Are Affordable Coilovers Worth It? | Tein Flex Z Coilovers Unboxing

Are Affordable Coilovers Worth It? | Tein Flex Z Coilovers Unboxing

– You guys ever heard of Slap Chop before? All you gotta do is stop
having boring salads, right? All you gotta do is you put it in there, you Slap Chop, boom, slap it one time, you got yourself salad dressing. You slap it twice, you
got more salad dressing, ’cause I don’t know what else
you’d do with salad dressing. You got potatoes? You put it in the Slap Chop. You just boom, one Slap Chop, you got yourself your potato salad. Do another chop, you got a second chop,
you got French fries. There you go. I am running out of ideas
for interesting beginnings, but Tein decided to send us some coilovers and you guys have continuously been just hounding us like dogs about if Tein coilovers are good. What’s included? What’s in the box? Just tell me what’s in the box. It’s not what you think it is. It’s not The Lonely Island, I promise you. So Tein was like, let’s do it. We’ll send you something. Term 14 hooked us up as
well with some goodies that we will be putting in another video. Let’s get started. Tein, For Your Driving Pleasure. First let’s talk about the
saying For Your Driving Pleasure. Ahem. So this is the Tein Flex Z Coilover Kit that we’ll be looking at today. Now for the specific one
that we’re looking at, it’s right around, I would say,
$900 for this specific kit. So in terms of price, if that’s
kinda what you’re looking at this is definitely an affordable coilover. So you guys are wanna come in. We’ll have the B-roll camera come in here so you can actually see how it’s packaged. First off, don’t mind the stab marks, but for the most part, this is
how it comes in the package. Just come on in. You can actually see that there
is some cardboard covering. But the parts are actually
a little bit exposed here. We’re looking at those. Those would be your bushing. We have the actual part one
of the actual coilover kit, so you have your main assembly. You actually have everything. Looks like it’s all preloaded and ready to go, so I’m
gonna set this over here. Try not to stab myself. Then, of course, we are
also looking at the rear. And so this is how this actually
comes right out of the box. We are missing something pretty vital, but we don’t wanna talk about
it because it’s right here. So this goes on, and then you’re ready to roll. Nothing too shabby there. It’s actually kinda weird
how it’s boxed, to be honest, ’cause they’re not individually wrapped. But then, at the same
time, most coilovers aren’t individually packaged
or anything like that. And then, of course, you
have your instruction manual. Looks like they actually give
you a little embossed sticker. Your adjustability, which
is pretty interesting. This is for a Nissan 350Z, so
this is for the ’03 to ’08s. The knuckle destroyer 2.0 comes with an embossed Tein logo on it, so you got two of ’em when
you lose the first one. And then we have a couple
other things in here. I feel so bad for whoever
has to clean this up, ’cause it’s definitely not gonna be me. So that comes individually packaged. First off, initial perceptions, this is actually really nice. Nothing too major. Not a huge fan of how
it’s packaged just because it looks like it could
move around a little bit. But in terms of the actual
threads and all that, that all looks good; paint looks decent. You won’t actually see it, but a lot people actually care about what it looks like right out of the box. Moving down a layer in terms
of what’s in here, part two. Oh gosh. Little bit heavy. But here is the full component
for the front, again, you have obviously everything taped. Obviously we know that Tein is one of those companies that will make the parts specific to the region in
which they’re purchased from. So parts made in America will be different than those made in, let’s say, Japan. Or purchased, I should say, for either the Americas or for Japan. And then we have part number two. Oh boy. It’s just, ah, alright, so now that we actually
have everything unboxed, and I stop making a fool out of myself trying to get everything out of the box, the first thing that you guys
need to remember with Tein and a lot of the coilover
stuff that they make is that they pretty much span from really, really affordable
to really, really expensive. And depending on what type of kit that you get is dependent on how much customization you’re gonna get from Tein. So certain kits will actually have really, relative to no customization at all whether it comes down to damping, compression, adjustment,
all that sort of stuff. And then as you go up
to the upper echelons of Tein coilovers, you’re going
to get more and more options. You’re gonna get the dust boots. You’re gonna get things like that. You’ll get the full kit versus just having some things that may not come with the kit because of the price point that you’re at. With the Flex Z, you’re kind
of in that middle ground, so a lot of their kits are probably right around $800 to $1,000 depending on how much you’re willing to spend, what vehicle you’re putting it on, and everything in between. So this is for a Nissan 350Z. This is for the ’03 to the ’08. So the first thing that
you’re gonna notice is obviously your fronts are
gonna come fully assembled. Now something that’s
interesting is you’re obviously gonna have the damping
adjustment right up there. It’s 16 levels of adjustment. And then what you also have
is this little needle adjuster because what they did is that they they made a new version to give you more accurate adjustability, so it’s actually a click by click that’s a little bit easier than just having something that just is a knob turn. Because you never really
