Ancient Free Energy Device Re-created? Original Bhaskara’s Wheel

Ancient Free Energy Device Re-created? Original Bhaskara’s Wheel

Hey guys, I finally managed to build a perpetual
motion device, or a free energy device based on the ancient Indian design by Bhaskara. On the internet, you will mostly see this
model, where bottles are attached to the circumference of a wheel, filled with water. But this is not the actual Bhaskara’s design. I built the Bhaskara’s wheel based on the
original design by Bhaskara. Now what this has, is that it has hollow tubes
for spokes and inside these tubes Bhaskara wants us to fill mercury. Now I am going to demonstrate how this perpetual
motion device actually works. And I do have mercury so stay tuned and watch
till the end of the video and let me know what do you think. Now, Who is this Bhaskara? Bhaskara also known as Bhaskara the Learned,
is an ancient Indian mathematician as well as an astronomer, who lived about 900 years
ago. He was the very first person to think of a
perpetual motion machine, a wheel that would run forever. He also made several key discoveries including
the principles of differential calculus, 500 years before Isaac Newton. He realized that in this setup, the liquid
would keep moving inside, leaving one side of the wheel perpetually heavier than the
other, turning the wheel forever. But why do we need a wheel that runs forever? If we can invent anything that can run forever,
then we could get free energy. Today we are buying energy from external sources,
but what if there is a machine which can run on its own, then we can tap into it, and make
light bulbs glow or run fans, without paying for electricity. This is why devices like the Bhaskara’s wheel
are called Free Energy Devices. Sometimes, they are also known as Overunity
Devices because they operate at an efficiency of more than 100%. If we make a device like this, we can get
an unlimited supply of electricity. Will Bhaskara’s wheel accomplish the job? Today, the internet is full of these wheels,
where people claim that this is Bhaskara’s wheel. The design is quite simple. It has several bottles attached to the circumference
of the wheel. These bottles are partially filled with water,
I just added colors to it, so you can see it better. I made sure that the bottles are filled with
exactly the same amount of water now if I rotate,
some people claim that this wheel will run forever. Let us see if this works. I have an online stopwatch, I am going to
spin this wheel and start the stopwatch. Let’s see how long this will actually work? So you can see that this wheel actually was
spinning only for about a minute. Now, Of course this wheel is poorly balanced
and this is not the prefect model. But still even if you made a perfectly balanced
wheel, this wheel would have stopped anyway. Why? Because this is not the actual Bhaskara’s
Wheel. As you can see it stopped after, just about
a minute, So does this prove that perpetual motion machines do not exist? No! This is not the Bhaskara’s wheel at all. This is not the Bhaskara’s design at all. This is the Bhaskara’s original design. I have designed Bhaskara’s wheel as per Bhaskara’s
original design. It is a well-balanced wheel and I have put
bearings on it to reduce friction. The spokes are actually hollow tubes which
can be filled with mercury and I will show how to make it run forever. But first, these tubes have been left empty
and I am going to give it a spin and let’s watch how long this rotates. So I am starting the timer. And these tubes are empty but I am going to
give it a spin and Let’s see how long this spin. ok you can see that it stopped. As you can see this device ran for about 2
minutes. To make it into a free energy device, Bhaskara
advices to add mercury in equal proportions into these tubes. So, I am going to use a syringe to take mercury
out this container and put into these tubes and put them all in place. Why is this important? Because when I rotate the wheel, mercury would
flow from one side of the spoke to another, making the wheel increase its motion. Why did Bhaskara decide to use mercury instead
of water? Because mercury is very heavy liquid and has
some magical properties and also does not stick to anything. Ok now you can see that I have filled all
the tubes and this is the last tube, but watch what happens as soon as I put in the last
tube. This is going to be very interesting. As you can see, as soon as put in the mercury
the wheels starts to spin by itself. This is the perpetual motion machine which
will literally spin forever. Perpetual motion is actually confirmed by
Newton’s First Law of Motion. Newton says ‘An object in motion will remain
in motion, unless there is an external force.’ Think of planet earth and how long it has
been continuously spinning without stopping. It has already been moving for more than 4.5
billion years. So, how does this wheel spin forever? So, this is the secret! I put my hand behind it as soon as put the
last tube and turned it like this. So this is how most of the perpetual machines
on Youtube work. YouTube is full of videos which claim that
they have created perpetual motion machines, but most of them, if not all of them are fake. They realized the best way to get free energy
is by making fake videos and get adsense money to pay their power bill. That is free energy, if you think about it. So why does the Bhaskara’s wheel not work? What really happens is that, moving parts
make one side of the wheel heavy and shifts the center of mass downwards below what’s
the center right now. So, with the change in the center of mass,
the wheel just acts like a normal wheel, it will slow down and then swing like a pendulum
before it finally stops. About 500 years ago, Leonardo Da Vinci took
the Bhaskara’s wheel and tried to create a perpetual motion machine. He added little balls inside the spokes instead
of mercury. Of course, it is pretty easy to do this. All I have to do is add little metal balls
inside the spokes. This is the Da Vinci’s attempt at making a
perpetual motion machine, and of course this will also stop, it cannot run perpetually. So, this is Da Vinci’s attempt at making
a perpetual motion machine and of course you can see this will also stop. Of course, the Da Vinci’s attempt at making
the perpetual motion machine also failed. This will also stop because it can not run
perpetually. Why? Because as far as we know, all Perpetual motion
machines break the first and second laws of thermodynamics. This is almost like trying to charge a power
bank with itself. Now, think about it? Did I just make a perpetual motion machine? Is it a free energy device? Am I able to charge the power bank using the
power from the power bank itself? Now, this is not to say we may never come
up with an actual perpetual motion machine. Because we do not understand much about the
Universe, and many of us have a closed mind which does not think of new possibilities. Think about it, before Wright brothers, a
lot of scientists were convinced that anything heavier than air would never be able to fly
in air. It sounds remarkably scientific, but some
people do break these “Universal Laws” and then it becomes a matter of fact. For example, think about making a device powered
by radioactive decay from an isotope with a really long half-life. If we make such a device, it will run for
thousands of years. We already have something called the Oxford
Electric Bell which is still working after 175 years of continuous running. If you look carefully, you can see the little
vibration, this is the bell ringing. Of course, scientists argue that these are
not perpetual motion machines, but imagine spinning a wheel and it runs for a hundred
years without stopping. It would take scientists a 100 years to verify
if it is a perpetual motion machine or not, and I think by current standards it would
be a significant step forward in science. Plus, Nikola Tesla himself once said quote:
” No free energy device will ever be allowed to reach the market.” end quote. This means that such devices are indeed possible. Some have claimed that Bhaskara actually made
another device which did run forever, it is said that many of his writings and inventions
were destroyed, and this technology is lost. Remember, many strange devices were invented
in India including the anti-gravity jar. So, may be ancient people did build free energy
devices. So what do you think? Is it possible to build a perpetual motion
machine? Or is this just a pipe dream? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments
section. I am Praveen Mohan, thanks a lot for watching,
don’t forget to subscribe and also click on the bell button to get all the updates. Please give this video a thumbs up and do
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  2. HariBol
    you still can imagine physical mechanic system – good balanced, but with very unstable state of next element…
    a system in which an element (ball) passes a closed path (circulates), passing a portion of an irreversible trajectory — such as a cliff — even such wheels have this property if there are many tubes on them. in that situation each ball falling from the cliff moves the next ball to this scenario, and we get a vibration to circulation converter, still the fact that there is thermal vibration, and it differs in the amplitude of displacements in gases, liquids and crystals, therefore, a medical chemical heating pad warms up during crystallization of liquid acetate sodium, – there is no more "flight" or flowing of alone molecules – but there is a ringing of molecules on the "strings" (rung) of the crystal lattice, and this ringing hits the fingers harder, so we can expect situation when walls of machine vibrating different from circulating ball – allow us to direct termal vibration for drive in to operation such machine – like electrical diode – in ideal case – always detects(rectifies) some radiowaves exists in space

