Amazing Old Greyhound Bus Turned Into A Tiny House| Lovely Tiny House

Amazing Old Greyhound Bus Turned Into A Tiny House| Lovely Tiny House

Amazing Old Greyhound Bus Turned Into A Tiny House| Lovely Tiny House

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  1. ‘Cmon! This is gorgeous! Gotta be one of the nicest conversions I’ve seen yet. One question, is she for sale? Seriously, is she for sale!? It’s perfect for the wife and I.

  2. Is that the original manual transmission? I've driven them for 43 years. I'd love to show you how you can shift this transmission up or down with two fingers. Nice bus!

  3. Omg that's so cute Wow and Neat and Clean I enjoy watching you're video it was so Amazing!!!??????

  4. Hats off to the owners for taken the time & your vision it looks like a real home it beats many of the modern day RVs on sale today its beautiful

  5. Love Love It !!! I'd have no problem living the rest of my life in this or ones that are similar. A lot of people say they couldn't live in a small home. I'd love too !!!

  6. This was never a Greyhound bus a city bus to take you to Greyhound station so let's get the lies right. Nevertheless it's still pretty sweet

  7. What the hell?? You couldn't do a proper walk thru?! Vid so chopped up it's hard to tell what is where. Looks very nice just wish had a professional do a walk thru of it instead of this amateur crap

  8. I would love to have this on my property as my LADIES JAZZ SPOT… absolutely beautiful ?✅✅?

  9. Nice Peace's of it to bad they didnt video from point A to point B only showing parts some a few times

  10. It's a beautiful conversion but this isn't a Greyhound. It's a GM fishbowl. Still, it's a great video.

  11. Are u out of your mind idiot house should have toilet and runing water this bus can not be consider as home idiot is a fancy bus with no toilet when u poop take the bucket of shit outside this is not way of living go sell your shity idia to some otber planet u idiot

  12. Dont need mansions…..
    This is..just..
    Beatifull perfect….amazing cozy home..
    Yes…yes ????????????

  13. 5/14/19…..I love the bus-turned-tiny-house….but I thought $125,000. rehab on $7,000. old Greyhound is extremely limited.
    I can't see spending $125,000. to rehab b/c economy is supposedly
    as important as space saving/limited footprint.
    Would be nice to have & travel from parent's house to friend's place to other spots—park & stay a while & take your home with you luke a turtle does! ?

  14. Not even two places to SIT?? Nice and this a solo owner?? Very table..charm, but where is the comfort..just the bed?

  15. Where do you sit and eat though? Where do you sit and get comfy besides the bed? No seating for anyone? Why the wasted space under the stove and other places? This is beautiful but if you are living here I don’t see any where to actually live.

  16. Wow, the interior does not fill like a bus. I know I can't be the only one who was curious to see if they kept the porta potty! I wonder if you could pay a fee to simply park it at Greyhound terminals!

  17. Wow !!! Gorgeous. But something I don't get. No ground clearance. Although nowhere near as pretty wouldn't a school bus be a much better option ???

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