Angela Wins $37K in the Bonus Round | Wheel of Fortune

– You chose Around the
House as your category. R, S, T, L, N, E. Vanna? Please. Audience, nothing from you. Eww. All right. Well you’ve
got some work to do. Let’s have three more
consonants, one more vowel. – B. – [Sajak] One. – M. – [Sajak] Two. – D. – [Sajak] And a vowel. – A. – [Sajak] Well, every letter
you chose is in the puzzle, we’ll see if that’s enough to do it for you. (dinging) Hmm. All right. It’s Around the House,
– Okay. You have 10 seconds to try
to talk it out. Good luck. – Combo sofa bed, comfy sofa bed. – [Sajak] You got it! There ya go! Wow! Good for you! What do we got here? You want some money? 37,000 dollars! (clapping) – [Announcer] Angela,
we’re making your world a whole lot greener with 37,000 dollars! (audience clapping) – [Sajak] Well that was a
nice change to her score, and almost 50 grand. 49 thousand, three hundred dollars. That’s good.

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