Albuquerque car dealership accused of taking customers for $82K

Albuquerque car dealership accused of taking customers for $82K

A USED S-U-V FROM A LICENSED CAR DEALER. BUT THAT DEAL TURNED INTO AN ORDEAL FOR AN ALBUQUERQUE FAMILY. AS NEWS 13’S CHRIS MCKEE SHOWS YOU ON SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT — THEIR MONEY VANISHED … THE CAR VANISHED … AND SO DID THE DEALERSHIP’S OWNERS. 14:18 “Do you know any person that’s associated with CarTime?” 14:21 TO A SMALL ALBUQUERQUE CAR DEALERSHIP OFF EAST CENTRAL. 22:04 “Do you know where they went?” 22:05 23:42 “I don’t know what happened” BUT KEVIN BRISENO AND STEPHANIE MONTOYA KNOW WHAT THE DEALERSHIP DID TO THEM. 15:21 “It’s been the worst experience we’ve ever had to deal with.” 15:24 THE NEW PARENTS HAVE BEEN TAKEN FOR THEIR CASH SAVINGS… 02:08 “We’re out of almost 10,000 dollars 02:10 ALONG WITH OWNERSHIP OF A CAR THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE BUYING… AFTER A MONTHS LONG ORDEAL WITH “CAR TIME LLC.” 12:02 “Everyone’s pointing fingers at each other.” IT STARTED IN THIS SMALL PARKING LOT NEAR EUBANK AND CENTRAL. THE SIGNS ARE GONE NOW .. BUT THE DEALERSHIP “CAR TIME” WAS RUNNING SALES HERE IN JANUARY .. ALONGSIDE A FEW OTHER SMALL UNAFFILIATED DEALERS. 34:29 sound of parents talking to baby, laughing 34:31 LIKE A LOT OF FULL-TIME WORKING PARENTS… 01:01 “We’ve got to get around for her” 01:03 STEPHANIE AND KEVIN NEEDED A SECOND CAR TO GET TO THEIR DIFFERENT JOBS.. AND DAYCARE. 01:40 “We had saved up some money, so we can buy a car cash, that way ACADIA… FOR 95-HUNDRED BUCKS. 04:04 “It was a beautiful car in good condition, we thought the SUV would be perfect for her and her older brother” 04:10 KEVIN AND STEPHANIE PAID MOST OF IT OFF ON JANUARY 7TH. A RECEIPT SHOWS THEY GAVE “CAR- TIME” 87-HUNDRED DOLLARS. THE COUPLE DROVE THE S-U-V OFF THE LOT WITH A TEMPORARY TAG… AND SAY THE DEALERSHIP PROMISED THEY’D GET THE TITLE BY THE TIME THEY MADE THEIR FINAL PAYMENT. ABOUT TWO WEEKS LATER … THEY PAID THE FINAL 800 DOLLARS.. BUT HEARD SOMETHING DIFFERENT ABOUT GETTING THE S-U-V’S TITLE. 06:09 “She went and paid it, and they told her it was… everything was in the process” 06:13 THE COUPLE WAS TOLD THE TITLE WOULD BE THERE BY THE END OF FEBRUARY. 04:39 “Thirty days came and went” BUT STILL.. NO TITLE FOR THE S- U-V THEY’D PAID OFF. 07:02 “We’ve just got excuse after excuse” 07:03 BY MARCH… MORE EXCUSES CAME FROM “CAR TIME” 06:44 “That their bookkeeper embezzled thousands of dollars, that she had just been arrested” 06:48 06:51 “We get another one saying the owner had gall bladder issues and he was in the hospital 06:54 ABOUT 90 DAYS AFTER BUYING THE CAR.. THE COUPLE SAID THEY JUST WANTED A REFUND. KEVIN THOUGHT HIS BEST LEVERAGE WOULD BE TAKING BACK THE SUV. 19:08 “Dropped it off, gave one of the owners the keys, and said hey…” 19:11 19:17 “I’ll be back on Friday, hopefully you guys have money” 19:19 BY THE TIME KEVIN WENT BACK.. THE CAR WAS GONE… AND THERE WAS NO REFUND WAITING FOR HIM. 05:10 “At this point, we’re out of our money, we’re out of a vehicle” 05:13 THE COUPLE FILED COMPLAINTS WITH THE ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE … AND THE STATE’S MOTOR VEHICLE DIVISION.. TURNS OUT.. THEY’RE NOT THE ONLY PEOPLE “CAR TIME”.. IS ACCUSED OF DOING THIS TO. 00:16:14 “They’ve ended up not granting titles or vehicles to a few people in this instance” 16:18 SO FAR… M-V-D SAYS NINE CUSTOMERS CLAIM CAR TIME OWES THEM MORE THAN 82- THOUSAND DOLLARS IN BAD BUSINESS DEALS. THE STATE SAYS THE DEALERSHIP’S SALES LICENSE EXPIRED LAST MONTH … AND THEY’VE BEEN IN CONTACT WITH THE LISTED OWNER .. JOEL HOUCK. 00:16:47 “Has he explained the reason why this problem has come about, to MVD, at all? 16:52 “He hasn’t, he let us know that he was closing down his business about the same time we started getting some complaints” 16:58 WE WENT TO THE DEALERSHIP TO SEE IF ANYONE FROM “CAR-TIME” COULD ANSWER FOR THE PROBLEMS. WE ONLY MET PEOPLE CLAIMING CAR TIME HAD FOLDED UP SHOP. 02:12:49 “They’re going through some issues… we don’t really know, we’re not really part of it” 12:52 HE TOLD US TO TALK TO THE CAR LOT’S LANDLORD 15:31 “No, none of the dealers do… none of the dealers do, that’s not me, they don’t communicate to me” 00:15:33 HE REFERRED US TO THIS GUY NAMED GEORGE.. WHO SAID HE’D DONE SALES FOR CAR-TIME “A LONG TIME AGO.” 23:34 “They may be having some problems” 23:04 “The guy that you need to talk to is Joel Houck” 23:07 WE NEVER FOUND JOEL. CAR TIME’S LISTED PHONE NUMBER WENT TO SOMEONE WHO SAID THEY WERE AN OLD EMPLOYEE.. AND HAD NO PHONE NUMBER FOR THE OWNER. M-V-D SAYS IT HAS NOW PUT KEVIN AND STEPHANIE.. AND OTHER CUSTOMERS IN TOUCH WITH CAR TIME’S BONDING COMPANY.. WHICH HAS A 35- THOUSAND DOLLAR BOND THAT COULD REIMBURSE CUSTOMERS WHO’VE BEEN LEFT HANGING. BUT KEVIN AND STEPHANIE KNOW THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES. 09:35 “Do you think you’ll get your money back?” 09:38 “I honestly don’t think so” 09:39 FOR NOW THEY’RE OUT 95-HUNDRED DOLLARS.. A LOT OF MONEY FOR THIS FAMILY. 10:37 “It doesn’t come that easy for us” 10:39 ON SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT .. CHRIS MCKEE.. KRQE NEWS 13. M-V-D SAYS ITS STILL HEARING FROM CUSTOMERS AFFECTED BY THIS DEALERSHIP. OPEN THE KRQE NEWS APP NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HOW YOU CAN FILE A COMPLAINT AGAINST A CAR DEALERSHIP… AND SOME TIPS THAT COULD HELP YOU WHEN YOU’RE BUYING A CAR. ADLIB TOSS TO WEATHER

