we’d been doing to it were mostly just to clean it
up you know cosmetically and just make sure that it was original as possible I
came across this car because I was living in Lake Como in Bellagio in Italy
and the apartment that we were renting was up in the mountain and we literally
needed a 4×4 in order to get up there so I was looking around online immediately
my eyes lit up it was like I have to go see this and check it out I didn’t
really know anything about G wagons when I bought it I really just was looking
for something that would get up a mountain and something that was a 4×4
but as soon as I actually bought it I did a lot more research into the history
of it we had the lake carmelita on this car
once we stuck on the rain and it rains so badly for like 15 minutes and I
opened the door and the water just from the car and we named in this language
Carmelita one of the things I love about the car
are the seats and it is a very specific pattern that was from the factory this
is the gray and black color pattern and I’ve seen in other g-wagen something
similar but nothing quite like these it’s just so representative of that late
80s type style what made us decide to bring it back was just the fact that we
fell in love with it and it’s such a fun car to drive around and yeah and there
was a couple of times we got stuck in the rain you know with the top off and
if this was our car that we drove around together and when we met you know this
was our only vehicle that we used and we loved the car so much and we decided hey
it’d be cool to drive that around in Chicago too when we sell it we
definitely want it to go to somebody that’s gonna appreciate it and keep it
in good condition and maybe even improve on it a little bit but it’s such a
unique car that I really want it to go to somebody that’s gonna love it as much
as we did I’m Adam hi I’m Victoria this is Jerome
and this is Cookie and this is our love letter to our 1989 Mercedes 200 GE

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