Apache Sprayer Testimonials: Buy an Ag Sprayer with Resale Value

Apache Sprayer Testimonials: Buy an Ag Sprayer with Resale Value

I have been totally impressive how you
can buy these sprayers and how much value they’ll retain. I think I’ve
owned eight new Apache sprayers and I don’t trade them because they’re bad I
trade them because you know I get along well with them and and the upgrades, the
innovation they’ve had through the years really has done a good job for me and
then the trade-in on the Apaches is just fantastic. In fact, about four of my Apache sprayers that I’ve traded in wound up on
neighbors’ farms because they see me operate mine and how well I get along
with it, how successful I am with the spray jobs and see my spray jobs and so
they have no trouble selling my used machines because they know the
reputation. I think the retained value just goes to show how well these machines can
hold up and how long they’ll last. I’ve kept track of how much my machine’s
still worth today and actually I could sell it for about twenty thousand more
than what I bought it for three years ago. I mean it makes a big difference if you go buy a new pickup and drive it off the
lot, and then drive it by time you time the warranty’s going, the pickup’s wore out
and it’s not worth a whole lot. The sprayer, the Apache Sprayer anyway, seems
to be holding up in value. I just traded a little over a year and a half ago and
it held up real well. I got most of my original investment back. The fact that those sprayers hold their value
as they get some age and some hours on them is one of those things that
cheapens our price point up when we go to trade it because they still have
great market value at the end of that five years or whatever is when we
decided we’re going to roll them into a new one and that’s the next buyer can take
that to the field and it may not push it quite as hard as what we have but still
be a very useful productive sprayer for them for a long term.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. They retain value on an Apache dealers lot. Off brand to Deere or case.
    I just got the first one on the farm because I have an excellent dealership. And was 50k cheaper to comparing machine. Had a few hydro sprayers, and had hydraulic drive issues on everyone, new or used.
    Looking forward to no more hydro units!!

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