Annoying Orange – Let’s Play Happy Wheels with Grandpa Lemon!

Annoying Orange – Let’s Play Happy Wheels with Grandpa Lemon!

-Oh hey there kids. Grandpa Lemon here and I’m going to play some
video games with you guys. Today I’m gonna be playing,
I guess, Happy Wheels. Okay, let’s try that–
there we go. That do something? Ah, Crime City, ooh. I wonder what Crime City is. All right, let’s try that. Oh, it’s like you’re going
for a nice drive in the city. Whoa! What just happened? Whoa, this is a weird road. Okay. Oh, this is nice.
Maybe I’ll pick up some– Whoa! Whoa! Oh!
I just got decapitated! Why didn’t my character
wear a seatbelt? Oh, I don’t like that one. Let’s try Bigfoot Forest.
That sounds cool. I saw a yeti once. Oh, there he is.
There’s Bigfoot. Okay. Oh, I’m not a nice
little motorcycle with my– my girlfriend, Sally. Ah, she’s pretty. I dated a girl that
looked just like her. Whoa, careful. Was that a homeless guy? All right, just driving
through the forest. Whoa, whoa! Whoa, careful, whoa! Oh, my goodness!
My girlfriend lost her arms! Oh, I got to get you
to a hospital really– Is that another homeless guy? And I just killed
the homeless guy, wow. Okay. Oh– I need to
get her to a hospital– Oh, she’s dead!
[weeps] And I lost my arms.
I think I lost them. Oh, I won. I won the game. [whoops] All right, let’s try this– Oh, my goodness! My son Billy! Billy, no! Daddy’s coming for ya, son.
I gotta find– Is that the point of this game,
is to find your son after you lose him
on the bicycle? I don’t get it. Okay, maybe if I keep
going this way, I’ll find him. [tunnel whirring]
Whoa, it’s like a magical tun– Oh! Oh, boy. Oh, that’s not good. I think– I keep going, though. Am I winning? How is this– that’s– oh, boy. That was bad. That was bad. Okay, Timmy, stay in the– Oh! Billy! Billy,
you didn’t stay in there, and I think I decapitated you
with my back wheel. Oh, that was horrible. There goes my seat. I paid $40 for that
thing at Costco. Oh. Wait a second. Whoa, whoa! [man groans]
All right, who the heck puts a bunch of
spikes on the bicycle course? That just seems all
kinds of wrong to me. All right. Whoa, what’s–
there some kind of secret– Oh… I literally–
my arm is going through my neck. That’s, that’s a
medical condition that I do not want to have.
Oh, and there goes my head. Yep. That is the
worst case of scoliosis I’ve ever seen in my life. Wow. All right, Timmy,
now stay in the– oh, these kids today! They don’t
listen to their elders! And then that’s what happens– you run over them
and then you lose your head. What– well now,
you’re not even trying. You’re not even trying to make
an effort to stay in the seat, so why should I
even bother letting you letting you go on this ride
with your grandfather? Gosh. Billy, if you’re– and now I can’t see
’cause the seat’s on my face. Okay, great. Whoa! [sighs]
All right, Billy, stay in the– Come on! Now you’re just
having fun without your grandpa. Gosh! All right. Here we go. Stay up. Stay up. Keep peddling. Channel Lance Armstrong.
Channel Lance Armstrong! Oh, I’m really
pickin’ up speed now. Look at me go. Whoo-hoo! All right! Whoa, whoa. I was sure to finish that one.
That was good. All right,
keep going, keep going. Here we are.
And I’m gonna do it– [triumphant music plays]
I won! Grandpa Lemon won! Ha-ha! All right, whoo-hoo! Well guys, this has been fun. This has been Grandpa Lemon
playing video games. I hope you guys had a fun time. If you want to see me
play some more games, tell me what games you want
to see Grandpa Lemon play, and don’t forget to
hit the “like” button and subscribe or
whatever it is you kids do. And as always, remember, kids– [snoring] Captioned by

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    xD all what he said

  2. Grandpa Lemon You need glasses !Get it! Glasses of water!I mean Glasses you wear! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHHHHHAAAAAHAHS

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