Akrapovic Slip-on Exhaust Install on a 15-17 Yamaha R3 | SportbikeTrackGear.com

Akrapovic Slip-on Exhaust Install on a 15-17 Yamaha R3 | SportbikeTrackGear.com

Hi, I’m Brian Van, Sportbiketrackgear.com. And today we’re going to install the Akrapovic slip on on our 2015 Yamaha YZF-R3 STG project bike. I rolled this thing home from the dealer and it’s really cool This is a cool Super Sport bike for sure. The first mod we’re going to do is this because it’s just too darn quiet right This Akrapovic slip on is surprisingly inexpensive. It’s gonna be a very basic install. Akrapovic comes with very clear instructions Got a little anti-seize tube it comes with. All the necessary hardware and gaskets And probably the most professional packaging i’ve seen for any exhaust out there. Premium stuff for sure. This is really affordable. It’s going to fit nicely on our R3. The first thing we need to do Star it up and lets here that stock exhaust note. Like I said our little beast Sounds pretty, quiet pretty timid and we want to change that Tools to do the project, very basic Little hand tools here. This is not going to be a huge project. We’ve got a five millimeter t-handle Just want to remove one of the trim pieces I think it’s going to make our life a little bit easier here having this out of the way Once we get this out of the way, we’ll be able to move the Stock silencer We’re gonna lose a little weight Hopefully sound a little better But certainly look a whole bunch better Okay, now we’re going to loosen up The stock exhaust clamp here, on the other side of the muffler box 10mm bolt head Got it on a ratchet here, just using a Deep well 3/8 Get that bad boy loosened up Now we’ll come up here and get to the mount, using a 12mm and a t-handle here Back up wrench on there This is going to be a really cool project And I am excited for this little bike Be a great little street bike Spend a lot of time riding around on this thing, probably with my son Max In a lot of ways, I think this will even be a more appropriate Street motorcycle than the R1 Okay We are definitely going to be shaving some weight Now that, to this Okay, let’s put this piece here to the side I don’t know how much this will influence the sound Because remember we do have the muffler box on That is a pretty robust silencer. So hopefully we pick up A little better sound Got a gasket That slides into place here, high temp exhaust gasket. We have our band clamp Where they want you to put The anti-seize Alright, is on the threads of the bolt For the band clamp here. Just enough so that we don’t have A seizure of the threads here So if we need to service this In the future we are able to do so I’ve got the band clamp over The end of the silencer And I’ll slide that into position Got some new mounting hardware That came with it And I’ll go ahead and utilize that Wow, look at the difference in the size. This is gonna look sweet. Okay We begin by snugging this piece up here As you see this is a really simple mod You know we’re talking an investment of Time that is probably somewhere in the You know 20 30 minute range maximum And now we’ll come down here to this Band Clamp Use the ratchet on this as well Something that’s really important to note Is when you’re done with the install You want to clean this up nicely Stainless steel You clean with contact cleaner Titanium They recommend cleaning with like WD-40 If you start The Bike before you clean the pipes Especially with the tie, you run the risk of once it gets hot The handprints actually burning onto the surface And that’s definitely not something that you want to have happen It’s some very high quality hardware that’s supplied with this This band clamp is very nice. That gasket also very nice Got that on there all good and snug. Then get a rag and some cleaner Clean up all the fingerprints And then we’ll come back, put the trim panel on it And start the motorcycle and hope for a great Sound out of our Akrapovic slip on. Okay, there we go. It’s on, I’ve cleaned it up. We’ve got our trim panel back on there And look I mean that is so Much More pleasing to the eye Than that giant stock canister was And what’s cool like I guess is this is really affordable Especially for Akrapovic, their stuff is normally Very spendy Real MotoGP Style look How much effect is it going to have on the sound? We are about to find out Because like I said, we’re leaving that muffler box there. I mean you just never know. You know, I’ve seen some slip on’s on bikes like this that don’t do a lot. I would say I’m Definitely happy with the outcome. That changed it Just enough. Got much better exhaust note than we started off with right Keep an eye on this project We’re going to be installing a ton of different components on this bike Full systems, different brands, fender eliminators. All the performance and cosmetic parts as they become available This is going to be one super hot street bike. In my opinion, this will be, in the end, the 300 to have. I’m Brian Van, Sportbiketrackgear.com This is our Akrapovic slip on install on our 2015 Yamaha YZF-R3 STG project bike.

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  1. Hi Brian. I have an MT-03 and would like to know if you can actually feel the difference with the Akrapovic. I mean 1 bhp and 2kgs doesn't sound a great deal. Can you notice the difference in performance?

  2. Are there any exhausts for this bike would be legal in CA, just asking because this exhaust sounds a heck of a lot louder then stock?

