Adda Telugu Full Movie | Sushanth, Shanvi, Swetha Bharadwaj | Sri Balaji Video

Adda Telugu Full Movie | Sushanth, Shanvi, Swetha Bharadwaj | Sri Balaji Video

We want register our marriage. My name is Jagadish, 26 years old,
I am resided in Dhoolpet. My name is Siri, 22 years old. Your application is registered, come
on 22 of this month for marriage. Siri, we need to be
careful for these 10 days, no one can separate us after that! Welcome! No shades babe! Open? Something is wrong… Now it’s perfect! Siri! After marriage we
will stay in Mumbai. I will get 5000/- for expenses,
you manage 500000/-. I lost the game again! Hmm! How much? Ten lakhs… Okay! Madam! Your order is ready. I will go get it. It’s okay, I will go. Ten, five, fifteen…oh shit Enter… Thank you! What’s your name? Oh! Mickey! Sss! Cha!! Your dress is very good. Hmmm! She asked me about phone number,
I was helping her, that’s all! It worked! Dear! You are getting married in 5 days,
are you not excited? Why should I? I am thrilled about it,
because no one can catch us. Catch him? Hey! Leave me… Who are you? We will tell you dude… You have not paid the
finance from last six months. Your foolish friends saying,
you are in Dubai. Is it Dubai? Your bike is gone buddy… Give me bike keys.??? How you enjoy having
bike without paying finance? You are due mobile bill as 10000/-
also you have changed your number. It is a gift… How dare you?
For this do you need? Iphone? It’s shame for iphone. It is a gift… Who is there to gift iphone to you?
Are they gone mad or what… This phone is recovered
for your pending bills. Come on guys! Okay dear! we will leave. Bye! – Bye! I gave you money to
clear all this, right? What have you done that? That… You ashamed me in
front of my friends. Take the money in the evening. Cheers! You are lucky man! You don’t have enough money to buy
a beer, you are going to enjoy BMW. Keep your mouth shut! She is upset now,
something is wrong behind me. I am not able to understand it. Don’t think too much man! I escaped from every
one whom I debted to, they all came in once,
as someone told about me. If sent, don’t they come? I have good time,
that’s why she believes me. Dude! Cheers! She is very rich, how are
you going to manage her in Mumbai? Do you think I am fool to bare her? She will become pregnant
before we end up, the money she is going to get. I will make their
parents to know about it. They will accept me as son-in-law,
with no other go! From their I will
become a Millionaire! What a good plan dude? I came to know all your plans,
I don’t want to marry you, Idiot. What happened to you, suddenly! I will make you behind bars, if
you try to meet or call me. Mind it. Don’t show your dirty
face to me again! One work is finished. They don’t meet each
other again, right? If they meet,
I will return your money. Have you returned
money before to anyone? I wasn’t till now. Superb! Who designed it? The most talented designer, Priya. You are gorgeous in this dress dear. Don’t be happy because
you are beautiful, you too don’t have a boy friend. Don’t you know about my background? Who will dare to become
my boy friend in the entire city. Pooja! I sent you friend request,
in face book long before. Why should I accept that? You don’t speak like this,
if you know about me. Watch this DVD,
you will come to know. I will set aside if you
shy to watch in front of me. Thanks dear! You should know who took it first. Who are you? I am younger sister to Pooja. Hi! – What is this about? I wrote a program on the feelings,
that I have on her in the DVD. Are you proposing her? See Mr. Software,
you don’t know about our background, it is not soft like you. If you know it,
you system will be hanged. My father is as famous as Charminar,
Birla mandir in Hyderabad. His name is Shankar Patel. I should tell something
in particular to you, she is already engaged. The groom is not normal person. When are you planning
to come to India dear? We are planning in
Christmas holidays, uncle. What happened? When my person was here for money,
you said you don’t know Deva it seems. This is me, Deva. Sir! I am not building
this house illegally. It is the hard earned
by my daughter and son-in-law, staying far away in America. Why should I give 50,
00,000/- to you, sir? Hey! I am son-in-law to Shankar,
my background is Shankar Patel. I will talk to Mr. Shankar later sir. Bro! If he come to know,
your marriage will be cancelled. Because,
He will tell about you to him. No he will not. You people are earning in America and
making your people rich here. What the hell we should do here. One should scare to call my name. His heart should be broken when,
he comes to see me. He should die,
if he tries to oppose me. God! Mary do you know anyone here. I don’t know anyone. Hello! Hi! lovers? Mary, who is he? Do you people want to marry? I want to register sir! Why are you afraid like as if,
you done something wrong? This office is here, to encourage
people like you. Don’t hesitate, go into the office. Thank you sir! You should prove that, you are major
to qualify for marriage, that’s all. I got my age prove certificate. you are intelligent. Last week one couple show this proof,
They verified for the authentication. The police verified about the school. That exposed about the secret marriage,
Their parents, break that marriage. Mary? Chari? Don’t panic, you met the correct
person, you are in safe hands. Give me 1000 bucks; I will do the rest,
that you people will be married. Thousand bucks? Mary? Chari keep quiet, we will give you. That is okay, you required 4 persons
to witness your marriage. I have my friends. That too four! You can trust on your friends when you
are in affair, but not for marriage. Mary!
– Chari! Let me explain,
if her parents beat your friends, they will reveal
everything about you. It’s up to you now! What we can do now? I have my friends for that,
can I call them. I even not called you guys! You will call us any way! These two will witness from your end, We two witness her end. Okay!
– Greetings! This will cost you
one more thousand bucks. He is saying thousand again?? Chari! We are ready sir! I will carry your
love till your marriage. Start it! We will arrange the love marriage,
better than that of arranged marriage. You required, 2 garlands, 2 bouquets, 1 rose. You will get it over there. These cost you only 500 bucks. We will provide you the band also, this will be 500 bucks only. We will provide you elders, who will bless you for just 500/-. You will have some other offer also. For the formality of marriage,
you will be provided brother-in-law. That is me, it’s another 500/- You can choose the marriage,
according to your caste. The rate is only 500/-
– No, that will cost you 1000/- Have you told everything?
-Almost! We will be record all this,
give you a copy. That will cost you 5000/- after
discount due to un season. You will get married, without
any trouble. This is my car cum office. You will be dropped after marriage,
in this vehicle. This is free for you. Then, please register for us. Smile! My name is chari sir! My name is Mary sir! Take this dude. Your concept is very nice sir! It will give guts, to people like us. I here just to make love successful. This is my Adda! You people go to home peacefully. Ok sir! Thank you! No lover knows about us, as we are doing hard work for them? Can we do a promotional
song for that! Good idea dude! Shall we opt Anup Rubins as musician?
– Ya! He does it good. Anup! Are you ready?? Why are you staying in a guest house, son-in-law,
you can stay here itself, right? Sir! The city
commissioner is on line. What commissioner!
Why you put our person into jail I don’t know that
these are your people… You should do your duty
after knowing who has power when you posted to Hyderabad. I am not taking it serious,
as this is first time, if you repeat it next,
you will know who this is. If our people did something wrong,
I will not let that matter comes in front of you. I will kill them myself. Sorry sir! Tell sorry to those who are with you,
and release them. Sister! Look here
are your wedding cards. Why are you not excited
by seeing at the cards? I just watched the
DVD given by Sudhir. He is my classmate from schooling. Even he left the sciences he likes,
as I have taken Mathematics. He joined as my colleague,
just because of me. That is why,
I want to marraige Sudhir, by cancelling with brother-in-law. Why are you not saying anything? What happened to you, suddenly? You will be married in one month.
In this situation how can you love someone else? If our parents come to know
about this, They will kill you. Still I have my own plans, that they
won’t come to know about this. I need to meet Sudhir.. bye, bye. How much you changed sister? Who will come to save her? How are you aunty? Siri is upstairs dear… Please come priya… come. Hello uncle! Rakesh, this is siri’s friend.
– Yeah, uncle. Hi! Hi!
– This is bridegroom dear! (Who is he?) Is she changed to arranged marriage? Might be their parents would have
forced her to agree to this. How much she might be worrying about! They are making her
ready forcefully… Siri? Hi! Is that you came?
