Appraisal: 1960 GMT Master Model Rolex with Box & Papers

Appraisal: 1960 GMT Master Model Rolex with Box & Papers

GUEST: I brought my Rolex GMT Master that
I bought 55 years ago. APPRAISER: Where did you get it? GUEST: I bought it in Germany, in Zweibrücken,
at a PX when I was in the army over there. I bought the watch just before I came back
to stateside. My sergeant recommended that before I came back to the States, buy a Rolex
watch. APPRAISER: Why did he do that, do you know? GUEST: Well, he liked… he thought it was
the best watch ever made. And he said, “Make sure you get one before you go home,” and
this is the one I liked. APPRAISER: And had you heard of Rolex before
that? GUEST: Not before that, no. I’d never heard
or seen one before. I just took his word that it was a great watch, and it is. APPRAISER: And do you still wear it? GUEST: I don’t wear it very often now. It’s
kind of a keepsake now. I wear my cheap watch now, and this is my dress watch. APPRAISER: Well, I was very excited when you
brought this up to the table. As you know, it’s a Rolex, it’s a GMT Master model. But
it’s got some very special things about it. It is the first model GMT Master that was
ever… Rolex ever made. GUEST: I didn’t know that. APPRAISER: It’s a model 6542, which we have
on the reference number on the paper here. On the box itself, on the edge of the box
right here, we have the reference number of the watch. It’s incredible that you’ve saved
everything. Is there a reason why you saved all this paperwork? We usually don’t see this. GUEST: I don’t know. It just… I’m just lucky,
I guess. APPRAISER: Well, this watch is totally complete.
You have the watch. I know you’ve replaced the original bracelet at some point. This
is a replacement bracelet. But we do have the original bracelet here in the box, which
is also dated that it was manufactured in the first quarter of 1960. And according to
the papers of the watch, you purchased it in April of 1960. GUEST: Correct. APPRAISER: You have the original sales receipt
right here. I notice you bought two watches. GUEST: Yes. APPRAISER: We saw the other one. The other
one wasn’t as special as this one. What did you pay for this watch? GUEST: This watch I paid the $120. The other
watch, which had some gold to the bracelet, I bought for my dad, and I paid $104 for that. APPRAISER: Was that a lot of money back in
1960? GUEST: It was a lot of money. APPRAISER: Yeah? GUEST: My salary in the army was just under
$100 a month. APPRAISER: Okay, so that was over a month’s
salary. GUEST: Yes. APPRAISER: Do you know what this paper is
right over here? GUEST: No. APPRAISER: Rolexes were sent to the observatory
in Geneva to be certified as chronometers, and that is the original chronometer bulletin
that if you look on the left-hand side of it, you’ll see the numbers, and they actually
timed the watch to tell what timekeeping it kept, plus or minus how many seconds it lost.
We also have the original brochure on the watch. Everything’s complete. You have the
original hang tags. I’m very pleased to tell you that this watch today at auction is a
very, very collectible watch. Just the watch on its own merit would be worth today between
$35,000 and $45,000. But this watch is worth much more. Because you saved the box and all
the paperwork for it, easily today it’s $65,000 to $75,000 in the market. GUEST: Wow. APPRAISER: Probably more than a month’s pay
in the military right now. GUEST: Wow. I had no idea. I’m speechless.
If you would have told me $1,500, I would have been happy.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. U know what old timers keep stuff they value in their heart the new generation and me included have know value for our things anymore it’s just the way it is good onya old mate sending love from Australia 🇦🇺

  2. I saved up $750 in 1996 as a 15 year old to make my biggest purchase ever, a Tag Heuer watch. I loved it. Nice watches are a solid investment.

  3. To this day, this remains one of my favourite watch stories and appraisal videos of all time. Amazing story, great man, beautiful watch.

  4. I’m happy for him. Seems like a very nice guy and a generous person to have also bought an expensive watch for his father.

  5. If you would have told me $1500 I would have been happy

    yeah that's what I said. Well gladly take this for $1500. $1508 with the box

  6. Thank you for your service in the army and you deserve it more than anyone else. The great watch has been like a good friend to you, faithful and loyal.

  7. It's a nice vintage watch, looks very basic comparing it to today's Rolex or the Rolex from thirty years ago. Now you can't even buy one at the price what that man payed for back in the early 1960s. What Rolex cost now no private or SGT in the Army could never afford even at discounted prices on his monthly salary or yearly income.

  8. All the lovely comments about how nice and genuine this man is. He was a soldier in the Army and probably went to the Vietnam War. I'm sure he did his best work out on the battlefield. BTW…
    Nice watch.

  9. Disclaimer: this video has been linked on about 1000 times. Don't start anymore threads or you will be flamed.

  10. Good luck trying to get all that money. The dealers and auction houses – even the big NYC ones will eat your lunch and pop the bag. Been there, done that trying to sell my Rolex GMT 6542.

  11. Fighting for people's freedom and a collectable "ROLEX" is a cherry on top of the whip cream. Thank you for your service sir and God bless making it back home safe!!!

  12. Now, I even forget how many times I visited the video,,everytime the feelings worth of watching are same : it's his expressions," even if you told me 1500,I would be happy"'..make me feel happy for the old guy all the time,,

  13. I truly hope the old gentleman kept the watch. And that it goes to his future generations without ever seeing a rick at a pawn shop.

  14. Rick Harrison: “ill give you $500, ill take all the risk here. You dont see people walking in asking for a rolex from the 1960s everyday”

  15. They did a follow-up on this guy. He sold the watch and went to party in Vegas with a bunch of whores and Coke. They found him dead in the hotel room because his heart couldn't take all the excitement. 🤣🤗😏

  16. If you buy a new submariner or even a gmt master 2 today, 40/50 years later the value wont go up as this one. The way things are going and if they continue to, by the time this watch is 100 years old, it will be worth half a million in todays money, adjust it for inflation at that time and it will be worth 1-2 million in that times money.

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