Amazing Used Car Deals at H&H Motors

Folks we’re out here in H&H Motors on the Cork Road in Waterford. And we wanted to make this video just to let you know what’s going on…. As you know H&H Motors has the largest selection of used cars in Waterford As you can see the whole way around here, just pan around to the very far side you will see we have over 200 used cars in stock. That’s 200 used cars in stock. One thing we are doing this month is clearing those cars, It’s very, very simple…. We want to reduce the cars, we want to make them affordable for you, we want to give you the best scrappage allowance that’s possible, we want to give you the best finance rates that are possible through Renault bank. You will not get a better deal in Waterford for a used car only in H&H Motors. That’s were all the deals are folks. Get yourself down to H&H Motors, we are open on Saturday 10-5pm We have the largest selection of stock in Waterford, We have the lowest APR rates, And we have all the cars cleaned up in a very high pristine condition, as you would expect. Thank you.

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