American Pickers: An Owner Wants $80,000 for a Classic Auburn Car (Season 12) | History

American Pickers: An Owner Wants $80,000 for a Classic Auburn Car (Season 12) | History

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  1. Catch a new episode of American Pickers, Evel Live 2, and more during Car Week! The action begins July 7th at 8/7c!

  2. Its a strange world. When you want to sell something, it has to be perfect, under-priced, and ready to go…..or delivered. When you want to buy something, it's usually neglected, as-is, overpriced, and inaccessible. You can't win. This car as-is should have been a whole lot cheaper.

  3. Insight for the youtube viewers, this episode ran a few years back. When they got it restored, the seller had since passed away and they took Sandy for a ride

  4. Imagine if the world were filled with people like Dan and Sandy and their neighbors?? What a happy place!

  5. In the end the guys do restore the car and go back for their promised ride but once they get there they hear that jan had died they take sandra who bring a picture frame of jan

  6. What nice people, just love em. How could you say no to $35,000 they asked, that car so rear it worth at least 50,000

  7. Hears it’s worth 30 offers 25…. wow if this were Pawn Stars they’d offer 18 on a really good day

  8. Those guys are really fair i saw this episode and wen they take it back thats a lot of money good thing he had someone lined up to fix should have replaced fuel tank.and pump

  9. i like mike..he was so kind to this couple..bringing back the car just for him to drive it for the first time is so sweet of Mike..

  10. I live in Auburn where these cars were built and I cant believe as close to your guy's home we are you've never been over here

  11. In one of the episode of The Pickers that I watched, Mike was able to fulfill his promise the sad thing that Dan have already died only Sandy was able to ride the car. So much respect for Mike for fulfilling his promise.

  12. I imagine that this is something you only see in the US. Lovely couple living a simple life with some need stuff 😍

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