Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR with factory decal and small mirrors

Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR with factory decal and small mirrors

hey guys we are back we they Aprilia
this time around I’m gonna do a few aesthetic mods let’s say first of all
we’re gonna replace the OEM mirrors with those mirrors those mirrors used to be
on the scrambler but now they’re gonna end up on the Aprilia so we’re gonna do
that another thing we’re gonna do today I bought a whole bunch of Tuono
factory stickers and we’re gonna start putting them on on the side and I want
to see how it looks but ‘nough the chitchat let’s get on it the installation of the mirror is pretty
straightforward I’m gonna remove the OEM and I’m gonna put on those aftermarket
so it’s kind of easy what I’m gonna actually focus today on is I bought a
few different stickers when it comes to the graphics for the the factory version
of the Tuono i bought the stickers for the 2018 factory which are red just like the
side but they have silver Aprilia riding on it I also bought the 2019 factory
stickers which there is no background so there is no red but they’re black now
what I what I’m thinking of doing is I’m gonna install no matter what the 2019
factory stickers for Warren when it comes to the frame and the tank so I got
those and those are just black and and grey I’m gonna leave them on the bike
and leave the original sticker from the front fairing alone this time around and
see what the bike looks like for a while and at that point I’m gonna do a few
things if I like it I’m gonna leave it that way and I don’t know what I’m gonna
do with the rest of the stickers maybe you’ll send it to one of you guys if I
do not like it I’m thinking of cutting the OEM stickers over there so to leave
the Tuono v4 sign on in red as a stripe just like the stripe up here on the tank
and replacing the the big red with just the 2019 front fairing stickers or I’m
gonna put in the 2018 from fairing sticker which is obviously gray and see
what it looks like so to get a short I’m gonna do a whole a lot
of attempts and a whole a lot of trying until I find the look that I like I’m
kind of thinking that I might like it more silvery and with less red upfront
but I don’t know follow me on instagram bigos every time I make a change I’m
gonna actually snap a picture post it on Instagram so if you’re curious to see
what the bike is gonna look like follow me there other than that this is a good
time to remind you buy yourself one of those fantastic two on a shirt because
apparently I’m not allowed to use the word tour know this has been changed
with just the dead light and the b4 sign in the middle which is still pretty cool
but let’s remove those giant ugly mirrors and let’s replace them okay so
it turns out that the mirrors up here are 19 millimeters so let’s grab a 19
millimeter and let’s start taking it apart and that is it that’s all you
really have to do to take a mirror off when it comes to the Orillia both
mirrors get undone the same way unlike many other bikes so both of them unscrew
the same direction I’m gonna start with the right hand side mirror and because I
don’t want it to come off I’m actually gonna add some thread lock here we go
easy as that is do the same to the other side and that’s pretty much it
what I’m gonna do now is straight up the bike set them up the way I want it so I
can see behind me and then put those caps on it and that’s it and then we can
move on to the stickers the visibility is slightly reduced because of the size
of the mirrors but I’m still able to see all the important things happening
behind me and that’s what it matters for safety on top of that
they look not a million but a gazillion times better then the one that were
there before so quite a bit you know as I said for today I’m just gonna do the
tank and the frame but there is one thing that independently of what are you
doing you need to do and that is clean the parts thoroughly so that the sticker
actually stick properly to it and for the job I’m gonna use some alcohol and a
nice shop towel it’s amazing how much stuff is on it
even if it’s clearly clean all right it’s clean stop putting the stickers on
can scare seems pretty straightforward it follows the contour of the bike I’m
gonna peel back the sticker a bit and cut a chunk out of it remove the thin stripe out of it and
then I’m gonna put this back back on so now what I did I have this stripe that
is gonna stick to the tank itself and at the same time I can still move stuff
around and make sure that everything fits properly before I commit to it and at this point this side it’s on so what
I’m gonna do is I’m gonna pull this back remove that and then nice and easy
I’m gonna put it back on making sure there are no air bubbles trapped in it let me get a squeegee and squeegee out
some more all right all in all not too bad god before you kept me waiting what I wanted your showgirl you see she was craving you love it you
hate it so far we are done I do like what I see
now the left hand side due to the amount of letters over here on the tank it was
a little bit harder than the right hand side
it took me definitely a little bit longer to avoid air bubble to getting
there but all in all it wasn’t too bad I really liked the result – this time
around and we’ll see what I’m gonna do with these stuff over here pull it off
and just leave it gray you guys chime in in the comment below and we’ll see how
CI goes either way I still have a bunch of stickers over here so to see what’s
going to happen to the bike if I’m gonna leave it the way it is or if I’m gonna
change the stickers you guys can keep watching here on the YouTube channel or
for a real time because it’s gonna be faster for me to snap a picture and post
it on instagram follow me on instagram at Alba’s ADV other than that i’m gonna
try to put links in the description below where you guys can go find those
stickers as always if you guys like this video like if you love this video
subscribe right on and I’ll see you next time you

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  1. Stickers look fantastic (no need to change the red one). I looked at the link to Amazon but, didn't see anything directing me to find the stickers? Great Video (as always) keep the content coming !!! > Aftermarket exhaust ???

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