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  1. If people who go fucked watching this video, please post guy who sold you cars name. I will dox that faggot and find him faster than apd will.

  2. Doesn't really make sense if they had to the car or not they wouldn't be able to drive without registering it so its just a paperweight in their driveway

  3. That's fucked up… There are a lot of used car dealers out there who are good but it's the ones like car time who ruin the image of used car dealers…

  4. Oh, you're not giving me the money or the title? Here. Take the car.. I'll be back later. YOU FUCKING MORONS

  5. Never should have given back the vehicle and walked away. Should have demanded a check right then and there. Used car dealers are shadier than my 100 year old oak tree. Never fully trust them. If it's too good to be true, it usually is.

  6. Bonded title people come on, he should have contacted the DMV after 30 days of no title. The last thing they would recommend was returning the car.

  7. a refund on a car that's laughable. that guy is the biggest idiot there ever was. he put that shit on himself.

  8. wow , why the fuck would u return the car without getting your $ first ? dumbass people deserve what they get for being stupid

  9. I feel sorry for them but dropping off a vehicle and the keys and not getting anything in writing or cash on the spot was dumb. Since they never had a title they basically gave the car away.

  10. these hieves can take you for all they can and the cops do nothing. But just you don't pay a ticket and the whole force of the state will be on your ass. why because on hand washes the other.

