Amsterdam Guide to “Finding a used Bicycle!” [EPIC BIKING ADVENTURE}

Amsterdam Guide to “Finding a used Bicycle!” [EPIC BIKING ADVENTURE}

– [Narrator] When can I pick up the bike? – [Bike Seller] Uh, you can
leave in about 30-40 minutes (ethnic music) – So today’s the day people, We may be picking up a new bike. We’re going to meet the
guy in like fifty minutes And then we’re going to see if the bike is In good condition, then
we’re going to buy it. So, yeah come with me. Our adventure to find a bike in Amsterdam. (music) (music) – Well, fingers crossed
I won’t be bikeless in about 20-30 minutes. (music) (music) – Well, we finally made
it to our destination. And I have no clue where the hell we are. We’re in the outskirts
almost near the airport. Just called the guy, he said he’ll be here in 1 minute to 2 minutes. So let’s see, where is this guy at? I don’t even know where I’m at I’ve never been to this part of Amsterdam. In general we’re like in the outskirts literally nothing here, kinda
resembles Bulgaria in a way. So, the bike had some deficiencies, like one chamber’s
rusty, and the gearshift didn’t really work so (soul music) And then when I spoke
to the guy that actually had a brain injury, he
said “Oh, yeah, maybe you shouldn’t buy this bike.” Well, let’s go down to
the market and see if we can find a used bike there. (music) – Alright we’re off to
find this magical market. I thought it was right
here at this building but apparently it’s somewhere else so lets go find the market! (music) – Alright this is more like a market. (music) – So I went to the market and they wanted seventy Euros for a bike.
And I tried chiseling them down to like sixty,
but nope seventy Euros. Seventy Euros, eighty
Euros, eighty five Euros. So, like ugg! This vlog is going to be
showing 2 different days Just letting you know,
this is going to be day 1. Then on day 2 we’ll see
if we can find a bike. On day 2 we’ll see what’s going to happen. Yeah it’s really hard
to find a used bike here that’s not stolen. So, yeah wish me luck! (music) – After coming home I decided
to go back on Facebook and I saw a post that
there’s a guy selling bikes for forty Euros. The ad’s right here. (music) – So we’re going to go travel there. Hopefully we can get a bike. Because I’m sick and tired
of waiting for the bus (music) (thumping) (music) – So the guy says he’s going to meet me at the end of this small road. So yeah it’s kind of
shady walking down here let’s hope it’s not my last video before I disappear in Amsterdam. Oh Jesus man! Continue down the road? How long is this road? Holy crap I’m 99% sure
I’m walking next to a jail because there’s security cameras there, if you can see it. And there’s a moat surrounding the building and each
window has bars and shit. Pretty sure I’m by the jail or some shit. Honestly I think this
vlog deserves 35 likes We’ll get 35 likes just
for walking past the jail. Anyways, let’s survive this walk by. Lets hope I get a nice bike. Fingers crossed! Alright, we managed to get a bike. It has big wheels it just
didn’t come with a light. We have to get one from
the vending machine. That’s right a bike light
from a vending machine. Let’s do it! (music) We officially now have a
front light and a back. Now we’re ready for the
road and we can’t get stopped by the police
because we have lights on our bike. (music)

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  1. Awww glad you found a bike! And I hope that bike thief is still searching for a screw!! Ask hardware stores (since thats where you were sent) if anyones been in lookin for one…bet you'll find that grubby little jerk eventually.

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