How am I looking dear? Aunty! you people carry on,
I will come soon. You said love,
registered marriage too. You said you will
die without him also. newly, what is this engagement? Don’t spoil my mood by making me
remember that stupid. Tell me how am I looking? How you forgot him dear. Siri? My father is coming,
Please stop that discussion. The priest is calling, it is
getting late it seems. Come on dear!
– Dear! Please stop for me once. Uncle! What is the matter? Why are you making her to think
about love again? Do you know about it uncle? Yes, I do know! How you managed to change her,
she got ready happily now. Can we change your generation? Will you listen to us in this age? Then who changed her? Leave that matter now. Please uncle! Tell me,
Tell me! Tell me know. You don’t leave me,
if I don’t tell you now. Let me tell you! There is a person, to do all these. He came to me one day… Mr Subramanyam, I want to tell
you a flash news. Can I come in? Who are you man, How come
you are coming in like this. I told you to stop! Are you free next
Monday morning by 10 am? No! I have trip to foreign. Please do cancel, you need to attend
for a marriage in the registration office. I will not come! How can you say that sir! Who? It’s
your daughter siri’s marriage. What the hell are you speaking? Our siri is not like that! I know you don’t trust me,
is this proof sufficient for you? This is your daughter siri, right?
The address is your’s right? I will kill! I will kill her! You have one and only daughter uncle!
you will be pained if you kill her. Think something new? What the hell you
want to think about? We will lose our prestige if anybody
comes to know. Its better, we will get suicide. It is also pain, I don’t like it. Every problem will have a solution
uncle! I will solve your problem. I will charge you 50,000/-
and give me week days time. You look matches to her meanwhile.
I will make them separate. I don’t know what he did, in a week,
my daughter agreed to marry this boy. People like us required
a boy like him. I will see you. We have a person like him,
in Hyderabad? This, this is my favourite song. Brother-in-law? No! This will happen,
I should do something. Sign here! you work will be done. Hey! come here, have you seen this girl?
– Are you mad? My father’s followers,
let us go. Go and search there. Have you seen this girl? Go away! Stupid. Chii! your work is started now,
give me that pen and pad. Make it signed by the officer. Will you come in 10 minutes?
– He will come in 5 minutes. Okay! I don’t understand their
confidence on me. Have you seen this girl? Where is the picture dude? Where is the picture dude? I don’t know… Turn around. Where is it? Turn around the photograph. That is why everyone is scolding us. Where do you belong to? Kadapa… We came to know
our madam has come here. Have you seen our madam? What your relationship with her,
Brother? No Uncle? No So, there is no relationship. right? There is no relationship. If so, I don’t tell you,
even if I come to know. Seems like he know,
come on guys… If you want to fight with me,
you should know about me… My name is Abhi, I will be
here 24 hours in this adda. The matter is I don’t know
how to fight. But, one whom I beat, they will
praise that I fight superb! At least I should know, I can
fight or not. Let us start. He will get a new headache,
every week, and don’t listen to me. Don’t you people know
how to fight or what? How dare you touch my car? Did you see how I missed out?
I don’t know how to fight dude. How many times do I need to tell you?
don’t stand beside me. Wait! the phone is ringing, right? You wait on the call. You too take a break,
Will you have soft drinks? Seenu, Give soft drinks to all
of them in my account. Okay bro! We had lot of knocks,
due to lack of weapons. Who the hell is he, knocked like
that, why he is offered soft drinks? We can’t beat him. This is our prestige, we should
knock him down. Hello! This is priya sir! Can I
talk to you for 2 minutes. I don’t want any promotional call.
Please disconnect the call. That’s not the matter,
Hello, Hello… I want to give you money,
not for taking money from you. So, you called the correct person. I am busy right now… meet me at the chocolate room,
in the evening, let’s discuss there. Bye! This is the sketch, dude! The sketch
designed by me never missed out. This is very good sketch,
Can you hit me in this position? Sure, we’ll hit. Ok, take your positions. Super! Why aren’t you here any position? I got retire, as I have an injury. You are a clever guy!
you escaped! Go and rest then. Okay brother! Shall we start? Brother! You are not in that mark! Come here!
– I am coming sir! Are you guys in the mark? Where am I?
– What is the matter? I am bleeding sir!
– Bleeding! you also retired, then. Go and send him back. He is calling you sir! Stupid! Do you know why I sketched?
To escape from him. We can’t bare him. Our brother
is in Hyderabad. Let’s call him here. Hey! Who arranged, for my daughter’s
marriage? My father came! Hide! We will leave… Where the hell is he? It seems he is our madam’s friend, he is arranging everything
for their marriage. Why are you spoiling my image? Don’t believe his words, uncle!
Let’s go and discuss aside. He is a very dangerous man dude!! Don’t doubt! Let us go. What is he? Why he shut the door?
Will he hit our brother also… Tell me what is the matter? Just now, your daughter has
filled the form uncle! I was thinking to come to you,
all this happened before that. Don’t mind for that…
shall we discuss the deal now? You are different boy! What has he done? They are discussing happily… He might have done a magic… Brother, you should come to lunch
this Sunday. Okay! I will come. You people come here. You don’t panic, I will take care
of everything. I spoke to your father,
you can go to your home happily. Come dear! Have I opposed your
liking till now? You can go, It’s okay! Let us go! Brother! You are not normal person. Hello! Why you look like that,
go and know about the wedding date. If your time is good,
you will get married. Abhi!! Don’t be worried, go now! Aye, Abhi!! What you told him,
he went like that. I told our position
that we don’t have money. I asked him to make this marriage and
help for our business. This marriage is going to be done,
we will get 5000/- for that. You touched us here dude, I will wash your legs,
without charge. I will keep your photo, beside
the God. I will take your photo tomorrow. One friend is enough like you dude,
keep this watch! Let us see the work… I become late! the customer
might be waiting for me. Don’t you see! Are you blind? Sorry! I did not see… Why are you saying sorry?
you hit me wantedly. Why would I hit you wantedly? You planned cheap tricks,
because you can not touch girl like
me in your entire life. Are you not imagining too much? Why are you arguing with me?
You don’t know my background? I can make you killed with a call. You are having much head weight. If I go mad, I will see that,
you don’t have boyfriend forever. What the hell you can do? I told you sorry, right?
you are not listening… I will make you killed.
– Stop it! I don’t have time to waste,
like you. I am not that kind. I have work, lift is on that side. I guess, the customer is not
this mad girl! I hope he is not the one! God! see that her phone don’t ring… Are you Priya? ya! Come on! Let us discuss. You don’t look like you have problem, I see that you are one creates… Problem is not mine,
it’s my sister’s. She fell in love recently.
– Okay! Somehow you should break her love. Not that… I will give you a week’s time. I will give you 75000
as your charges. Deal Okay! Let me…
– I know, you charge 50000, I have a
habit of giving tips who work for me. Hello Miss! I don’t like formalities, don’t
thank me for this. Start working. Can you Stop! I don’t do it. Why? Don’t you like the price? I didn’t like you. You are proud, that no one can
bare. It is good for a girl like you
should go through the tension. Maintain it! Pay the bill, bye! Hello! Do you feel what you are doing
great job? I can break my sister’s love by
myself. All the best! Start working on it. Go away man! How can I convince her? Sister!
Is that your project work? No dear! It’s my life work. Life work?? Where should I keep it in
father’s room. Below the pillow… What is it? No, not here! Let me see it once. Father forgive me, I love
someone else, I am leaving with him. What dear!
Are you running away with him. Yes!
– Have you gone mad! They don’t agree for my love. I know I can’t convince them,
so, I am doing like this. If you do so, father will not let
you in forever. Don’t be tensed dear! He likes me
more than you, right? He can’t stay distant from me
for long time. He will call me
in 10 days after this. You can do as you like because,
he likes you. Stop planning stupidly. Give me week days time. I will convince dad and brother-in-law
and I will see that you married to him. Is that okay! Trust me dear! Promise! Okay! If you don’t do it in weekdays, I will elope by keeping this letter. I don’t have any other choice
than him, where are you man? Excuse me! I don’t accept your deal,
don’t disturb me. Girls are out spoken,
you should understand!! How proudly you spoke yesterday?
