Android Auto 2019 Update: So much better than CarPlay

Android Auto 2019 Update: So much better than CarPlay

– One of the most important places I think you’re ever going to use your
phone is here in the car. Now, it’s also one of the
more dangerous places. And how many times a
day do you drive around and you see somebody looking down on their phone at a stop light, or even worse, while
they’re actually driving. We’ve all done it, I know, but the manufacturers are
trying to do their part to keep us from using
our phones in the car, as much as we can, while still using our phones in the car as much as we can. That’s where things like Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay come into play. And really, I think that’s one
of the most important things we can do in the car. Still be able to use your
phone for music and navigation, and actually communications,
but to do so safely. Now we’ve been waiting for
new versions of Android Auto to come out for a while now. They said it was coming out
late summer, it’s finally here. I’ve been using it for a few days, it is a great, great, great improvement. So let me go get back in the garage, and let’s take a deeper look at this. (light upbeat music) So this is if folks, it’s
the updated Android Auto. Now I’m using it on the Alpine Halo Nine, which by the way, is still really awesome. Go watch my full video on that if you haven’t seen it before. Anyway, this is a whole
new user interface. The app’s mostly still look the same and there is some new ones in there too, but, it’s how you get around
that’s really different. So first, the old sort
of home screen is gone. So too are the little cards
that you’d find on them. Now instead, we have the
sort of proper app drawer, or they call it the app launcher. The really cool thing about it is that your recently used
apps float to the top. Now that’s a big deal because it’s a hundred times
better than the old list that we would have to scroll
through every single time. This is just way more efficient. That means that your eyes
spend more time on the road and less time on the screen, and fractions of a second matter here. And you will also notice a few new apps, and they’re actually things that you didn’t install yourself. There are icons for calendar,
news, weather and reminders. Now it’s really just Google
System doing it’s thing. Do it in whatever voice you have set, which for me is John Legend, because I have a wife and two daughters and John Legend is just
way cooler than me. – [Car Audio System] Hey John Legend. Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey. That hey was in the key of E. – Anyway, it’ll read appointments out loud or kick you into a new source like CNN, or you can set reminders, or, you can have it read the weather as only John Legend can. – [Car Audio System]
Right now in Pensacola, it’s 90 degrees fahrenheit and sunny. Today it’ll be clear, with
a forecasted high of 92 and a low of 73. – Now the other big deal is what you see when
you’re inside of an app. Now you’ve got one touch
access to audio playback. So if you’re in say, Waze,
you can control the audio without having to dump out of that and back into, say,
Pocket Cast or Spotify. Now you never have to
leave your navigation app, and that’s a really big deal,
it’s the way it should work. There’s also a button for notifications. So it’s easy to find
a missed text message, and of course, there’s
the microphone for voice. Now I thought I’d miss having that phone icon front and
center, but I really don’t. I can use my voice easily
enough to make a phone call, or it’s just a couple taps away. Now the new theme of Android Auto is dark and it’s real nice, I like it. My only complaint is
that the notifications that drop down from the top of the screen often end up being dark on dark. Now it’s not so bad when you’re looking at
things in like an emulator, but out there on the road
with the sun and the glare, it’s not good during the day. Now it’s a lot better in an
app like Google Maps or Waze, which have lighter backgrounds, but when it’s dark on dark,
it’s pretty hard to see. And I tell ya, yes, I definitely
still love Android Auto a lot more than Apple CarPlay, even though they’re a
lot more similar now. But, more on that in the fall
once iOS 13 has come out. So that’s it for the Android Auto update. I tell ya, it’s a really,
really good update, it makes using it so, so much easier. By the way, this little
thing I’m using up here, that’s an Alpine unit. I’ve got a whole video on that, go watch it if you haven’t
already, highly recommend it. Love having a nine inch
screen here in the car. If you’ve got any other
questions, find me on the socials. Be sure to subscribe to the
channel if you haven’t already. That’s it, see you later. (light, upbeat music)

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I love using it. I don't have the update yet. I always use Google Voice, to take me somewhere or to send a message.

  2. I'm confused I got the update for andriod auto and spotify looks how it looks in the video but I still have the old blue home screen. I dont have the nice one like in the video. Shouldn't I have everything? Are more updates coming?

