Aftermarket Exhaust Mileage | Is it Street Legal? | SC Project on KTM Duke 250 & 390

Aftermarket Exhaust Mileage | Is it Street Legal? | SC Project on KTM Duke 250 & 390

Here is my Honest Review about SC Project Exhaust for KTM Duke 250. Effect on Mileage, Pick-up and Warranty and how does it sound? If you have any questions, just comment below. Do Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe! rich bitch
busy hey what’s up phantom fam how’s everyone
doing welcome to a brand new vlog and today we’re gonna talk about the most
asked questions about the SC project exhaust that over my on my KTM Duke 250
which you guys have been asking and I’m sorry it took me a while to hunt it’s
quite a windy day today and um as you guys know I’ve been hearing for ladakh
ride as well but without any further ado let’s get into this block so the first
question is from Rajesh Kumar and he asked it can it be fit on a royal and
field Himalayan actually Rajesh and anyone else asking these are compatible
with almost all the bikes what you just need to know is how you are going to
connect it to your bent pipe or your catalytic converter since mine is a
slip-on so this will work with any motorcycle beat from 150 cc right up to
a Superbike the most asked question was does it
affect the mileage and has a have I seen mileage drop so let me just be very
honest and tell you guys that one that yes there is a difference in mileage so
that’s there it’s going to happen – I have seen mileage increase and not
decrease as what most of the people thought and suggested that being out of
the question is the reason because the SC project end can and the bend pipe is
much more lighter than the stock exhaust so you can see how that works in favor
and if you know any physics you will know that will increase in mileage now I
need to add another thing is that the KTM Duke 250 has a lag at around 2500
rpm which is quite serious this exhaust has gotten rid of it let’s move on to
the next question is it legal or not is it legal or is it
legal or not guys don’t ask obvious questions
it’s obviously not legal this is for race use only and unless you’re not
hitting the track you are not supposed to use this on the roads
so make sure you keep that in mind can you tell me from there
did I chase guys all the details are there in the previous video a please
watch the whole video to get all the details
I have even left the links I have left the contact numbers as well in that so
please check out the whole video and don’t ask me this on Instagram let’s not
waste any time I’m busy you’re busy all the details are
there click on the I button or the top and you will get your answer I’m it’s on my body with the statue
Jersey yeah people say let’s move on to the next question
suitable for one 5v3 like I said I already answered it’s compatible with
all motorcycles our tools sing once more flyby videos are told saying they’re
coming but it’s going to take some time also I’ve got another brand new exhaust
coming in so stay tuned to the channel if you want to watch that make sure you
subscribe you get the subscribe button you get the bell like in so you do not
miss it small bank biker asked me small bank biker ask me how much does it cost
I have left the link below small bank biker don’t worry about it you’ll get
all your questions answered from that source wipeout Chaudhary wanted me to do
a dyno test and power figures what about I don’t have the means I don’t have the
money to do all that in future if I am able to do it I would love to either
channel anyone watching if you have a dyno test center in and around Pune get
in touch with me so we can make that happen for why Bob and all the other
subscribers now guys these are the top questions
that were asked there were quite a lot of other ridiculous comments I got at
someone even told me that my coolant is going to disappear in 2,000 kilometers
and trust me I’ve done more than that the coolant is there I’ve not even had
to top it off and that is writing in this summer heat Pune when the
temperatures are hitting 40 42 degrees insanely hot
in fact even my helmet it’s getting it’s losing its color because of the heat so
that’s it let me know if I missed any questions if I missed any of if you want
any answers just leave da leave it down in the comments below guys if you found
this video helpful make sure you hit that like button and subscribe I’ve got
a lot more things coming up on this channel
until next time phantom phantom rides out bitch I’m rich I’m rich I’m rich

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  1. BUY – SC Project Exhaust –
    Bend Pipe for KTM Duke 250 & 390 –

  2. Bro that exaust is totally amazing in terms of all the capabilities it gives all what we need to make it more attractive and more enthusiastic its sounds really great and touches the Bass 🔊 of the heart ♥ #phantomfam

  3. What was the cost of this exhaust bro? I recently took Duke 390 and I am planning to go for some aftermarket exhaust

  4. Sup brother , i really like your videos , i just want to say as a viewer perspective that can you give a sound test of your SC PROJECT
    because the last time you gave was really had a noisy background and it was little bit hard to listen. Hope you have some free time and make a video.

  5. Hey man great video. Btw I own a d390 2014 with a belly exhaust so will this bend pipe work for me or I'd need another one?

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