Now you are trying to convince me… It is my need sir! What a clarity you have? You can’t convince me
by changing your body language. Give me way! You! Abhi sir! Hey what are you doing here? Are you here, I am searching
you everywhere. I am in very personal work,
don’t you see. Wait outside. I don’t have time to wait sir! If you start the work, I will tell you.
– Hey! Please sir! Try and understand! Don’t you leave me…? If I want to do a work,
I don’t leave it until finished. You are like, want to finish me,
not the work. What should I do, that you don’t
follow me. You should break my sister’s love. It is better to do than to
bare your torture. But I will charge one lakh! From
now you should see my maintenance. Okay! There are some rules, you should
follow even if you don’t like. Ok! You are blocked, I will show you
the hell in live. Rule 1… You should follow whatever
I say. You should not use your brain. I won’t! You don’t have brain anyway! It’s your time! Rule 2… You should tell me the truth,
for whatever the information I ask. You should not question me…
– Whatever you say! What’s your opinion on me? You are a good person! You are
helping everyone! You are not following the rules,
let me leave. I will tell the truth now, You are trying to be over smart. I will try, you should not. What is the rule 3, sir? I don’t tell you, these are enough
for now. If you give money, we start working. Here is the advance… Don’t be tensed, I need to observe
them first. I will take care of the rest,
you just follow me. God! My sister’s love should
break successfully. The couple are looking good, right? Even though, you should break them. Otherwise they will be killed. Will there be that much violence? Then, I will concentrate about it. Give it to me. They went away, Let us go. That joke was so nice… Sister? You go to sleep dear. Awesome! Get up! and Don’t you sleep?? Come on now!
Please stop it dear We are running short of
time for movie, make it fast… Flat tire Sudhir? Do something,
we are getting late! Hey!
– Yes! They will come to this restaurant,
everyday after the work. I can’t hear what they are talking,
Do you know? Let us hear! How? Give me your mobile. I will tell you. My phone? Take it. I will lead the team for the
next project. Wow! That’s great… Hey! Wake up. Is all lover’s conversation is,
this much boring? They will enjoy, for the rest
it will be boring. You observe on them, I will finish
eating till then. We will hear their conversation. Ok, take up the mobile. Not mine, you’re mobile… Ah! Ayy! Sorry! It will not work with sorry! That is a costly phone. Give me the money! Sir! The bill? Brother! Will you be ashamed?
If girls pay the bill? No sir!
– Then, give this to her. give this to her. Madam? Why was your face like that?
When you are paying the bill? Our valet’s are very small. Why you people don’t open,
even if you carry big hand bags. In the society you people tune up
like only boys should pay the bills. Do you have a girl friend? How come I will have,
I don’t pay bill, I don’t try to impress the girls. I know only to break up the lovers. Will you be bachelor,
throughout the life? What’s wrong in it? You were with me for these many days,
Did I impress you in any manner? No! I am not impressed. You don’t! Because I don’t know how
to impress girls. Some lives are wasted like this. You are worse than my situation. No guy will impress at you either. Why! What is wrong in me? It’s not enough to be beautiful,
and good physique. Girls should have some innocence.
little bit shy. little bit soft nature… Not required for me! I am rich? If you are rich, you can buy a
costly pet dog. But even for that you required to
show some love. You can’t do that anyway. It is true! My sister, she is not coming to
shopping as she got headache. If your time is not good,
not one can do something for you. I did not able to use the idea,
let me use of yours. Give me 100 bucks for my petrol. Why are you giving me 1000? I want to use of you!
come with me. Where to go? Have some work. Why you bought me into
trial room? 10 days left for my beauty contest
in the college. Even gents are coming to judge there! I am not able to get their taste. What should I do for that now? I will show my dresses one after
the other, tell me what you liked. Oh! No one should win this competition
other than me. Oho! You gave me money to
show yourself. Show me then. Ok! What are these extra services for? How is this dress? It’s good. I will try another one now. Ok! Abhi!!! How is this dress looking? Even this is good. I will try one more? How is this dress then? Fan…! It’s…! Very…! If you are not able to talk,
I got the marks. I will fix for this. What am I dreaming about? I should be in control
with customers. It’s better if I
concentrate on my work. Where are you? She has this shades also? Priya! What is this for all about? Don’t you see! I am serving them,
you serve from now. Madam! Rice?
– Yes. Pour some sambar dude. I don’t know why I am serving,
did you people know it? It’s her mother’s death anniversary,
she will serve food this day every year. Are you surprised watching me today, I miss my mother very much Abhi! I guess,
I will not be quite any time, There was a problem, when I born… The doctor’s told, my mother would
if I need to be saved. My father wanted my mother should live,
my mother did not accepted for that. Everybody cry when they born, but my whole family cried
along with me when I born. I don’t even know my mother, I am not my mother’s baby, amul baby. Hey, Dhanraj! It’s not good to have liqour
every time, with someone’s expenses. Yes dude! We also do someone’s marriage,
to earn money. Jessie! Jessie! What have I done now! I am not liked all these karthik!
I will leave now. My father doesn’t accept at all! Jessie, just wait! Why I chose you, when there are plenty
of girls in the world. That’s what I am thinking, why should I wait for you
when I have plenty of boys around me. I will not wait! I am leaving now. Jessie! Jessie… Man, this is a love problem,
let’s work on this. Hello! Hi! What magic you have done! My uncle did the entire things sir! What he did? He is not agreeing for marriage. The girl? She says ok once, no in another time. She says to elope, if I come,
she says you are late. If you give 5000/-, I will settle
your marriage with her. I will give you 50000/- I will settle in 5 minutes,
show me where their house is. Let us go! Give me a minute here!
This is the one I guess. I am confused about 7/G or 7/C? This is the number who leaves
the boys in the half. This number is famous
in total Andhra! What you told is right dude!
I love you. Karthik! What’s your uncle’s name? Sudhakar.
– Oh Sudhakar… Sudhkar! Is sudhakar there at home? You be here, I am going in,
I will deal with him. If required I will beg him,
Otherwise I will warn him. Did you have me? Leave me, I am talking here. Right? Somehow I will convince him,
you guys don’t worry. I don’t want to discuss anymore. Listen to me once… No discussions! Sudhakar… You come inside… I am back! Is he a gay? Hey! I don’t know
how to paly cricket. I know how to play it. It is not required for an audience to
know how to play cricket. I am not gay! But I am… Don’t you have brothers…? You need my brother,
Can’t you adjust with me? Ayyo! Sudhakar? All this happened because of you.
– Why I sent him in… Sudhakar! Sudhakar? Are, it seems 7/C,
we are searching for. Don’t you tell it earlier? What happened inside? He was a gay! If I were there some more
time it would have happened. What happened exactly? What I told, Sudhakar! Sudhakar!
Sudhakar! Sudhakar! He came once again… This is the spot today Your sister
meeting him. If the heart symbol is there, these people come this
much distance every day. They say Love is madness, right? This is a visual for that. Leave that matter! I need to
tell something to you. They planned for kissing for
the first time here. Is it so? Then, why are we here?
Let us go from here. We come here to stop them some how,
not to give them privacy. They have come! Let’s go from here.
– Let’s go and hide… This was designed by a lover, that’s why
it is called lover’s spot. Wow! This is so good in heart shape. It’s not good. They are getting ready for kissing. Be quite! I’ll do something. Hello! Where are running from me? Who is this? This is me, Sivamani,
the CI for Monda market area. I am little bit mad! What? What mistake I have done sir? Are you Sundar? No sir! I am Sudheer. Wrong number! Oh! Why are standing like that?
– What should I do now? What next? Come on Abhi! Come on! Why are you coming upon me?
What you want to do? Don’t hug me that tightly?
I am not able to breathe… Someone will watch us,
please listen to my words. Don’t bite on my neck. please!
Are! ahhh! Someone is here? Hey! If you do like this,
I can’t stop myself. It is not private place!