  3. Sir ! If you want rally proof the " Bhaskara's" Wheel( and his idea ) you need a few very important thinks.
    Specialized machines shops, whole crew of engineers highly experiences in balancing-friction-motions science.
    Some " self proclaimed scientist " wasted million 0f dollars and years of experiments finally gave up .
    You know why? because this is impossible to achieve , is against physic fundamentals .
    Shure is the same , but depend how many vodka shots you have .
    Even our Erath turning every year slower and after 5-6 billions years stop completely.

  4. We live in a worldwide DICTATORSHIP which will NOT allow most people to be FREE. We are unwittingly ENSLAVED pretending to be free.

  5. Don't u think it's impossible just on earth may be scientists have to try in outer space I mean without gravity may be it won't run forever but if does some hundred of years that would be enough I guess right 🙄

  6. So i am just wondering if adding the mercury and/or metal balls concept to any unidirectional wheel would increase its efficiency or ease of use.For example a bhaskara wheel on a normal bicycle vs a normal wheel … Would it assist manufacturers like Tesla for example 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  7. Cool stuff, if only we could shift the most mass to one side vs the lower half of center then maybe…. If the bottom half of the center holds the most weight it will always slow down, Can neo magnets somehow affect that relationship if set up at the 2 'oclock position? Just a thought.

  8. I beielve it is possible there is secrets in the cosmos that have yet to be seen. And yes there has been many creations which could have changed the world for the better. One has to figure out a way to keep the balance off at one side to keep forword motion. Other wise the faster it spins the harder the opposite side would be pressing force backward. Mathematics has made many creations it will one day be a known fact that the universe has unlimited energy and there are ways of tapping into it. I'm sure some scientist has already figured it out 30 or 40 years ago but was shut down. But again this was a great video. Keep up thee awesome work bud

  9. I would like to work with you. Cause the more i think about it the more i feel like this country has a lot more to it than itseems

  10. the best perpetual energy machine i've seen on youtube uses the principal of water pipes pressure knocking to run a piston and one other thing . i forgot but it was capable of running for years before lubrication and parts wore down. It was desktop display size just to showcase its potential that's why it had a piston and one other thing like examples of the stuff it could power. This machine was from long before the invention of the internet

  11. spins it really hard thinking we can't see his hand on the back of the wheel……wow……it's like it was moving because of some invisible power….?!?!?!……….you think we wouldn't notice that on other videos…..they don't do that…..they just don't show it working for very long and claim it does…..they don't exert half of that effort lol

  12. I wonder how long his wheel would spin if you used a bearing that had lower friction? I have heard about frictionless bearings, not sure if real or not, I think they use magnets.
    If we, as a people, say something can't be done. Then we close our minds to the possibilities of what can be.