  11. the dealer licence should have been pulled after atleast car 3 when they have a history of screwing people not after car 9

  12. He should have just kept the car. Even if there was no title and the dealer lied to him about the title he would still be protected. The state will still get the buyer a replacement title if they bought it in good faith and from a licensed dealer. There have been cases where some people sold cars on consignment and the dealer ran off with the money and the person who put their car up for consignment is the one that lost everything, the state still got the buyer a title because they bought the car from a dealer in good faith not knowing the dealer was just going to run off with the money.

  13. That's the stupidest plan I have ever heard "Let's drop off the car and wait for a few days" are you serious?! you're stupid. Take you bill of sale to the DMV and see what can they do for you – temp tag means that the registration has been filed, you are waiting for DMV to send you the title, the dealership has nothing to do with it at that point, you have bill of sale, you get the title.

  14. Completely irresponsible owners. Do your homework. Shady little car dealer will totally rip you off. One tries doing the same to me, told me the title was their on the lot. Go to test drive and mysteriously no title. Was told I'd have to go to DMV and get a new one. Out of my pocket. F that.

  15. let this be a word of caution to any thinking of purchasing an automobile from a fly-by-night used car lot. You can bet your bottom dollar that SUV was either stolen of came from somewhere it had major flood damage.

    Anytime you look at a automobile at that kind of lot, run a VIN # check on the vehicle you find interesting. That will tell you exactly who owns it, and or what happened to it. I am just amazed that no one bother to speak about that VIN #.

    Automobiles which have been drenched in a flood zone have a special designation on the title that tells you what you need to know. That is probably why that dealership didn't want to come up with title.

  16. What were you thinking of giving that car back. leave it on the lot and thinking I'll come back in 24 hours for the money ,now you got no Leverage, no car. Your a big fool man. All you had to do was go down to the title company Downtown trace the title show proof that you pay for it and that you're have issues with the dealer

  17. Big mistake of leaving the car. You keep the car till you get the money back. All you had was title issue you could just went downtown to the title company

  18. they also kept my title I payed it off early n kept asking but owner was always out of town but I kept my car

  19. What they should have done was park the car on their property or a friends property and after 30 days send a certified letter to the dealership telling them to remove an abandoned car from the property. And when they come to pick it up tell them they owe storage fees at $50. per day. But if they don`t come to claim it with a legal title, the property owner can seize the vehicle for unpaid storage and file it with the DMV as an abandoned car and the legal owner has 30 days to pay then file for property seizure. Then sell it back to the people who paid for it for $50. case closed.

  20. The state knows about 9 others who paid off their cars and got no title so why can't the state issue lost titles to them. Make it lost titles for everyone who can prove they bought a car through them.
    The other thing is with 800 left on the car why wasn't a loan taken out. The loan people then would have the title not the dealership right?

  21. I guess that a guy that would return an item to a store and say "hey I will be back in a few days for my money" can't be the swiftest horse in the race! I suppose these breeders of illegals didn't get it mechanically checked out either ?!?!?!?!?

  22. Taking the car back was the worst thing you could have done,
    Having the car, you paid for, was your only leverage you had , at least if you didn't have the title, you still had the car , to use.
    Not a smart move on the owners part.

  23. I'm from new mexico and used to live in Albuquerque the dealership has by law 3 months to obtain a title. if they sale a vehicle they should already have title for it. if they didn't you were never gonna get one. vehicle was probably a chop shop project

  24. This is easy dealer still has the car on his floorpan from the auction and wants to wait the 90 days and use their $ for curtailments, plain and simple dealer is barely floating along

  25. I stopped watching when I heard the guy say he brought the car back and left without the refund in hand. Wow, sorry you gotta be smarter than that.

  26. I had a similar situation, I bought a truck from a pre own dealership an I still owed 500 an they gave me a 100% warranty if anything happen an it was making some weird noises an I payed the 500 an they picked it up to fix it an poof I never saw it again, an when I filed a report I was told the dealership had been closed for months

  27. Why did you give the car back then, what?! Like someone robs you on the street and you're like hold up a second, let me give you the deed to my house as well.


  29. Well where is the car than? They don't have the money to repay them but they all know the dealer has the car. So if the owner is claiming the business has folded, than what has he done with his car lot's inventory?

    Now what has me truly baffled about is if one was caught shoplifting at say a Walmart, than you wouldn't be able to leave the store without handcuffs and a ride to be booked. Which I believe is petty theft, a misdemeanor. But this car dealer has committed grand larceny and auto theft, felonies. So how is it that they've been in contact with the dealer via phone but not gone and arrested his ass already?

  30. Well can't as bad as selling a car off a good dealers lot only to find out the it's a walking fire ball waiting to happen and the dealer knew it that's what I got

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