  3. hi Sportbike Track Gear, just wanna to ask about R3 and R25 is it the same ? if i install on my R25 the sound will be the same?

  4. I hope I can get one of these bikes to learn on! I've heard nothing but great things. Thanks for the video!

  5. Do you gett any extra power or speed by doing a exhaust change i Know it works lika that on a moped not sure about motorcycles

  6. hello there,i really like your channel.can u sir make an video how to change oil pump gear and clutch bearing i really appreciated it lol.

  7. man I want something which would sound like a stock benelli TNT300 I don't find this exhaust worthy

  8. sir stg. are you aware of r3 called for clutch bearing issue… you might have an altertative for it? i heared they goo

  9. put 641 miles on my slip on.  installed before leaving the dealership. I ride with earplugs on for helmet noise, so I can't really appreciate the sound.  I must sound bad ass when i'm on the road or highway and people are looking at the bike and thinking WTF? R3?  I did ride to the gas station without earplugs under helmet and it's a mini-GP!  I love the look of this slip-on over the full exhaust muffler, I wish Akrapovic made the header to fit this slip on.  I would install that in a heartbeat.  STG, great how-to's, subbed.

  10. I have installed the akrapovic recently. And the mechanic said that the intake of air is less than exhaust. Can I know whether it's right or wrong?

  11. Anybody know if there is a silencer in the exhaust? If there is i just bought it i was wondering how to take it out if there were directions or something?

  12. I just bought my first bike, Yamaha R3 Blue! I'm so excited. I love the sound of the Akrapovic exhaust, but I live in California. This slip on ok in california or will I be pulled over?

  13. Question, I installed this slip on and I am getting a more noticeable popping on deceleration. Is this normal? There is no change in feel when it happens.

  14. This is really useful video, but hey Brian, would you think this exact model of this exhaust fits the 2017 FZ09? Thank you

  15. Hi Brian, I have reviewed some of your videos but you know, in a video you cant tell the difference for sure in the sound, specially if you are in a closed area, so Knowing that you have experience in this matter, is the Akrapovic better than the M4 street Slayer in sound? I have a 2017 R3 and I want to take out that shy stock exhaust, Ill appreciate your response. Peace!

  16. Will the bikes weight become unbalanced if I put this on (as in the muffler side be noticeably lighter than the other side)?

  17. I've heard that you may lose torque/power in the lower rev range with slip ins due to lower back pressure, is this true for this slip on?

  18. Hi bud, I just want to ask you a quick question I was wondering what is the best and loudest full exhaust system for a Yamaha yzf r3?

  19. i have a 2017 yamaha r3 i just pick up 2 day ago and i was wondering if i buy this slip on exhaust can i cut of the factory muffler of and slip this Akrapovic exhaust in? so it can be louder or is not gonna fit?

  20. มันไม่ได้รีดแรงขึ้นหรอก หากคุณยังใช้คอเดิมไม่ปรับปริมานแรงอัดมากขึ้น

  21. Bought the Akrapovic slip on less than 3 weeks ago from you guys and holy shit, there is a huge difference in sound. At first, I thought a full system was better but after riding with this little slip-on for 20 minutes I changed my mind regarding the full system. Trust me, you will get a lot of good sound from this R3 by putting that slip-on instead of having to buy an expensive full system and add a fuel controller etc. You also save a lot of money while getting plenty of good sound which is loud enough on the streets! Can fully recommend this slip-on from Akrapovic!

  22. Excuse me, could you tell me if there is a lot of difference in sound from the exhaust slip on akrapovik compared to the factory exhaust ?, is it worth changing? Would you recommend ?. I would like it to sound like a sport bike without spending a lot of money

  23. I have a question… is the muffler supposed to have space in between the slip on and the bike?? My muffler is 45mm. First time I put it the clamp broke on me so I don't know if its worth it.

  24. Loved your video..
    My Yamaha R3 gives a mileage of 22-26 kmpl at present with basic exhaust.
    If I use the akrepovic exhaust on my bike how much will it effect my mileage?

  25. Nice bike 300 that's all u need especially for the older riders that there reflexes ain't as good as it use to be and younger riders just starting out

  26. Hello right after I installed this liquid was dripping from the middle of the exhaust so I tightened it (I think it was fuel) but now there's a lot of white smoke coming out of my r3 with the akrapovic slip on. Is it because of the slip on or is it my bike( I didn't have white smoke with stock exhaust)

  27. I ordered this slip on earlier this morning and now I am seeing that it is not road legal in California on Revzilla's website. Can someone please confirm this?

  28. I have a 2019 MT10 I used JB exhaust sealant on my OEM muffler holes and the sound it much improved . Cost me 9$

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