Let us leave from here. Hey you! They kissed any way! See, they left there. You don’t know how much I tensed,
I have only one day left now. There will be so many issues,
if we are not able to separate them. I don’t like you, being tensed… I will separate them some how!
Your tension will be gone tomorrow. It’s confirmed! Let me get my bike… This bloody fellow loves
my sister… Let us go!
– Where the hell you can go? Who are you? Don’t you understand? Is there anyone
being like me… Why is your chain out,
push it in. I am the head of this village. You came here all
the way to say this? Don’t play jokes!
We might break your bones. The bigger stone become very small,
all because of people like you. I will see your end! You people are coming
from city without having wok for doing non sense here. You have changed our
village name it seems, what is it called lovers
hot or spot… what? Sir, you are mistaken.
We are not lovers? You people are coming even though,
you are not lovers? People like you should be ashamed. I have an idea to teach a lesson,
for all who come here like this. Will he take up the sword? No! He will take up gun. I got the precious “Thali”. You people should get married,
then only you will get sense. Don’t do any mess up here? Do you know who am I? I am daughter to shaker Patel,
sister-in-law to Deva. Deva? I heard this name some where… He is the one who occupied your
2 acres in Manikonda brother! I am looking for him…
I don’t leave you now. Stupid! Why you told them,
about your background? Do you feel you people belong
to great Anna hajare group? It is mafia background. You people have more enemies. There is only one solution now,
we should marry. You? Don’t look serious about me now. Brother! You are looking like
a good man. Then, why are you treating marriage, as the punishment to lovers? Are you failed in married life? Hey, hold it. You are right! Seems, you are clever!
I failed twice not once. 2 times, how? Hey! Keep some distance with us.
Go away! The first wife went away in
an year time. This is failure! Then, the second? I married again! Did she went away too? That would have been better! She is torturing me every day,
being with me. Now, I come to know why you
want to see others married. We are not lovers, not even
friends too, as you thought. Then, why the hell are you
here? Brother! I promise on you! Brother! I liked you very much. Prove me that you two are not
lovers to me. What ever you do? This one chance is enough bro! Priya! This is the plan,
just follow that. Brother! Hey what are you talking about!
– what the hell are you speaking? Why the hell you are giving
build up to me? Who the hell do you think? Ahhhh! Brother! If we are lovers,
we don’t scold each other like this. Do you believe now that,
we are not lovers? Let me go. Silly brother! My wife and I
scold each other daily… Do you think we don’t love
each other then! The scolding, even beating each
other, have more love between them. Is this also a love? Brother! You can’t escape from
marriage now… Brother, Brother! Give me just
one more chance. OK, go. Priya! I should tell you
What my feelings are… We met each other just a while ago,
but I will remember this for life time. I need these memories, happiness,
through out my life. You are in my every breath and
every heart beat, Priya! I feel like, I took birth only
for your love! When I see you, I feel like a wonder
that can happen only in my dreams. You are my Godess Priya! I will not
leave your hand until death… Can you give me, just one chance? He is acting very cute! Don’t believe
all that! No one will have that much love,
in the entire world. We have plenty of examples like
Laila-Mujnu, Saleem-Anarkali… Don’t you know what happened to
all of them? Do take care! Go to your home
safely… Hey! There are some one else,
behind that stone. Let us go and see them! Let us go from here… Just stop here! Stop! Why you asked to stop here? I need to spend some more
time with you today. In the pub? Its okay then!
We should have good time. Sorry sir! Today is hip-hop night,
we don’t allow with this dress. What wrong with this dress? Ahh! Chill, Chill! Any fresco here? Yes madam! Okay! We both need it. You can take it inside. Do we take the dress inside? Why they kept uniform for
pub, like in the school? They are charging too much like
2000/- per hour for the dresses… They are robbering from rich
people like you… I don’t have habit of
taking drinks? It is not for you,
for me. I ordered more as
You are going to pay the bill. I will have the drinks,
you enjoy the music. Cheers! What happened? I can’t express how much happy
I am today. I feel something new… New! What do you mean? I think you did not get,
let me explain. I feel very kick today. You will feel more kick,
if you have this drink. Is it so? Slowly…. what is there in this? Wait for 10 minutes,
you will get to know… Boss! Get me 4 more
shots… Where she gone? Hey! Stop the bike dear… Where are you going?
Come let’s not stop here.. I should tell something
about love to you. The you will feel the
thrill in your life… I don’t want to come.
– Will you come or not? Go away! I won’t come. It is not good for you,
If some one watches you like this. Let us go from here! Stop! Hey! Why are you going alone? Where is your girl friend? Will you become my girl friend,
for today? What you charge for one day? How dare you? Go away from here. We don’t need publicity for love. The younger generation is in
the same feeling… You don’t know man… for love… You!! Let’s go from here… Priya? I am sorry! I can understand!
You have changed a lot, Abhi! Why? What you understood? You paid the bill in the pub. Oh! Thanks Abhi! I don’t forget
this day in my life. Good night! Good night! Go man! Hey! Go! Is it to symphony resorts, it is
so far… I don’t come. My sister is so happy, why Should
they are separated? We should not separate…
I should call Abhi for this… Where is my phone…? What is the time now? It’s 11’o clock madam. Where is my sister? She went out long back…
– Oh God! They came to resort already,
how many times do I call you? Abhi! I should tell you something… You take rest after I break their
love. Ok Bye! Come on Abhi, pick up the call? Reception counter?? I will pay for it… Please, please… I will pay!
– Please, please … let me pay! You just don’t speak of paying… Pooja! I don’t know how this
is in my valet… What you think of me, Sudheer?
– Not that Poojaa…. Do you think my character is bad,
as I kissed you earlier? Do you think, you can do anything
with me? You thought very cheap about me… Pooja, I don’t know about it,
trust me! Sir! Greetings, you don’t need to buy tickets
who booked a room here sir! You have called me 100 times from
yesterday enquiring about rides here. Are you talking about me? The girl is so nice! There will not be any
disturbance like that. Don’t be afraid,
enjoy your time here. You don’t know about
the enquiries too, right? Pooja! I am not able to understand
what’s happening? I will be mad, in front of every one,
if I trust you now. I did not do any mistake Pooja! How this come to valet….
– It’s my blunder to love you. I should take up this lesson. Pooja! Pooja! Pooja! Listen to me! Pooja, Please please…Pooja! This plan worked! Hey Priya! I separated them,
it’s a success! Heyyy! God! What a blunder you did Abhi? Don’t you think at least once,
break up in love pain them. What?
– Don’t you have heart? What are you saying,
you told me to do so, right? Hey! I am an amul baby,
I don’t know anything about love. What happened to you, you are earning
by making these kind of work… You are not a human being,
you are a statue… I am becoming hatred about you now. Don’t speak much as I am keeping
my self quite? When you finished what you delt,
am I looking like a fool… You are not acting to save
the balance… right? I don’t act, you are the one
who can do that. Yesterday, you acted before them. you are acting for break up
lovers here. You will be playing these acts,
throughout your life. You are crossing your limits. Pay my balance 20000/- and
go away from here! You are not realising that
you have done a mistake… Take this! My debit card! Priya! You did not told the
pin number for this… You don’t change! Sister! We broke up dear! You wanted to see us,
getting married… You don’t need to struggle
for that now. I failed in my love life.
This is my fate! I want to tell you something! Please leave me alone for sometime. Dear Priya! Why you slept here? Father! This letter was in my room. I didn’t find my reading glasses,
have you found any where? No father! You read it, what is in it? Sister went away keeping letter! Father! Please sit down! Father
please sit down! I told you to read it, right? Nothing father! Please sit down,
I will tell you. One minute! I will come…
– What is she doing madly…. Sister you have done a good job! I would have a guilty feeling,
for the rest of my life! Happy married life dear! I will manage here, by saying
something. Sister! One more thing, Outside,
there’s an idiot called Abhi. Don’t be caught by that idiot. She kept a letter, denying my
words. She love some one else it seems?