  3. Can you make a video on your set up there? I like how you're able to, what looks like, the ability to mount a tablet where the CD is and use a tablet. My questions: if you use a tablet, can you still receive and make calls though the tablet if you use the hot spot option from your cell phone? What receiving call if your tablet has LTE capability? What brand of mount do you use to mount the tablet? Is it reliable?

  4. No more weather cards? And notifications to work and home? That sucks! I loved the constant weather card and changed every time you entered a different town or city

  5. thanks for the vid. Are you in the US or Canada? I've a Pixel phone and still no update yet.
    I do like the changes to spend less time looking/scrolling and more attention to driving.

  6. First of all great vid. Done update but when in my car which is a ford 2018 i can't get any app to show up. Any ideas 💡

  7. Does this work with the Q Beta? I have the app installed but for some reason it doesn't appear in my app drawer and I see no way to actually open the app. Even asking my Google Assistant to "open Android Auto" doesn't actually load the app. (Pixel 2 XL)

  8. The app is shut down all the time, it is not worth updating until a patch is released. Just like in a previous update.

  9. Has to be an Android fanboy. I have both Carplay and Android Auto. I was extremely underwhelmed with Android Auto. The update looks better than the old version but that’s about the only real improvement. Good thing I have both an iPhone and an S9.

  10. Is this depended on the Version of the Head Unit or the Android Handheld device?
    Because I drive a 2018 Volkswagen Golf MK7 with the most recent Entertainment hardware and a Huawei Mate 20 pro, and Android Auto still looks the same.

  11. I so want this update, but it isn't available on my phone. Real shame. I also wish they finally made Android auto available in my country. I now have to download it from apk mirrors all the times…. it sucks. Also a lot of the functionality of the Google Assistant isn't yet available here. It's just so terribly frustrating to see videos like this where the Assistant actually works while it's a constant struggle for me to make the Assistant work for me. I keep being surprised on how incredibly primitive and just stupid the Assistant is in my country while it works wonderful in all these American YouTube videos….

  12. Uninstall Android Auto, go to and install the newest version = profit

  13. Thank you for a good review. I have not been able to get suggested destinations based on my calendar appointments – In the old AA it was located as cards on the home screen – this is now gone. Maps only suggest Home and Work – not calendar-based destinations – Am I wrong?

  14. I am considering having this installed and I am wondering if a different screen will be required? I have a mazda sport 2018, and it comes with a screen, but it's not a touch screen, so I am assuming, there will be more cost than just having the dealer install this?

  15. I have a note 9, running a kenwood ddx 9905s I still have the old version of AA. Google play store says it's got the latest update. Any idea's on how to update it?

  16. My wife has an older phone with this new android auto interface and my phone is a 2019 phone and I still have the old version.

  17. Well, now that Google copied Apple CarPlay's UI, Android Auto finally looks good! Android's history repeating over and over again.

  18. This worked for my Note 9, go to setttings > apps > android auto app > scroll to the bottom > in-app notification settings > there will be a tab that says try new AA

  19. Why did mine update and then I went to use it again and it showed me the old version? I couldn't go back to the new updated version, how frustrating because the new one so much better than the old.

  20. Hey when you are talking about safety whilst driving perhaps keep at least one hand on the wheel ! (Perhaps you are of Italian heritage and can"t actually talk unless waving both hands around.)

  21. Android auto not available in the Netherlands, but by illegal ways it's available, but not yet this version. But can't wait.

  22. Anyone knows when this comes live? And I drive a 2019 C class facelift with the big screen, and I can't use the full screen, its splitted with a big android auto logo om the left side of my screen, will this also be fixed?

  23. I really enjoy your channel. Android Central has really gone downhill since you left. I finally deleted the app today.

  24. 3 days ago new AA appears on my HU, maybe because auto update on my phone.. I like it. But today it back to old appearance. Can u help how to get the new AA back? Tks.

  25. Can Android Auto alert you of a text message then read it out loud to you without interacting with any on-screen or physical buttons?