  13. Isn't it trying to use gravitational force as the external force to drive the wheel? It is just not enough to overcome the friction.

  14. The output would need to compensate for friction. That means it needed be at least 102 %. Now depending on load this many need to be ramped up to 140 %. Not easy under todays current thinking.

  15. I think the greatest tragedy pf private researchers who actually accomplish something near to such a device is they seek to patent it, tipping off the deep state to shut them down and destroy their plans. Inventors need to collectivise and find a way for their designs to remain accessible even if they are murdered by the energy conglomerates. That in itself, would be a perpetual motion machine for humanity.

  16. Certainly, I believe in impossibilities. I also believe in things others say can not be done. Free energy is possible and I will soon prove it

  17. in fact in history many people were made to disappear because of this subject! People have oil and they had to sell it somehow but the planet is gradually and surely destroyed because of oil emissions. Now we are desperately trying to introduce electric cars but it's too late!

  18. Friction is going to suiside by seeing this but pls see full video it does'nt go that way what we think waste of time

  19. Why are you doing this? Making videos on false claims.
    It'd have been nice if you did videos of India and its past without any billshit.

  20. I love how you pinpoint why those perpetual motion don't work and still keep an open mind about the possibility. But I'll say you need to discover new properties about the universe to make a perpetual motion machine. The point is, under our current physics model, perpetual motion machine is indeed impossible, however, our current physics model is far from reality. Also I think if you build a wheel that turns for a hundred years, you don't need to wait for a hundred years to verify, you can simply use it to power something and see if you can get more energy from it than the energy you use to set it up and start running.

  21. Im not really a genius guy i didnt understand what newton thing he says., or wtf mercury he says now i know that theres other mercury aside from a planet., but what i understand is this motion thing can light a bulb., if this is a real deal., i dont have to pay for that fuckn high electric bills., u know when that high electric bill came., i want to blow up their company.

  22. Hey Praveen I've took interest into your work since a couple of weeks ago so I've subscribe and thank you for the wide base of knowledge.

  23. I don't know if a free energy device can be made. But even if created, this technology will never come to the market. if come there are many companies will lose billions of dollars.

  24. Want to know a secret of my ancestors? It only works with a singular continuous tube. Forever = infinity, think of the symble for that. A sideways 8, continuous and ever flowing into itself. Its time for us to give you certain understandings, once more. Do not war it away again.

  25. This is fascinating!!
    You REALLY have to wonder if the ancient Jains and Hindus did have the technology to build these only to have it all taken away by advancing warriors.
    I want, so badly, to go into those places the Governments have closed off. I have NO doubt the answers are there to all of this! We could have an incredibly peaceful world IF we were allowed to KNOW our own history!

  26. What Tesla was saying is that corruption doesn't allow free energy to hit the market as long as there is money to be made from it. Basically it's a "consumers law" that will not send big companies broke that can create money for the economy.
    Tesla already claimed to make free electricity to all homes but the project was shut down and also the fact that he already had the idea for electricity cars and charge stations but the oil lobby shut him down. Basically making out he was crazy… Because in their world of money makes economy he was crazy to give away something free that could make sustainable billions of dollars for many years to come.
    RIP Tesla… Fkn legend and the brains of God's gift of free electricity to man kind so that no man will go without light or heat.

  27. Many people in the world who have come up with innovations have been killed. With folk medicine for millions of patients who was cured
    Rajeev Dikshit a Hindu man was killed. A great gang follows a Kerala doctor named Mohanan Vaidyarto destroy his innovations.

  28. It will work if it is exactly equal in weight around the entire wheel and it is precisely designed.
    And then it will go.
    But then you will see that the mass on one side is further out than on the other side and then it will go around.

    The sight is important to think about and then you can see the details. Denial does not exist in science.
    There is a problem with the amateurs.

    Seems that many are not taught an elaborate and revised Newton law.
    That enables perpetual mobile, anti-gravity, and harnessing the energy of gravitational force.
    Newton must have done a very bad job.
    Therefore, the earth is polluted.
    But if Newton did a good job, the world would be completely pollution free. It is, in fact, true.

  29. Somewhere in books i had learned there is friction but this man failed this theory oh man 🤣🤣🤣well I appreciate his work

  30. It’s obviously not going to work even if the bearing doesn’t have friction because there’s something called air resistance. And it’s always perfectly balanced and everything cancels out everything on the wheel and it just spins for a long time because Mercury is heavy

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