know what you’re doing unless it’s a click by click, and they did that. But what you are gonna notice is that they aren’t really serviceable. So you’re not gonna be
able to get in there and change a whole lot of stuff, and then there’s no compression adjustability on these specific ones. But the full ones, they come together, they have the nice little tape on there so you know that you got it new. They come right there, so all you gotta do is
mount ’em up to the top and you’re ready to go. For this specific kit for the Flex Z, since we’re looking at a Nissan 350Z, you have a little bit more
happening in the back. So the first thing that
you’re gonna notice is obviously it comes
with a spring insulator. This is what you would put in your spring boot in the back of the 350Z. When it actually gets all
put together and assembled you have something kinda
looking a little bit like this actually when it’s in your car. So what happens is, and we’re not gonna get into it, because unless you guys
really do want to know how to install this kit,
which we can certainly answer in the comments section below, but this is actually is what’s gonna determine a lot of your ride height. And what you do is you
actually adjust that. They’re two parts to a whole. You can’t just adjust it with this and then do nothing here. This helps you adjust
your strut travel to match how much lower your car is. So what a lot of people recommend, every vehicle is different, but when you have
something set up like this where it’s a separate assembly and you have something that’s adjusting your ride height in the
rear versus something that’s adjusting your strut travel, you’re going to want to remember that there’s almost
always gonna be a ratio. The ratio differs depending
on the vehicle that you own. Sometimes it’s two here for one here. Sometimes it’s three here for one here. Sometimes it’s one to one. Every vehicle is different, so I’m not gonna tell
you what the number is, but if you want to know, a lot of times those forums out there that are probably around 15 years old will actually have that
information out there for you. A little bit of a pro tip
for you guys to remember, especially when you’re going and adjusting these things is that this is meant to make
sure that you don’t have your strut or shock in the
rear fully extending out or fully getting compressed. Because at the end of the day, that’s actually not good for
your suspension components. You want this to essentially
get 75% either way, but you never want it to
either fully bottom out or fully expand, because ultimately, what you’re gonna do is you’re
gonna damage everything. I don’t know if I already
talked about the dust boot, but you actually have
the dust boot here too, which is super nice. It’s something that doesn’t come on a lot of more affordable coilover kits. Butane is one of those companies that’s been doing it for such a long time, and they actually changed their
entire manufacturing process especially for the Flex Z to
make the parts more affordable, and then to kinda make
it cheaper for the people that are looking to buy the kit as well. They also kinda make it
a little bit dummy proof, but don’t be fooled. It still is something
that you’re gonna want to research a little bit
prior to installation so that you know that
these parts come together. You know that this is fully assembled. You know that you have
to set it up like this. And then, of course, you
have the instructions, and the instructions are in English. So helpful. Especially when you’re
trying to install something. You have your good old
knuckle breakers here. When you lose one, you can break your knuckles
with the other one, and you’re pretty much set. Something that’s really
cool is that they do include a little bit of the extra stuff for you so that you don’t have
to go out and buy it. You don’t have to wait
for things to come in. And it’s overall just a wholesome kit. If you’re looking to get
something into your car that’s not gonna cost you a ton of money but is still gonna give you a little bit of adjustability past just ride height. Another thing to remember is
that this is a twin tube system so it’s gonna actually allow you to get just a little bit more in terms of comfortable ride, like, on the streets. Now whether that actually
is a marketing ploy or whether that works
is entirely up to you. In my eyes, as long as you
don’t go too aggressive with the coilover kit,
you’re gonna be just fine. Something that also is kinda cool is that you have the full length system for ride height adjustability. You’re gonna have a full length system for ride height adjustability, but you’re gonna have a
minimum change in ride quality. So one of the biggest things
is when Tein made this is that they wanted it to be capable for almost anybody to put in their car and lower it without having it adversely affect a lot of your ride quality. So, in all, it’s actually a
pretty well put together kit. So that is our unboxing
on the Flex Z coilovers. Let us know in the comments section below if you guys run Tein. If you’re interested in Tein, You can hit up We actually have all the Tein products. If you have a vehicle, Tein probably makes a coilover kit for it. If you guys have questions
on the installation or more in depth on a
lot of the sophisticated stuff of coilovers, we’ve
done videos in the past. We’re gonna continue to do videos so that you guys can kinda
learn a little bit more. Let us know in the comments section below. But I’m Alex from Fitment Industries. Don’t forget to subscribe. We will see you later. Peace.

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