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  1. Watch Comparing a $250,000 🏡 VS $550,000 🏡 https://youtu.be/SyzhQkA_yz4 ➡️If you had an extra $50,000 for a home? What upgrades would you expect? ❓

  2. Happy birthday to yrew
    Happy birthday to yrew
    Your small and your ikkle
    And it’s your birthday to

    Love this video . I’d have liked to have seen more of it 🤨🤨 but LA homes for that price are a whopping nooooooooooooooooooooo

  3. Happy Birthday, YREW!!! Generally, do you feel that if you spend more on new construction @ similar locations, you get better value? Here $50k won't get you too much more…maybe $100k be more of an upgrade. You mainlanders make me sooo jealous.

  4. There's no tankless here because it's all electric, the other realtor said. https://youtu.be/30VjqFMya2c?t=284 You might want to tell her that there are electric tankless water heaters and they are actually more efficient than gas tankless water heaters.
    I personally thought they were all electric as I've seen them in Florida.

  5. Happy happy birthday! Spokane! Looked you have a lot of fun filming with Cameron. 200k or 25Ok would get a shack here.

  6. I do love blue cabinets and yellow walls, especially if you are a Michigan fan. Also a can of paint cost about $30 and it would fix most problems.

  7. The shower is very small, yes our prices here in PHX are higher, but the trend is no tub and 6-8 foot walk in frameless glass showers in the master, our home is 5 years old 5 foot shower and a 6 foot tub and it was 211K-live in Buckeye AZ 23 miles from downtown PHX
    Retired but love real estate and enjoy your vids

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