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  1. So you liked it, you really really did like it.😉

    On a more serious note, it is a good thing to see it as a single din. Though that screen is yuge, probably will cause issues with some customers.

  2. I've had this same conversation with Car dealers explaining about the variables in why the headunit with Android auto/car play may not be the issue. I've seen with my Honda that has Android auto Pixel devices worked great, Samsung note 8 had occasionally had connection issues. So software/hardware plays a big part.

  3. Hey! Thats the stereo i installed in my car! Its good, but damn theres NO illumination wire so the stereo will NOT dim. Also you cannot install aftermarket front and rear cameras because it uses a switcher, and you NEED alpines cameras. Those are not cheap. Other than that, this is one fine stereo

  4. You drive a standard transmission? #Respect I drive an Civic Si and its the year right before Android Auto was added to stock, super pissed about it. Want something like this but don't want to lose all the stock functions. Steering wheel controls and such

  5. Thanks for the review. I just bought a new Tundra and it has the Toyota Entune system… I’m looking at a CarPlay replacement and not sure which one to go with. Curious, does this Alpine unit get firmware updates over the phone’s data connection? Alpine have an app to push these updates? Thanks in advance

  6. Any experience with just mounting a tablet? Decent android tablets cost quite a bit less. I'd be interested in seeing a comparison versus these two.

  7. Living in the Southeast where it gets horrifically hot, I can't have the vents getting covered. But this just might fit in without that happening. I'll have to take some measurements. Great review of what looks like a great product!

  8. Hey, thanks for disclosing they sent it, and you later bought it… but also important is if they reviewed this video before posting, or required you to add any content or talking points.

  9. My nissan titan has 360 degree cameras and a 7 inche screen that I want replace. Will this head unit work multiple cameras already built in?

  10. how do you find the audio quality from this unit please, is it dolby system?.. Has anyone faced startup delay issues?? i am planning to either buy this or the kenwood ddx 918 for my LC 200, i donot know if it will fit well. Any advises please

  11. Just installed one of these today – with iPhone on Apple Car Play I find the interface for Apple Maps and Google Maps to be extremely washed out in the day time. It's almost impossible to see the light grey roads against the white background? How was your experience with an iPhone and any tips to improve it?

  12. I kid you not, comparing my 2013 Prius to the Tesla Model 3 is my exact introduction when telling my Lyft passengers about my Alpine Halo 9! It has made all the difference for me while actively Lyft driving and whenever I am off work.

  13. Thanks, Just bought this. Should I buy the bypass module as well? Are there things the receiver won’t do when in motion without it? Does it even matter with a manual transmission car?

  14. Still why is there no 720p or higher? Seen some high ress android units out there from Dasaita.
    pioneer and alpine etc need to step upp resolution gameplay

  15. Just need to know if it supports all around view camera. My car already has 360 view, but once I upgrade I don't want to lose that feature.

  16. 1 question do people need entrnet .or pay to have wifi for all new car strio. How this works.. this not old teyp or cd thanks

  17. Too funny. I do have the Model 3 and looking for a stereo upgrade for a Mercedes Sprinter. Its very tough to find anything that can compare….obviously. Thanks !

  18. Eh, wish it didnt have thick borders around the screen and I noticed quite a bit of lag while you controlling it.

  19. I’ve heard the colors can be washed out when looking at maps. And it’s hard to see streets and names. Is this true?

  20. I like how at 2:55 he has to correct steering due to drifting left while using it even on the demo video.

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