She went away man! Hey! Let us go and search for her. Stop guys! Don’t search for her anymore! She is dead with respect to me,
When she went out without saying. I gave you a word that, I will see
my daughter getting married to you! I don’t give up that word son-in-law! Dear Priya! Do you love some one? No father! I don’t love any one. If so, you should marry
your brother-in-law, in the same time that
was for your sister. It’s your wish father! Hello! Sister? How are you? I got married, and I am very happy! Coffee! Where are you now? In Bangalore! How is father? He is fine! He fixed my marriage with
brother-in-law, as you run away… You were telling me that one,
who, marry brother-in-law is lucky. So, you are lucky now! I want to talk to father,
Can you give it to him? Father, call for you. I am sorry if I hurted you! Take your tablets timely! Don’t have the drinks too much,
because I did like this. Keep the call! Take it! Why you want to disconnect,
only after listening everything. Abhi? Abhi? Hey! Where are you man? That girl told Swathi 10 times,
why you have written it Priya? You are changed now, behaving
newly. We are not getting you! Even I am not understood,
this girl did something to me. Is it a girl? I should get clarity from her!
You be on this work… We don’t understand… the girl,
and the clarity… Abhi?? Hey, what happened? My father follower’s chased us,
when we are coming here! Srikanth Call Srikanth, first. Hello! This is me dear, your father! It seems, You people ran,
and made our people to run! I guess he is week in running,
he is with me now and safe! If you come back, without any
mess over there, then… I will leave him, otherwise
you know liquor Naryana good! I will kill him, for my prestige! Come soon dear, we will have lunch.
I am hungry too! I will die, if I don’t marry
Srikanth, my father may change then! Don’t be foolish! You want to marry with him…right?
I will do it. Are you Sravanthi! It’s getting late for marriage.
sir is calling you guys! The marriage will happen,
after an hour, Wait till then! Ask him to wait too! Why are you tensed, uncle? If you have done your job, this
would have not be there… right? I got to know one thing uncle. The problem is not
about your daughter’s love, It’s ego that she is
not listening your word. She has an ego that you are not
understanding them, how much she convey! When compare, their ego is
very strong uncle. They are youth right? They can do
anything for their success in love. If you kill him for prestige, for love
your daughter is ready die there. You will have only pain…then,
the problem will not be solved. Let us think in different way, uncle you will have a
solution for every problem. You too have a one, that is
these two people’s marriage. Why are you taking up his side? Can he give the luxury life
to my daughter like me? Can you guarantee about she can
enjoy the life I can provide her. Can he give 25000/- for her,
to spend every month? Why don’t you speak out? I can’t guarantee about it, but She
can be happy for rest of her life. This I can guarantee about it. Sorry uncle! I lost your deal! Srikanth! No one can stop you,
let us go! One minute Abhi! Leave him! Make the arrangements good!
I will also witness their marriage. Change should be there uncle! Love change everyone,
it has that power. Let us go! It is getting late. You should also start uncle! Hi Priya! I need to talk
to you something. The deal between us is over!
Don’t disturb me anymore. You are disturbing, not me! What? You don’t understand…right? I went to a movie yesterday. It seems the comedy was nice,
everyone was laughing except me. All the time I was thinking
about you! If Priya was here, she might
have enjoyed it. I lost the entertainment
in my life. Cha! You don’t let me sleep,
not letting me to work. I am thinking of you,
where ever I go! My friends saw all these, and
fixed that I am in love with you. Aha! Can I tell you
about my feelings you? I hate you! Don’t follow me! No one will follow you, after this! It’s your bad luck, I don’t have shy. Go girl! Where can you go? I will follow like hutch dog,
being mad on you! Do you know, why I called you here? Everything should be settled
today and now. Don’t shy! Say that I love you! Do you think all this is love,
you don’t know all these… You know only how to break up
the lovers. Then, do you feel there is no chance
that these feelings can be love? Not for you! You are feeling like missing me
for spending time for just 7 days. You named it like love. You are attracted to me, that’s all. You just want to enjoy with me,
as I look beautiful. How do I look like? Do you think
I am that cheap? I tempted for your beauty!
Is if not love? I asked you money for petrol,
because that was your work. Do you take me negative for that?
How can you say that? The truth will be like that. If I beat you?? I don’t even want to beat you. The feelings inside are stopping me. Let’s do this! You are thinking, I tempted for you. I am thinking it might be love. The confusion started. It’s okay! Let us find clearly
who is correct among us. Do what ever you want to,
Good-bye! Don’t hesitate, I am not asking
you to love me! Hello! Let me confirm, Whether
I am in love with you or not. If it is not love, we may
go on our way… We can live happily! If it is love, then
I don’t leave you. Because, I don’t want you to
miss great lover like me. Take rest for today!
We will start from tomorrow! I will kick first! I will!
I will! Dude! Let’s have a drink today,
it’s been long time… We can find someone let’s go! Brother! This fellow?? Brother!! What is the matter Karthik,
Why have come now? Please settle my love matter
bro! I will give you one lakh. One lakh!!! Don’t tempt dude! Don’t be!
Listen to my words… We can go to bar with one lakh, how
many times we want. you know that. This time, not her father,
I will elope her for you! Thanks! Ask our friend to come in auto
immediately! Where she will be at this time? She will be singing songs
in the terrace , brother. Music has started for her. I will go and get her, Hey! press the button. Love, I am safe here,
Are you fine there! First, you there
after that I am here! That’s why I fallen,
when you sung… Wah! Haa! You are not ordinary girl. You made to drunken Ramesh,
out of Ramesh… One should be in drink,
if he want to talk to you. He is falling in and out,
not knowing, you fallen here for him. He is thinking, that you are
enjoying music over here. You started plenty of things,
over here! Hey! Go away man! Do you fix atleast to him,
or dump him also, sister? I will complain this to
your father. It should be a big news,
without any meaning. Come with me dude!
I will cut you into half… Jessie! Help me Jessie! Brother, leave me brother! You come with me dear!
– Please brother, leave me! This is what you want to say? Its okay then! Brother! Bro! She doesn’t suit you!
She suits only him. What is this bro? I asked
you to support me. Why you saying that, I
should leave her to him. He is not like you, have
very good procedure. From the 5th floor to here,
he convinced me. Don’t you think he can
convince you? I don’t know all these bro?
You only talk to him! Why should I be convince,
I don’t know all these. Then, you should go in… Why should I go in?
Leave me! Leave me! Do it smoothly, I bared it as I had
drink. He is somewhat innocent. What happened inside actually? There were no words, no discussions? What you got from this? Abhi can only do marriages in Adda, you should take video,
I should wash legs! You should only take
me to the hospital! Okay! You have to pay the bill,
did you bring the auto? At last, auto became useful
to you. Slowly dear! I am tensed about, at least
this marriage will happen or not. Where is Ranga, I didn’t see
him for a little while? Why are you like that, we should be happy about,
what happened to brother! Listen…bro!
– Take it, take it know! Sir! Have this sweet… What is this? He has bitten me! Hey! I am so much tensed here,
Why the hell are you offering sweets? Oh! He got another tension it seems. You are mistaken sir! Do you know? Why I offered sweets to all of them? You are going to marry madam Priya.
That’s why… I want the power of Shankar Patel’s,
not her daughter. If she falls in love with any one,
I will kill all of you. If you speak much
about madam Priya… Do you know what she talks about you? My brother-in-law, is like hero Nagarjuna in shiva,
like Mahesh in Pokiri! Yes sir! They all understood! Why don’t
you can undertand her? What? What are you saying…
– Then what? Madam Priya is
in love with you deeply. Why haven’t I felt it
till now? That’s why she sent her sister
out, to marry you. I feel better when you are saying,
but, I feel tensed inside. I am not the kick required,
even after having so much drink. I know with what you feel better.
That’s why I called her. She is milk diary, go inside. I managed him,
saying something buddy! Hello Abhi! I am Priya’s friend. Tell me… Do you know she is getting married
with her brother-in-law? Don’t disturb her any more, bye. I spoke to Abhi dear! Don’t worry!
He will not come from now. Are you people in touch? Just in phone. That’s why, don’t entertain him.
