Anthem’s Top Wheel For 2020 | Anthem Off-Road

Anthem’s Top Wheel For 2020 | Anthem Off-Road

– What’s going on guys, Dave here, Anthem Off-Road Wheels. Happy new year. Hey, you know what? Anthem family, the team Anthem, we had a great 2019 and that
is all because of you guys. It’s that content that your posting up, the videos, the pictures,
you’re uploading pictures to the gallery and we love it. Thank you so much for all
of the support through 2019. It is now 2020. And this is my prediction for our 2020 number one seller for the entire year. This is our Anthem Intimidator. I’m picking this wheel because
I love the smooth lip, right? When you look at this
lip, there’s no rivets, there’s no bolts, there’s nothing in here that’s going to detract from the wheel. All of our other wheels have
rivets and they look great. They really, really do. But there’s just something
about the smoothness, the simplicity of this wheel, that really, really stands out. As we get a little bit
closer into the wheel, each one of these spokes has
a very modest ridge on it, which leaves the wheel
extremely easy to clean. So whether you’re
running through a carwash or you’re washing your
wheels and taking your time and doing it right, you hit it with that clean swoop all the way around the wheel and then your microfiber cloth
through all of the spokes and it’s extremely easy. Not just to keep clean, but to clean it after you’ve got it full of
mud and dirt and road grime. The center cap, just like
all of our other center caps, we’ve got the chrome logo in the middle, extremely easy to customize. Whether you’re looking
for paint or vinyl overlay or whatever it is, you can
make this wheel your own. Most of our other wheels
have the Anthem off-road on the top and bottom of
the wheel, but not this one. We put it on the spoke. A little bit different design,
a little bit cleaner look. And just, we’re proud of this wheel. We want you to be proud of it too. And that’s why we dropped
the name on the spoke, something to enjoy. All right, so the Anthem Intimidator is also available in a gloss black option with milled accents that really stand out and drive your attention to the spokes. So if you’re not looking for
that completely black wheel, if you want that little bit of shine to bring down from the
shine of your vehicle, down to your wheels and tires, that gloss black and wheeled accent will really bring it into you. Our Anthem Intimidators are available in 17 by 9, 18 by 9, 20 by 9, and 20 by 10. So really no matter what off-road style, wheel size, tire combo you’re looking for the Anthem Intimidator has got it and you’re gonna be
extremely happy with it. So as you’re ready to check out and you got your Intimidators in your cart you have the option to
add tires and save more. When you add tires to this
brand new Intimidator, it also gives you the opportunity to get that free mounting,
that free balancing, that free shipping anywhere
in the lower 48 states right to your door. That way when your wheel
and tire package arrives it is set up, ready to
mount on your vehicle and you are ready to roll. You also have the option to add in the no questions asked replacement plan and ceramic coating. Right, so no questions asked allows us to send you a brand-new
wheel, no questions asked. It really is that easy. If you don’t use the no
questions asked replacement plan we will credit it to your next
purchase of Anthem wheels. So either way you’re winning. Ceramic coating, it’s kinda like a wax. But instead of adding it twice a year, you only have to add the ceramic coating once every 4 to 5 years. And it adds an extra layer of protection and helps to keep the wheels clean. So that when you do take it off-roading, when you get that dust,
that dirt, that grime, everything cleans off
really, really simple. So, thanks for watching., wheels,
tires, suspension, gear. Anything you need for your
vehicle, we’ve got it. I’m out. (easy music)

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