AIR BAG Light FIX! When Putting JDM STI Seats into a USDM WRX

AIR BAG Light FIX! When Putting JDM STI Seats into a USDM WRX

Hey, what’s up guys it’s parker so today we’re going to be going over how to disable the airbag White when you go to jdm seats in your subaru wrx So just quickly here’s the car I’ll be doing an update video just on it soon but i upgraded to jdm sti seats as you can see and The, issue of doing this is when you do it you’ll get a airbag light on your cluster So i’m gonna be showing you all how to eliminate that You’re, gonna need 3.3. Ohm 1/4 watt resistors, ok? So this gave Me a pack of 100 of them and it was like it was about 3 bucks i think So when you have the seat all the way up You have to do this on both sides but you’re, gonna have this yellow. Connector, and what we’re? Gonna, do? We’re, gonna, stick a resistor into there i’m gonna, do that on both sides ok, guys so what i did? Is i got my resistor And you can see i bent both of those tabs over just like that So now we’re gonna, stick it in the two holes and we’re gonna see if that fixes the issue So as you can see, we have it stuck in both holes So we’re gonna tape this up but first i’m gonna go ahead and do the other side And then check it out and see if that fixes it ok, so we’re on the driver’s side We got this connector, also I’m gonna, go ahead i bet that’s over the same, way i’m gonna go ahead and stick those in Those two holes so we got this side in there too So let’s go ahead and start up the car, and see if we have a lot anymore Alright, so let’s test this out and see if that fixes it see just that light right there i Don’t know you can, see that since we got to glare but Hold up, bring it in focus There’s no longer a light So we’re gonna, go and tape those up and then we’ll be done with the project Okay, so we got that all taped up and taping it up is just to keep the resistor from falling back out The other side taped up Yep, guys, so that is how. You get rid of your airbag light when you upgrade to? The sdi jdm seats More suppose, any seat for that matter that doesn’t have the airbag plug anyway Thanks for watching guys please Like comment and subscribe i will be making more videos shortly on some more mods so do to this car. Thanks guys

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  1. Accidentally touch the unlike
    My apologies
    I like this video

    Do you think this works with my 08 Legacy ?
    I swapped the seats and I have the same light on

    Thanks for your video!

  2. life saver. just ordered mine. I knew the sir bag lights was something to do with the seats getting changed out on my 04 wrx but didn't have a clue how to get the airbag light off. MOT due next month so was going to get a garage to fix it which would probs charge around Β£100. hopefully it works on mine when they arrive. cheers man

  3. You bloody legend mate.
    After spending $460 on a wire trance through Subaru mechanic and not fixing. I'm really wishing I found this before. Cheers bro

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