Anti-Gravity Wheel?

Anti-Gravity Wheel?

I am here at the University of Sydney where
the mechanical engineering shop has built this incredible piece of apparatus for me.
It is a forty pound, that is nineteen kilogram flywheel on the end of a meter long shaft. Can you imagine trying to hold this out horizontally
with just one hand at this end? It is virtually… it is impossible, ok? No I’m going to let go. You going to be able
to hold this at all? I hope so.
Can you lift it out? Make it horizontal – hold it, hold it, hold
it. Come on. Just try to – I want you to hold
it out horizontal. See if you can. Hold it, hold it!
Ahh, come on! No.
What I’m going to do is I am going to spin this up to a few thousand RPM and then I’m
going to attempt just that, to hold it from one end and have it out horizontally.
Five, four, three, two, one. Boom. I’m going to let go with my left hand. What
you’ll see is that the shaft remains horizontal, see it going around there. It almost looks as though the wheel is weightless.
How does this work? Well instead of pulling the wheel down to the ground as you’d expect,
the weight of the wheel creates a torque which pushes it around in a circle. You may recognise this as gyroscopic precession.
For a more detailed explanation, click the annotation, or the link in the description
to see my video on the topic. Here I want to try something more extreme.
I’m going to try to lift it over my head with one hand while it’s spinning. Wish me luck. But before I make the attempt, Rod wisely
suggests that I first check if I can lift the wheel above my head without it spinning. OK, let’s prove that I could lift it, just
this end, without it spinning. Here we go. agggh
I mean it’s just kind of awkward with the hand.
Careful! Ah, che
Careful! Ha
Oooohhh Just barely. Oh goodness, do you even lift?
Clearly I do not. Undaunted by my lack of strength, I’m going
for it, but I want to make sure the wheel is spinning as fast as possible to give me
the best chance of success. Give it ten more seconds.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Pull!
Go. That was perfect.
Now I’m going to release my left hand and holding only with my right hand at the end
of the shaft, I’ll try to lift it up over my head. This is a forty pound, nineteen kilogram
flywheel. Ready?
Here we go: three, two, one. Beautiful! Let’s go again in three, two, one. Nice!
Smooth. Three, two, one. It feels incredibly, incredibly light as I
do that. When you said it felt incredibly light,
yeah you mean when you’re lifting it feels light?
Yeah. It shouldn’t!
I know. Hahahaha
Honestly, I have lifted it up with one hand when it’s not spinning.
Yeah. And it feels really hard to lift it up, like
it’s a big effort. Yeah.
But with this, when it’s spinning it honestly felt like it was just…
wanting to go up by itself. Yes.
It felt like I was not struggling like I was not putting in the amount of force that you’d
think to lift that kind of weight. I bet if you let it go, it’d crash down to
the ground. It’s not weightless! We can’t do that though. We can’t do that
part of the experiment. What we could maybe do is I could stand on a scale and we could
see what the weight of me plus that apparatus does, while I’m lifting it up over my head,
see if I get lighter in essence. You can see that just my weight is about 72
kilograms. Now when I pick up the flywheel it goes up to about 91 kilograms, which makes
sense because the flywheel itself is about 19 kilos, that’s about 42 pounds. Now we’re going to spin it up and I want you
to make a prediction. As I’m lifting it over my head, do you think the scale reading will
be more, less than, or equal to 91 kilograms. What do you think? You can make your prediction by clicking on
one of the on-screen annotations or if you’re on mobile you can click a link in the description. Five, four, three, two, one.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Anti Gravity is done by high voltage pulling virtual mass from above and in
    front or back or any number of side beam high voltage connections Nikola Tesla invented

  2. Well I thought that the weightless wheel when spinning I thought that it’s because that the spinning wheel was throwing the air to be weightless

  3. He did the experiment wrongly !
    He did not just lift it but rotated it as wel.. precession now converts energy into a 90' angle helping it upwards…

  4. just like the helicopter blades,if you try to lift the chopper with its blades,they will break but once it turns the chopper looks weightless

  5. I gotta try this…I'm curious to see how the device performs when the wheel is horizontal. Maybe 2 wheels together spinning in opposite directions would prevent recession. Perhaps 4 wheels, 2 spinning in opposite horizontal directions and 2 spinning in opposite vertical directions would show interesting behavior. I wonder how rotating spheres would perform? I wonder if mercury pumping through tubes at high velocity would perform similarly? Is there some way to do this electrically without spinning physical mass? I like this video a lot.

  6. Hey bro how strong are you're wrist

    Well I gangstered a deagle 50 Cal with one hand.

    Hold this for as long as you can

  7. Everyone I've seen talking about this always forgets to mention a particular force that is created. Can you guess its name?

  8. Torque equals the force multiplied by the perpendicular distance from the axis of rotation to the line of action of the force. A counter clockwise rotation creates an inward torque, and a clockwise an outward one. There's also another force that is created by the shaft. Can you guess what it's called?

  9. This is call ……… now I know …. u give me good idea thank you so much. I hope u remember me. I hope I'll success. Bless me

  10. As u see that rotating wheel need very less power or thrust to lift.. Can't we use this force to mke some thing which could be very faster… Like ufo… May be stupid but I just get this thought…

  11. Very easy bro using the momentum of the wheel a third grader would also know the science behind it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. This experiment proves that gravity is a lie, and the Earth is actually flat, like a pizza with extra sausage and pepperoni. Yum!

  13. The UFO we saw was Definitely a TIME-Machine,20.13 it Flew over the Sea,easterly direction,disturbing the Athmosphere such a Way that ALL ELECTRIC in Cars/Houses/Tunnel-electric was Down-Called ELECTRO MAGNETIC PULSE = E.M.P. and a Red Swirly Ruby Lighted Cloud-in the East some hundred Meters in Diameter Flakes Glittering Like Nail Polish Gigantic Clouds-and some Seconds Later a Dark Blue Star Further away East-some 100.000 Feet away,apeared-Four Tagged Star-like a Compass-when it went out of Light-the Red ruby swirling Cloud Also in seconds Disapeared……..the UFO was long time (Seconds before) gone….But NO LIGHTS on the Houses-they where Dark….No Electric for several Minutes. 20.13 until 20.35…….

  14. I knew it was gonna be a dope video when I saw that he was standing in the place where a man created a robot in red dead redemption 2

  15. yes it should, you idiots, you went outward and upward over your head. Not just upward. Toroidal dynamics. This is one reason i know my design works. But all you can say is it feels light. Ground breaking stuff here. If something has momentum that can be transferred laterally as it goes up or down, it can offset the straight up and down motion. Transfer weight outward as you go up, you decrease the amount you have to lift. The high rpms probably increases the effect, but i think it should hold true in any situation. It does not break the laws of physics.

  16. if you let out on a spinning rope, it is under less tension as you release it, just like if it were falling. That tiny bit of slack you give the rope gives it a tiny bit of outward momentum. If the system tightens back up, that momentum can either come to a dead stop, or be transferred in a new direction. It's that simple. Hooking a cord to it is the problem. But now we have wireless energy transfer.

  17. Disc goes weightless as a spinning disc on good bearings makes minute contact as all the weight is flying outwards.
    Think about whurlygig wheels at fairs.

  18. As while free falling body fellas weight less but actually it is weight less . But in this case your apparent weight will decrease . Because everything in rotational motion will loose it weight

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