Cut down his friendship. Okay! I will try. Hi Priya! He came! Your college canteen is good dear! Are you free in the evening between?
6 to 9. Yes, we are free, why you
want to know about it? Movie program is confirmed.
I bought the tickets for us. Do you see dear? He is saying
to watch a movie with him. He wants to take some advantage,
by sitting beside me. He is calling it as love. Hello! Till I don’t confirm
my love, I don’t do rubbish. Why you bought the tickets then? You go with your fiancée… If I go? If you go to movie, with some one
else, I will be jealous. I start thinking negative
about you. If it happens, then I will confirm
that my feelings are not love. You don’t want to go with him,
or you don’t what marry him. I am going to movie. What is this, she is doing
what ever I say… All because of following,
I am getting everything. Bye Priya! Bye Pinky! Bye! You have given me a chance
to avoid you! I will give you a shock to you! I got a joker! Ranga! Come here! He got a doubt again! Sir! You sit so stylish! What’s the matter sir? Tell me the truth! About what sir? About Priya’s love? Chi! Chi! She is not
loving any stupid. Oh God? You told that day,
that she love me… I told about any one else,
not you sir! Promise! Why don’t she even at least once,
and ask her to take to a movie? Why don’t she enquires about
I had food or not? Priya is calling? Hello! Brother-in-law!
– Hello Priya? Shall we go for a
movie in the evening! Hello Priya, seems signal is breaking,
let me come out of this place. What’s the matter Priya? We are going to movie today! Your wish Priya! I will get ready!
– All the best sir! Seems, this dirty fellow
will get married this time. What did you said? Nothing sir! Your love
is in the track now. Sorry! It’s okay! He might be in the movie,
as he has given me tickets. Where is he? I will show you a movie now! Brother-in-law, look
how good is that. Plan 2, Priay! It’s good to see you
doing some over action. Do you know one who watches
you both like that will think? They will be angry, jealous,
even he doubt about you both. I didn’t felt any thing negative
about you. You both can be this much friendly,
as you were close from childhood. I don’t doubt about you,
when I see with others. Why I trust you this much? Only a lover can be this much
positive about a girl. Do I love you? We have an alternative,
why should we think it’s love. If you find your friend’s sister
like me, what you feel about her? I don’t doubt her, I feel
positive on her too. Why do you think, you love me now? So,
– The show started, bye! you come like this… Sir! Sir! Need to tell you
something. I will tell you! Do you have any sense sir? You should secure, madam Priya
till your marriage. That’s what I am doing right? We went to movie yesterday!
– You went! You went with her
sister also! What happened, She showed a movie
and she eloped with her lover! I bought this because,
it should not repeat it to you. What is this? It’s madam Priya’s call history. What you with it? I will call the people,
who called her maximum times. If there are any boy friend for her,
We will beat him red and blue! Where is he?
– Hey! Sir! Good idea dear! Don’t praise me sir!
I feel shy! Let us call these numbers! Some one called 3 to 4 times daily. Dial that number… Hello! What Hello! Why are you calling,
our Priya these many times? If I come to know, you called her
again, I will break your legs. Who the hell are you? Who are you to
say me not to call my daughter? Who is that? Your uncle Shankar Patel.. Hey! Sir! Sir… Is that you want me help me
or to spoil my marriage.. I called him unknowingly, sir. Sir! You got a call! Hello! Son-in-law, someone warned me
over a call. I am sending that number, within 2 days he should be in front of me! Okay Uncle! Within 2 days find is there any
boy friend to her. Otherwise you will be given to
my uncle! You be cool sir! Don’t be tensed!
I will see that matter! Be on that work. First page is over! The balance is going to be finished, we need to ask, sir money for it. There is a number in the second page, he is talking to her hours together. Is it, tell me the number. 9849098285. This seems to be gent’s one! Hello! Hey! Do you know madam Priya? She also knows me,
Who are you? What is the need for you to
talk to her hours together? Hey! No one has a right to ask
a boy, not to talk to a girl. Don’t you want to live? Don’t warn the youth, buddy. If our ego hurted, then we will
be on the same, leaving all other. Hey! Priya is calling me,
call me once in an hour to warn me. Who is he,
asking me to warn every hour. Don’t call bro!
We will give missed call. When he calls back, we will warn him. That’s a nice idea! Sir? He is here buddy!
Sir What? Someone is following madam Priya! Hey! Who the hell is he? We didn’t met him, just talk to him
over the phone. But, he will definitely
make her love. We came to know by
listening his words. Call him continuous! Get some clue and kill him. How is this idea to avoid Abhi? This idea is very good. It will work for me this time. See he came… Hi Priya! You called and said
that you will give me gift. I like this change in you. I am ready to take your gift. Even I am ready to get rid of you. Where is the gift? What is this dog for? Take this! This is your gift. Don’t you know, I don’t like dogs? That’s why we are gifting it to you. This weighs over 8 kilos,
keep it with you. If I do so? I will check the weight after a week, if it weighs less,
your’s is not love. How come you confirm that? If you can’t take care of a dog, how can you think about a girl? You become very intelligent, while you are spending time with me. Then, this dog decides about my love? What are you looking at? This is also a female, it’s difficult.
But I will take up this challenge. I will show it to life, even
human beings jealous about it. Give it to me! You weigh too much? Why are you biting my hand? I trained it by showing his photo. Please co-operate with me! You said, some love is required
even for a pet dog right? Make it your pet, then we will see. We came home, just relax now. Don’t you sit in one place,
why are you shouting at me? We should become friends soon.
Drink some milk… Oh! It’s burning…
you are torturing me… I will make you eat biryani tomorrow,
let’s sleep for some time! I don’t understand what you required? What happened, why you stopped here? Watch out your gift on the road. When you want leave it in middle,
why you said big words? What are you talking about? I got a clarity that your
feeling is not love! Within 3 days, it reduced it’s weight,
have you kept some food to it or not? Who the hell is he? He?
– You gave me a female dog! It’s a male dear! Where is the dog I gave you?
– Hey! Don’t call it dog,
it will feel! I am calling it as Priya! Priya! Just now, I washed it. After having food with my hands,
it is sleeping like a baby. You always want to blame me! You people might be disappointed,
Will you have coffee? Wait. Cha! It’s life is very good Plan next
give me as a gift, I will enjoy! Let’s go! That’s phone is Priya’s!
She might forget here! Why she rejected the call? Function hall is also okay. Priya! Your phone is ringing
Continuously, see who is that? Take it. You have phone not to reject calls,
but to speak. You might have killed, if my
brother-in-law attended the call! He might have rejected the call,
seeing my name? For a safer side, I saved your number
with the name customer care! That saved your life dear! You don’t express, but you
have soft corner on me… Tell me why you called me? Come to marriage registration office
immediately, we don’t have time. Don’t play cheap tricks!
I don’t come. Oho! You thought our marriage,
we have lot of time for that! If you don’t come, here a love
marriage will be stopped! The marriage will stop,
because of me! What are you saying? If you come, I will tell you.
Bye..! God… By the tension he keeps,
one can become slim without gym. Hi Priya! You came earlier than I thought! Looking at your excitement,
it seems your concentration on love increased. You said marriage is stopped because
of me, why you called me here? To complete that couple’s marriage. Are they your friends? No! Do they know me? They don’t! Who are they then? They are my customers. Customers? Let me explain. What you know me,
is different from this part of world. This is my Adda! I perform
marriages over here. I will show you that in live today! Hey! Is everything is ready? Everything is fine, you are late. She is my friend. Greetings! Priya! Priya! Is she the one you proving
yourself? You have a good timing dude! Let us go! Stop here! Firstly, your brother-in-law,
washes your legs. Let’s do it brother-in-law! Give me! Thank you sir! You should give money to
brother-in-law. Take this! Why you gave 500/- give me 1000/- We spoke about 500/-, now
he is asking 1000/- Why are you involving me, you both
should discuss about it. Is he asked 1000/-, then give it.
– I don’t give. Don’t you give? He don’t even spend, sister
let’s go find another one to marry? Chari?