  26. Somehow my Navi button switch the mic is now to the far right and the aNavi far left how do I get him back to the original place

  27. They still haven't fixed that worthless assistant drop-down. Such bad design. I've missed turns having text conversations… It blocks everything… How hard is it to just have the microphone icon change and leave the screen alone?

  28. This may not be the best place to ask but since the AA update my experience has drastically changed. I called Google, extensively browsed the AA help forums and cannot for the life of me find why the previously simple commands no longer work. I say "ok Google, text XYZ," and the system responds "I don't know how to help with 'text XYZ." I used to say "ok Google, what's on my calendar today," or "ok Google, call XYZ" but now Google can't help. The list goes on. I'm perplexed that something that always worked brilliantly now cannot do the simplest of things. How did this break? I didn't make any changes.

  29. Having used both, I find CarPlay to be way better for me. Maybe it’s just because I am more used to it, but losing the ability to play Apple Music on Android auto is a real letdown. I get Apple Music for free from Verizon so I don’t have the desire to pay for Spotify or google play music. Also, my experience has shown google assistant to be incredibly slow to respond to voice commands and sometimes not to perform tasks it claims to be performing. Comparing the two, CarPlay feels refined and android auto feels like a beta someone threw together . Just my personal experience. Others will have different experiences and preferences, I’m sure.

  30. Where the hell is the home screen with notifications and calendar items. Only the most important part to me. Horrible update.

  31. My Android Auto just updated on my phone and as soon as it updated the next time I plugged my phone into my 2016 Chevy Spark it didnt say to display MyLink system/Android Auto. How do I get it back to working?? I also have a Galaxy s10 Plus if that matters

  32. you missed an opportunity to talk about how AA will let you know that you've been playing too much on the radio and will force your eyes on the road by turning the interface off for a few short moments.

  33. Android auto, not available in my country(Belgium)… People have to mess with apk mirrors and vpn's to get this while most cars support it.

  34. This new Android auto has been live for some time now, at least for me. open Android auto on your phones, top left of screen click on the 3 lines (options), then "Settings", your first option should be "try the new android auto" just turn that to on. Also make sure you have the latest version of android auto installed. Good luck and safe driving

  35. One word, android auto………….sucks! It has not one thing my car infotainment can't do, the apps i want to work are not availible. So i don't see any reason to use android auto. Also it keeps getting stuck within seconds. And i wish it could suck because that's the one thing my car infotainment can't do!

  36. When you turn on your engine , does the halo 9 require you to agree not to drive while you navigate or watch a video on it and have to press to agree?

  37. The main thing missing that CarPlay has is messages. You can't access your messages through android auto. Also the sound quality does seem to be as good. Other than that it looks nice 🤷‍♂️

  38. Thanks for this! Great demo.  How did you get it to respond to "Hey John Legend?" Even though I chose John as my assistant voice, Google Assistant only responds to "Hey Google", or "Okay Google".

  39. CarPlay you plug and play android garbage android auto you have to download 5 apps and still csnt make that piece of shit work 😌 I'm switching to iphone way more easy to use

  40. you know what i hate about android auto? its locked down! you cant just goto the play store and download any maps you want to use you have to use whatever that manufacturer puts on there! and after so many years it will probably get obsolete!

    you can get around this by buying a cheap chinese unit however these end up playing up and dying and stuff so they suck!! cheap for a reason!!

    i dont see why i should spend hundreds of pounds on an android unit that has android auto that is locked down. i would expect more flexibility if your paying 2 3 or 4 times as much for an after market head unit!

  41. Question can you connect android auto via Bluetooth or wirelessly? If I'm listening to music on USB then I have to unplug to plug in my phone. 😡

  42. When you find out what kind of person John Legend really is, you're going to be shocked and immediately wish you had never heard of him.

  43. You're not such a ModernDad. Can't you even provide a link to your video on the Halo 9? DemeritDad is more like it.

  44. I installed and updated android auto on my 2019 RDX, BUT unlike when I used apple carplay, it stays on the android auto screen (phone) when I activate it "by voice control" for calls or text.  Do I have to live with manually reverting back to my preferred screen manually, or is there a way to have it disappear into the background  after I use it with voice control? That was very convenient with apple carplay…

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