American Graffiti (8/10) Movie CLIP – Pharaohs and the Cop Car (1973) HD

American Graffiti (8/10) Movie CLIP – Pharaohs and the Cop Car (1973) HD

Look at it this way.
You got three choices. One, you chicken out. In that case, I let Ants tie you
to the car and drag you around a bit. – You don’t want that, right?
– No. Two, you foul up
and Holstein hears you, and, well– – You don’t want that, right?
– No, I don’t. Three, you are successful
and you join the Pharaohs… with a car coat and
a blood initiation and all that. Wait a minute.
What blood initiation? Why don’t we go get your Jeep? – What are you talking about?
– Your Jeep. The one you sold the hunting ponies for.
The one with the four-wheel drive. You sure you got
enough slack? Yeah, no sweat.
Let’s get outta here. Come on, Terry. Stand by for justice!

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Hey, the reaction shot of the police in the car is crucial to the end of the scene.
    How could anyone who knows anything about film cut it before that?

  2. Good story but impossible. A thin steel cable vs a huge rear axle? Naw, the cable snaps.Guaranteed.

    However connect that cable to the rear leaf spring? Well it won't total the car when the spring snaps (as in the flick…) but it will cause one helluva mess.

  3. check out how this scene was used in a Class of 64 reunion video./class of 64, 25 year reunion, Twin Lakes H S, Monticello, indiana

  4. My favorite scene in the movie. Am I the only who thought "Why doesn't Kurt tell the cops he was abducted and now being coerced into committing a crime?"

  5. HERES ONE FOR JUSTICE COPPER!!!!!………….middle finger in the air……………………….YAAANNNKKK(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((!!!!!!!

  6. This whole scene doesn't make sense in that the Pharoahs are taking some meek, quiet guy, who doesn't want a thing to do with them, and forcing them into their group. Nobody wants somebody like that in their Posse. They need and want like-minded individuals. Someone like Kurt (if his little stunt had been discovered early) , and he'd been arrested, would flip immediately and point out the true culprits- The Pharoahs, which the cops and his Lawyer would know is true.

  7. One of da best car films of all times. And best era of all time. I was like 13 when this movie came out. Think I watched it 3 times that day. Still watch it today. Life was better then.

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  10. Any classic car fans have an idea of what the make and model is of the pastel blue (white top) car is to the right of the cop car (the viewer's right) visible from :50-:58 and again from 1:33 on? Kurt sneaks out from behind it while moving toward the police.

  11. This is exactly how the train yard in Modesto CA (where the movie is written about) sounds like… LOUD LOUD LOUD – Silent!

  12. Love this scene, one of my favorite ones in this movie, but if you try this yourself, you need a much larger cable. That 3/8 or 1/2 cable would not have pulled the axle of the cop car. It would have just broke.

  13. Here you have sound designer Walter Murch at the beginning of his career (he also worked on Apocalypse Now). How do you keep a scene like this from being static and boring? You 'score' it with the sound effect of a train passing nearby, then ease back into the radio music. Superb.

  14. Came here when Mythbusters tested ripping a rear axle off the back of a vehicle using a chain or a cable, and DX did the same thing to Vince McMahon back in 2006, and that time, they used a chain and hooked it up to something off camera

  15. I’m honoured to have been a part of this movie and that some parts were based on my own experiences in 62 before I headed out to nam. Lucas’s finest hour

  16. That happened for real in Wilmington NC. Back before this movie was made. The cop was smashed against the window and was seriously injured. Almost died.

  17. August 11, 1973… This Opened.

    25 Years Later…

    August 11, 1998… I was born.

    Holy fack, does time fly or what?


  18. so very mnay time's i have wanted to do this if i could only do thuis and get completly away with it fix those damn cop's once and for all for hattesing me all of these year's! stand by for justice!

  19. This will always be my favorite movie it brings back so many memories when I was in high school in the 60's. I lot of the kids drove trucks but there were some 55 fords, 57 Chevy, one girl drove a 59 Edsel I drove a 66 mustang [$1450 600 with miles on it] for two months then it was totaled, so I bought a 67 Malibu with the insurance.[ $1700, 800 miles]. I finished high school with this car in 1969. Uncle Sam was calling for Viet Nam so after high school I went in the Airforce. And after basic training, I came home an nd bought a 1970 Dodge Challenger. it had 1200 miles on it $2400.These were some good times in my life.

  20. i just watched this saturday my friend forced me to and i didn't want to but now i am glad he did i love love love this movie!!!!!

  21. Back around 1954 a classmate who had moved to Los Angeles told me about an incident like this. Apparently it actually happened. That classmate, incidentally, became an LAPD captain. Maybe, someone can research it on the internet and tell us if it really happened, and supply details.

  22. You can tell that young man does not want to participate in what they are doing you can also tell that he is allowing them to manipulate him and Bully him somebody didn't teach that boy how to stand up for himself he's allowing them to walk all over him if I was in his place I would fight all three of them now all four of us would have gotten hurt really bad but they wouldn't be bullying me or anybody else for that matter

  23. Can’t believe that literally 3 years later Dreyfuss would grow out his beard and hippy hair to be Matt Hooper in jaws

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