– Mary? Hey! What’s wrong
with our bridegroom? You ask 1000/- because his head. We don’t want this marriage,
let us go buddy. Who is he sir? He’s from your side. Son-in-law, I will deal everything,
you keep quite. Mary, Is it okay! Give him Chari! Otherwise I will find another one. I am giving it to you…right?
Take it! Brother-in-law! Sister! I like
Him very much. Even your selection is good buddy! Go brother! What is next sir?
– Next program is inside. Stop here! We are doing this in two formats. Chari! Mary! You both start now… (The holy words) Father, people should
listen my mantras! You study it silence. The prayer should
be heared by everyone! You reduce your voice. Stop! They are happy, why you both
fight in every marriage. I will reduce your payment by 100/-
if you go on like this. You understood right? Now you start! Greetings, sir! Greetings! Uncle? Do the witness signatures… Sign her dude. For this signature
I will charge 250/- Do you know why I called you here? You sign instead of a friend,
who was not able to come. Take it and sign! I am signing because,
it is love marriage. God bless you my child! Thank you, father! The marriage is over,
all of you leave form here. See there, the holy star Arundathi! I am not seen it chari! You don’t see? Hey! What happened
to that star there. It fall because of the air yesterday! Where should be the star?
Go and tie it. Mary? Don’t be worried! The arrangements
will be hit you! Already you hit me… Sir, please smile! Please smile looking at the camera!
– Don’t be, it’s not good. He don’t want me to smile Mary! Leave it Chari… It’s all set, see the star now. Next program is the
blessings from elders. Call the old man. Who will take this?
You take it son-in-law! Hey! He is the bridegroom dude? You take up this… Actually this is zooming…
this is… Give me my bottle… He is drunken sir… It’s okay! Is it okay Mary? One should take up elder’s blessing,
after marriage. Go and take! You should be very happy! Only 500/- Which brand sir?
500, son-in-law. Next is to go along with the band… Go on playing guys… We made it for fun, if you are
not convenient any where… It was so funny sir… A gift from our end, your love
should grow, as this tree grows on. It will. All the best.
– Thank you, sir! Happy married life! Did you see, mine is a small family? This registration office, my uncle,
these people… in future you! Happily family madam! See it! If it is proved mine is love, and if you agree to that, sign and come. We will marry here itself,
like this only. If it is not okay, tear it off. You don’t know me… Why are you hurry? Do you
worried about you will fall in? Not like that! I will tear it off
one day. Take it with you then, I have a confidence that
you will change one day. Let us see that too. I don’t disturb you for today,
we will meet tomorrow. Bye! Idiot! Why are you putting
black coin? we are playing for white. Enough sir! Hey! Have you found that
phone number guy? Don’t you see brother! We are
on the same work. Red coin fall! If you be like this, one day,
Priya will fall to him. Till now we were searching for him.
Just now, we came here to relax! Go and search for him. Madam! You got a parcel! It’s for your nose! For your head! For your heart… Pinky told that you are not well. I could not able to do anything,
from the moment I got to know this. I sent them because of that! You are thinking, why is he
over reacting right? Only lover can react like this
for small problems dear… Do you think I am in love with you? You will always say
an alternative right? If you have your mother, she might take care of like this,
why should I think it’s love? I hope you will fall for him one day Keep quite! I don’t fall for him. Don’t trust the boys. He is trust worthy it seems. That’s our weakness. All boy are same, if we tempt,
they will lose their track. I will make it for you. What you will do? Call him here! He will leave you,
and will be following me. I will call me dear! He is coming dear! He is getting something,
he don’t come without any concept. Hey! Are you people here, Hi! Hi! Thanks for inviting for the party. Priya! I bought it for you, What is it? I went to medical check up for you, You should know my
bad habits along with this. I will tell you only my negatives. If you are okay with that, I will introduce
my positives after that! Then, the love increases,
and there is no chance for decrease. You got the concept right? You can check it, It has all the
details along with my horoscope. You know me completely,
If we don’t match in any matter,
then we can take a decision. Let us see! Are you taking these
many for one person? Yes boss! I am new to Hyderabad! There are no friends,
to give company. Why, are we not your friends? You people,
Will you give company to me? Why not boss! Let us go to our flat then… Keep it safe buddy!
We should not waste it. You just relax,
I will touch up and come! Why is he going for touch up? He mean fresh up buddy.
Might be tired up in work. There is a notice to youth; Some gays are trapping,
innocent boys. Commissioner asked to stay in care. How come gays trap any one…? When a gay called, how come some one
go with them? Looks like a girl dude? He is the odd, guys… He is the one we met? Ahhh! What we do now?
– Why are you standing? Is it with respect? He recognised me, it seems! You three, Hi guys! Come on gays! These many? You escaped on that day,
you are the only one till now! That’s why we trapped you! No words! No discussion!
Let’s escape… Attack! Leave us! Leave us! I will hide in this cup board… What are you doing here inside? If it is outside,
society will not accept, come dear! I can’t bare, I can’t do this,
leave me! Hey! Why doesn’t the power go? We have backup in our house. Why we required power
in this time Raja? The current is a feeling! Abba! Go away! One minute, Beat me with this. You need beating! Abba! One more time! Abba! One more! What a back you got? Raja, you ware pink, I ware pink
matching-matching… Pinky pinky ponky! Your father is a donkey! If you want matching, I will give
you my shirt leave me! I don’t match you, I can’t paly
match with you… Is it so, I already told your friend,
Audience don’t need to how to play. Hey Dhanraj! I will come from down… I will go from the up… One kiss? Don’t… Kiss!
– Don’t… Don’t! Leave me! I will leave you if you put lipstick. Put lipstick to me… What are you doing? I want to put with my lips… God! The power gone, I think this
is a store room… Venu! How come dude? Like this dude… We escaped because we had good fate. We should not be tempted
for drink for ever! Show me some special
designs for marriage. Hi! Looking like very busy these days,
with your marriage preparations! I need to confirm about my love,
as soon as possible. This is not good! This won’t suit you! This one!
– This is the one! You both selected the same design. I will get it ready for you. That’s the matter! See Priya…. We too have the same taste,
same frequency, Same wave length,
don’t you think this is love? Don’t ask me like that,
you are not up to that. Don’t play jokes on me, I am
struggling to prove my love to you… Can I tell you one thing,
If our follower’s beat you once,
you will not show your face again. This idea is awesome! If you people beat me up, then,
I can confirm about my love. I think this plan should be working! You are too intelligent, Please call
your guys to beat me up…. Today it will be settled. I was just joking, you don’t know
about them, they will kill you if they come. You may said it for joke, but I am very
serious about my love matter. You call them now. I don’t! If you don’t call them, do you think?
I don’t have their number? We have been warning
each other daily! I will only call them. Abhi! You stupid, listen to me! He is not only following madam Priya,
How dare he call us here? Why these guys did not come yet? Search for him here! Okay, sir. Hey! I am here, .. How come you be late this
much after I told you the address. I am bored of waiting for you guys! Are you mad,
you called us to beat you up? Why you came here without weapons,
to beat me up… Get the rods and hockey sticks… We don’t need them to finish you. You should have that many guts! You have to make me afraid of you,
All the best for that! I am not afraid of you!
Come on guys! Come on! Brother, what we will do now? Let us escape, come on guys! Wait guys! Make me afraid of you! Cha! This plan did not work too! Where is Priya? Oh! You came back again! Do you thought we ran away, today
we will see your end. We came back with weapons! Come on guys! Come on! I told you that time only. Don’t keep the weapons simply,
use them properly. You are super fat one! You are beating up good! Ranga,
ask your sir to hike their salary. Stop it! Don’t you have brains?
Do you want to kill him or what? Go away from here! Do the blood test for him. Not required doctor! His blood group is O+,
he is not diabetic or Blood pressure. White blood cell count 10000,
red blood cell count… Are you his family doctor? No doctor, his friend… Do friend know all these information, take him in, please stay here! What madam, you said, your husband
don’t have habit of smoking and drinking. His liver and lungs got damaged
with those habits. Don’t you know even after
10 years married life? Know about me completely! I will only say about my negatives! If you like me even then,
I will show my positives! That lady don’t know anything
about her husband after 10 years. Abhi made me to know everything
about him in very few days! Abhi will come right? I too don’t know, will there
be someone who can love that much! We don’t have any doubt it!
