Airbag Recall App Overview | Toyota

Airbag Recall App Overview | Toyota

I’ll cut to the chase
the Takata recall is the largest recall in US history
so yes it’s a big problem and that’s why we’re asking for your help
for those that don’t know tens of millions of vehicles from 19 automakers
have dangerous airbag inflators that can rupture when an airbag deploys
spraying sharp metal fragments inside the cabin according to nitsa these
incidents have tragically claimed over a dozen lives industry-wide this isn’t
just a recall it’s a public safety crisis
but you can be part of the solution by making sure your friends and family are
safe it’s as easy as downloading an app and scanning a license plate go to the
App Store or a google play and download the airbag recall app you can use the
app to check a vehicle for open recalls by taking a picture of the license plate
you can also just type in the license-plate number or the 17 digit VIN
and it’s not just for Toyotas it works for most vehicles whether you
snap a picture or type something in the app will pull up a year make and model
confirm the information and the airbag recall app will then check for open
recalls if the vehicle is part of the Takata airbag and plato recall the app
will display this icon other open recalls will use a generic symbol either
way you can click take action to get a list of local dealerships that can
complete the free repair please check your vehicle first but don’t stop there
with the airbag recall up ready to go ask your friends and family if you can
check theirs too if their vehicle is affected
let them know it has a dangerous Takata airbag inflator and needs to be fixed
right away urge them to schedule a free repair
immediately at one of the nearby dealers listed on the app and that’s it just
three easy steps download the app scan a vehicle have a
conversation we’re counting on you and more importantly store your friends and
family so please take the time because someone’s life might just depend on it you

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