American Gangster (3/11) Movie CLIP – Fed Up (2007) HD

American Gangster (3/11) Movie CLIP – Fed Up (2007) HD

– Whoa!
– Hey! Hey! Hey! – Taking your ass in, Jimmy.
– Uh-uh. – Taking your ass in.
– Where are the handcuffs? I got a license for
that, motherfucker. You got a license for this?
Excuse me, all right? Shit. All right! Yeah! Now, you know what? I gotta
arrest you for that shit. That shit’s too good
to be on the street. Wait a minute, I got this for you.
You ain’t got to arrest nobody. Are you bribing me now? I’ll tell you what,
I’m arresting everybody! Now, all you’re
under arrest! You first! That’s my family.
That’s my… Excuse me, excuse me. Back it up, baby. What was that? – Come on, guys.
– What’s the matter with you, man? – I said, what the hell was that?
– What was what? – I said what the hell are you doing, man?
– Be cool, man! What’s your fucking problem? What the hell’s
wrong with you? Goddamn! He’s all right. I just
shot him in the leg, is all. Damn, Jimmy! Get up. All right, everybody,
get out! Get out! Come on, Frank,
it was an accident. – It wasn’t no goddamn accident.
– He feels terrible. He don’t feel shit, ’cause he’s
coked up all the motherfucking time! He’s your driver.
Get rid of him. Come on, man,
that’s your cousin! That ain’t shit to me! He don’t mean nothing to me. What’s he gonna do,
go back home? I don’t give a damn
what he does! Send his ass home!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Don’t rub on that!
You blot that! You understand?
That’s alpaca! That’s $25,000 alpaca!
You blot that shit! You don’t rub it!
Put the club soda on there. Simple Simon-ass
motherfuckers. Listen, from now on, don’t nobody
talk to me directly! You understand? You got business with me, you talk to
Huey! Huey, you talk to me! You got it? All right. Damn it, never on the phone!
You got it? – I got it.
– All right! And take them goddamn
sunglasses off. Take the goddamn
sunglasses off! Damn it, man. Simple Simon-ass

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  2. Trademark infringement ! Awww Kanye ! Uh oh ! Looks like an extremely long prison sentence !!! Good luck justifying anything !!! Where’s the Shelby at ? I love that car ! I know !

  3. Denzel is my favorite actor that man is such an amazing actor he means business when he steps foot onset!😎👏🏾🅿️😄

  4. Everyone over here praising Denzel for his acting in this scene…but what about the bucket here robbed of an Oscar? The dramatic splash…the excellent roll..I mean my God the range is incredible

  5. Frank: only I "slam slam slam" shoot mothafuckas "slam slam slam" in broad mothafuckin daylight you understand what the mothafuck I'm saying……. Simple mothafuckas…..

  6. Anybody else peep how the water went all over dude in the black @ 2:03?? Lmao… I wonder if it was really scripted like that or if it was an accident lol.

  7. You gotta learn the names of the guys you can touch and the guys you can't touch. Otherwise someone might tune their piano with your skull

  8. Frank had every right to feel this way. Discipline is imperative in any organization, particularly one operating under illegal means.

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