He will never come back. First time, I feel he should come. Be seated! Don’t make me a patient okay! They sent me after I recovered, I am coming directly from hospital! You be seated! Ok! Priya! One, who beat up like that,
will think about leaving you. That he can marry some one else,
and life his life happily. Even now, I am thinking,
I need you. Am I in love with you? Is there any alternative now,
friends? For friends, I got hit so many times,
you might be my friend! Why I should think, this is love? It’s okay! I will think of it once. Brother! Go to Ameerpet! What are you searching for dear?
Is this what it is? What is it father! Your sister sent me her
recorded marriage. Come, let us watch how it done… You just start it,
I will come father! Come dear! Come! Play it dear! Let us watch it! Hey! I told you to kill him…right? You left him after you beat him up. See! How far he came now! If I trust you,
you will make me fool again! I should find a way
and show him who am I? This is Deva! Tell me! I need to meet you once! Where to meet? I will come to your Adda! Not required!
I will come to your place. Brother! He came. You should do a work for me. I can’t handle your kind of works! Not those, what you do regularly. What is it? You should break up one pair! What you will charge? Oho! You got all my details, then. It’s okay! The deal is according to the pair,
and their background. Show them to me first! You should break up these two! What you will charge? Those two make good pair,
don’t you like them? I didn’t like, I want to
see him dead… It’s tough to kill boss! I think, you don’t know about him! If he decided to do something, your voice will shiver
to talk with him. If you see him,
your heart will shake! You may end up losing your life,
when you try to oppose him. You did it correct by coming
like this boss! How come you have this bravery! My body language is like that! I behave like this, with
people like you. Leave my matter aside,
Let us discuss about the deal. You think that those two can
break up right? Considering your status, give me
5 lakhs, Let us try to break them. Take 10 lakhs, but they should
break up. If your time is good, it will
work! I thought, his feelings are
love. But he did not! He doesn’t know what love is. If he knows it, he might have
not talk the deal! I thought of cancelling my
marriage for Abhi! But he, left me aside,
for the money! I thought he has changed,
I end up with he will never change. Don’t feel about this dear! Why should I feel about this? He
should feel, it’s his mistake. I will let him know about
that pain…now Register this marriage. Priya! What is this all about? Don’t talk anything, my
marriage should happen tomorrow. What’s the matter over there? What happened suddenly? You have 3 days time
left for your marriage right? Do you feel in these 3 days I will
come to know your feelings are love. One who challenged love for 10 lakhs,
like you will never come to know. You are mistaken dear! Are you gone mad, speaking
about forgetting priya! I took the money to
confirm about my love. If I forget her for the money,
my feelings are not love. If I don’t respect the money,
I will come to know its love. How silly you people are,
to believe him. This is not the first time,
he took the money. Are you people thinking, he is
arranging marriages over here? Do you people know what he does? He is breaking up the pairs, coming over here by taking
money from their parents! Abhi! I am telling you again! Tomorrow should be my marriage,
should happen with your hands! Take the money how much every you
wanted. Hey! Tell me, what she told
about you is true about you? Promise on me, and tell the
truth… It’s true uncle! Don’t you be ashamed of it? People come over here trusting us, as
they don’t have any one to support. It is sin, doing something bad
to them. You not only cheated me, but all
the people over here! You should not stay here any more,
go away from here. Close all the shops over here. What you people is looking at? If I come to see you again,
I will cut you into pieces. Do you think, I don’t like
the love uncle? Do you know, who made me and
who is responsible for all these? This registration office uncle! My mother too came into this office before 25 years for a love marriage! She came to know that he is
a bad guy in 3 months. He left my mother and went away! Does any Girl who left
everything behind for love, thinks of dying just
3 months after marriage? It was my luck that
I was able to save her. You were when you fallen,
you are pregnant! As she can not go back to parents, she worked here for my brought up! I born and brought up in the
same registered office. Hey! seems like, I have seen this
girl somewhere? She got married here in our office,
last year sir! She committed suicide dear? Don’t you give up
the habit of drinking? What is the mess with you?
Come out! Just shut up! If I come to know about you before
marriage, I would have not married you! It’s my fate! Why she did not able to know about
him prior to marriage? I saw lot of marriages here! Seen lot of people breaking up! When I watch from inside, I thought
one should be there out side here. That guy should be able to let the
couple know about their love. I thought, one watch man should
been there for them! I became that watch man uncle! They say, God also can not
break up the love! Why would I made it possible,
Because that was not love! They will break up even
after the marriage, if I don’t! That is worse than this, as two
lives are spoilled till then uncle! Two families will be suffering! I didn’t break up them! I just introduced themselves to them,
before marriage! They broke up because, they came
to know that they are not loving! Even a missed call is enough,
to break up some lovers! I did not seen, my mother
smiling through out her life! Do you know why I took the money
uncle? I wanted to help those, who
betrayed like my mother! Every parent dream and expect, that their
children should be together for ever! People should marry here, only if
they can be together for ever! I don’t want see that,
failure of love uncle! Lovers should not break up
for ever! It’s true my son! As a registrar here,
I ignored some pairs, even when I know that
they will break up soon! As you wanted to see everybody
happy even they are related to you. You are correct! Do it son! Do it! For any pair crossed you, I
will sign for their marriage happily! Do it! Don’t be late to convey
the truth to Priya? She will understand you! Not because Priya told, I want to
know whether my love is true or not. I don’t want the love, that
will sufficient to live together! I need the love, which will make
you die, when it is separated! Priya is getting married tomorrow,
you are doing it by yourself! How many tests you want to go
through now? I worked as watch man for every one. I am finding that
my love true or not! If my love is not true by mistake, Priya’s life will
become like my mother’s! Why are you here till now? Let’s go,
we have lot of work left to do. Wait for a minute! Your brother-in-law will wash
your legs! You come buddy! Wash now! Stop brother-in-law! You need
to pay, if brother-in-law wash legs! Where are they? They said, they will not sign… Ok! You sign here. On one condition! Which? Don’t offer
money for this. Ok! Sign here. If you both sign here,
your marriage is done. Priya! You will not be in my life,
if you sign over there. I feel like dying, when I think
that you are going away from me! Only when one departs from his lady
love, will have this much of pain! I didn’t find alternative even if
I search for it. Confirmly my love is true! Priya! Do you know how I feel now? You are there in every breath of mine
and in every heart beat mine. I think, I born only to
love you, Priya! When I see you, I feel like a wonder
that even don’t happens in dreams! Please give me a chance! I will not give up your
hand for the rest of my life. Hey! Why look so silently? I will kill you, even if
you are my uncle What are doing, playing
with me? I will kill you first,
after that I will marry her! Hey! Hey! I was ready to die,
when my love is not confirmed? It’s confirmed now, I am
even ready to kill any one. Abhi? You are fighting each other,
because of me right? I should tell, that whom
will I marry brother-in-law! I know you from my childhood
brother-in-law. You don’t have a habit of drinking,
but Abhi has it! You don’t even glare any girl
brother-in-law! Abhi, closely speak with girls
even when I am watching. Out of everything, I like Abhi! I don’t like you. Do you know why? He is true, in every aspect,
you are never to true to yourself! I know only the negatives of Abhi,
brother-in-law! He said his first positive to me, that too,
he love me more than his life! I am very happy now! I am left with only his positives,
to know! My love will grow up more for him,
there is no chance of decrease in that! Any girl should marry a person
like him. You said all your negatives,
don’t you want to know mine? Not required! If a boy loves a girl sincerely,
there will not be any negatives in her!

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  1. How this guy would become hero ? His looking, attitude just like rubbish , 3rd class expression just disgusting.

  2. You feel like choking the girl's neck… one time she thinks she loves him, next she doesn't, then again she does, then she doesn't.. holy crap.

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