An Indian Restored 1959 Plymouth Belvedere | 60 Year old Car Restoration in India

An Indian Restored 1959 Plymouth Belvedere | 60 Year  old Car Restoration in India

At First Sight it Seems a Scrap Lets see how this car won Golden Award in Classic Car Rally Please Comment down to Request Subtitles in your language This is 1959 Plymouth Belvedere the car was supposedly used as a Governor’s car in Madhya pradesh, imported by Goverment of India It was bought from its second owner,
who hardly used the car since buying it in 1971. The odometer reads 3000 miles,
which might be genuine. The marks on the roof shows
that a beacon light was fixed there The car after some cleaning Dont Forget to Subscribe to my channel Comment Down i would be happy to Respond Here is the engine bay of the Plymouth The car needs work on suspension
and brakes before it can be driven. The restoration work has started on the
Plymouth Belvedere Full grounds up restoration has commenced,trims etc will of-course removed in due course right now the body is off the chassis
and work on the underside has begun suspension and mechanical parts
have arrived from the US as well. Engine has been removed for checking and cleaning, doesn’t need much work The chassis was cleaned/cleared of all rust
and painted with primer. Chassis has received a coat of paint and work on suspension has begun. Tinkering work on the underside of the body is almost complete and it has received a coat of anti-rust. The underside has received rubber coating. Chassis is fully restored with all new suspension, shockers , arm bushes , steering ends and engine and transmission mounts, all parts imported from USA. The body has been united with chassis
and tinkering work is in progress now. some parts are awaited from the US
like mouldings, cosmetics etc, they are also looking for a shipping agency which picks/ships Glass, as the rear glass has to be imported. Tinkering work is almost complete the car has received a coat of primer now the car is with the painters for putty-ing
and preparing the base for paint job. Here is a video of firing of the engine. After the final coat of primer.
A small video of the test drive. The engine is Plymouth 230 inline
6 flathead, its about 3772 cc. The fenders, hood have recieved a rubber coating (3M) This was painted couple of days back and now they are thinking of changing it waiting for the correct formula for the powder blue. earlier the car was painted
and the outcome was not as expected. it was decided to try to get the correct shade from USA luckily these period touch up
samples were found on eBay. Finally the car was repainted today
with the correct powder blue shade, Here it is how it looks Tail lamps lenses and
a period radio has also been imported the missing knob on the radio is now being sourced. the white on the roof and sides was sprayed Colour as it looks after rubbing. Original seat pattern found underneath covers. Wiring work has started. details are sorted Work has been slow on the car
as more parts are sourced This just appeared in The Plymouth Bulletin, Work on the car is going on full pace now luckily an original rear glass along with an odd lot of spare parts were found in Jharkhand. The rear glass has been fitted now New tyres (Firestone) 750-14, 4-Ply (2-1/4” white walls) have also arrived from the US. some small items are still awaited from the US including some mouldings, knobs and an ash tray. Car got every original party it has before and We won Golden Award in Classic car rally if you liked my video Please give it thumbs up Don’t forget to Subscribe to my channel Comment down if you have any queries or suggestions Subscribe now

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  1. Well done, nice to see a restoration done to the likes of reality shows often seen on Discovery & History channels.

  2. Good job guys, love to see you more Restoworks. It's very hard to restore such classic beauties. Just loved the chrome touch on front Fascia. But 1thing I didn't understood that have you exported the car to USA/ just attended the expo? Coz last few secs of video shows California registered plate at rear.

  3. Nice restoration work
    However the last picture used is from unsplash right?? I have also used this pic in my website.

  4. That's a remarkable restoration job! Very impressive work. I'm surprised to see an American 50's car in right hand drive. Did that come from the factory like that or did it have to be modified to right hand after it arrived in India?

  5. Shaandar Dil kush ho gaya , nice work
    I'M proud Indians kisi chiz m kisse s pichhe nahi hai. Indians do know how to perfectly restore any car 😎

  6. Wow…. great work….can someone find and restore 1965 jeep Wagoneer .. that was also once used to be seen on Indian roads…..

  7. सर जी आप हमे बताय की पुरानी कार कहा रिपेयर करया जहा हम सब को ओरीजनल पाटृस मील जाय और हमारी कार मे फिर से जान आ जाय

  8. Bhai, jo v dekho us se import hua he.. isme jitna kharcha aya hoga.. pure car ki kimat utni nai hogi. Ise thodehi restoration kaha jata he..

  9. Wah bhai bahut chlaak ho aap. Teambhp se pictures download kar k . Apne name se video bna k daal di. Viewa bator rahe ho.

  10. Please make video in English. So that people outside Hindi belt shall also understand your great determination.

  11. i want a camero 1968 that's in India even an abandoned one.if any one knows please inform. thank you.

  12. I have known, ridden and even driven this car. It was retired as No.3 (ten number)car in 1975 with registration number CPX 3. The car that replaced this car as No.3 was a black Ambassador.
    The rear windshield of this car was broken in the Hindi agitation of mid 1960's, in which a stone was hurled at this car, that was No.1 ( CPX 1)car then.Since the original windshield was not available, a metal contraption housing the rear glass of Ambassador was placed in place of the rear windshield.

  13. Sir, thanks for information you have given. Actually I am 48 years old and this is my dream to have vintage car. But in india i dnt know where to find. Please help me

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