AMAZING transformation – How To Bring Your Steering Wheel Back To Life – Chemical Guys

AMAZING transformation – How To Bring Your Steering Wheel Back To Life – Chemical Guys

(hands squeaking) (beep) – What’s going on Chemical Guys family. Thanks so much for tuning in for today’s episode of Detail Garage. As you can see this Mercedes
has seen better days and today we’re going over the topic of how to remove makeup
and lotion and sunscreen from the interior vehicle such
as a leather steering wheel which is caked on with
years of hand lotion, it’s got makeup and it’s giving it this really brown nasty effect. So we’re gonna show you
how to properly remove it and then restore it so it
has a natural look and feel. (dramatic instrumental) So now to begin I just want
to recommend applying gloves or wearing gloves because
when you’re ever working on the interior of the vehicle, there’s a lot of grime that
you don’t want to pick up on your hands because things
that are tracked from outside or if you’re working
on a customer’s vehicle you don’t know what kind of germs or nastiness they may have. So wearing gloves is just a
precaution to keep yourself safe and also look more professional. I’m also going to take
a green microfiber towel you can use any color microfiber towel but I wear this on my lap, because as we clean the steering wheel the gravity’s going to pull into the dirt and it kind of the cleaners
down and lands in your pants or your seats. So you want to make sure
you protect yourself. And to start we’re going
to use a horsehair brush. This is what we use for all
kinds of weather cleaning jobs because this is soft for it
won’t scratch the surface, but it also helps to agitate cleaner. This way it’s foaming up
and penetrating the hide of leather or the surface
that you’re working on. We’re also going to be
using our leather cleaner which we’ve diluted 10 to
one for a light duty jobs such as this. We’ll simply spray it into the brush. And you can also spray it
onto the surface itself. And give that a moment to dwell and kind of break down the makeup or the sunscreen or whatever
that you’re working on and we start working back and forth. Already you can see it’s
pulling off the makeup or sunscreen or dried skin whatever it is that’s on the surface. And it’s a safe cleaner so it’s not going to damage
the leather that’s underneath. It just gently removes any kind of filth and then the foaming power helps to really dig deep on the surface. Let’s take a clean towel right now. check our work already, because there’s a lot of
dirt that’s on the surface, so I want to make sure
that we’re removing it. You can see all that brown mess
and grime that was on there. We’re also using a yellow micro towel which we’ve designated for interior jobs. You can also use a tan towel, which we designate for leather jobs but it’s your preference really. You can also use a more intricate brush such as the boars hair brush and this is great for
getting into the crevices or working around emblems. For the same process where you’re going to
gently scrub and agitate. This way you can remove any kind of filth and it’s the same process
where they’re working on seats or dashboard, the door panels. We just chose to do the steering wheel because it obviously has the most wear and tear because it’s a high traffic area. (upbeat music) Now we’re just wiping away any of the spent product the filth. See how easily it just removed
the filth that was sitting on this edge. We’re just gonna continue
using the same products and process to remove any
of the dried on makeup or sunscreen or on the rest of the vehicle that you see here. And in the meantime you guys
can check out these products on our website or at your local detail garage. If you liked today’s video be
sure to give it a thumbs up and drop your comments down
below for future videos. We’ll see you guys next time. (upbeat music) (ambient instrumental)

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  1. I just purchased the leather cleaner and conditioner for my 09 GMC sierra leather, only thing I cant understand is why my steering wheel is SLICK now after using the products. It was sorta slick before and shiny but now its super shiny and even slicker? Any advice how to get a natural feel and look?

  2. I like that in your videos you use meaningful amount of products. I recently watched Maguire's video where some guy sprayed 8-9 times some lubricant on a clay bar like he was priming it. Subbed.

  3. Alright I’m tired of getting teased in Washington state auto zones and Walmarts when is the whole line dropping near me! Lol
    Thanks guys!

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