hi I’m Jennifer Moore is a young
professional i need reliable transportation that’s why I depend on the 2016 disney
princess carriage by Dynacraft even though I’m a grown adult I still want to
live out my dreams of being in a Disney movie this spacious 2-door pink and purple
coach with gold accents can comfortably fit two children or one petite adult up
to 130 pounds it can top out at five miles per hour for up to
45 minutes of right i’m in a single session then you just have to charge it
for 12 hours and you’re ready to go again the carriage comes with not one
but two tiaras and a magic wand that lights up the front bumper for LED
lanterns offer additional lighting for driving at night the trunk offers plenty
of storage as well as 2 dash board compartments for your everyday
essentials no I said move the Tokyo deal the
tuesday when you’re stuck in traffic or somebody cuts you off just lay on the
horn one of the best things about having a flashy vehicle is impressing people
you don’t know let’s try this out hey there hot stuff what you doing later
no oh ok whether your three-year-old or 30-year
old in need of an eco and budget-friendly solution look no further the disney princess
carriage is definitely moore approved be sure to check out our other videos for a
behind-the-scenes look at assembly and subscribe if you like to see more that
is james and jennifer moore i’ll see you next time thanks for watching yeah yeah yeah yeah

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  1. haha, this is funny! How did you get one? my god, all walmarts in my area are sold out): SELL THIS TO ME! i need this for my daughter !

  2. hi! I got one of theae for my daughter. the manual says that the wheels should spin freely when you put them on. The back wheels are not supposed to spin as freely as the front, correct? it also makes a squeaking noise when she turns.

  3. is it hard to steer? the wheels make it look as though it wouldn't be as easy as the other ride on cars for kids. please let me know thank you

  4. Omg! We just got this princess carriage for our 3 year old for Christmas! I'm going to start building it in the basement do you think it would fit up the stairs and thru the door? It's kinda wide

  5. you should take off the roof and bolt wood blocks on the four corners of the car. Then screw the plastic roof to the wood blocks to give you more head room.

  6. This is by no means Walmarts fault as they did everything right in making this better. But I will say this company is a joke. We bought this as a Santa gift for my children and had to go buy last minute items as it came completely cracked, where this company clearly overtightend the screws. The company refused to take any blame and refused to fix anything on it. They didn't even have enough professionalism to apologize. It is a very cute toy, but I am not sure it is worth the hassle of dealing with such a terrible and unprofessional company. Thank you Walmart for at least making this right.

    5/7/2017 Durability issue. Got this for Christmas and after 6 months of use or about 15 total rides the grip on the back wheels split and came apart. The product has worked great to this point but is rendered useless without this grip. My girls love this and as Wal Mart doesn't sell parts I'm left at the mercy of the manufacturer. What's worse is the product has just gone out of warranty as if it was only meant to last this long. For $400 I expect much better longevity.

  7. OMG!!! I NEED THIS for me and my 11 and 13 yr olds! Think I’ll be buying one for sure! Your AWESOME thanks for the review!

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