Are All People Selling Cars Scumbags?! 😡😡 Lied To When Buying A WRX

Are All People Selling Cars Scumbags?! 😡😡 Lied To When Buying A WRX

What’s up folks welcome back to 802 Garage.
Here we are at the affordable 2002 WRX wagon, automatic, and I’m gonna get straight into the
point here. It has bad head gaskets. At least it allegedly has bad head gaskets. So
let me prop up the hood here and then I will explain, but basically I bought this car for 1000 bucks
which is a really good price. It’s got 123,000 miles basically and it’s not rusty everywhere.
I got a pretty good deal but I bought it like that knowing it had a major transmission issue.
If you wanna know more about that click this little link in the upper corner to check out
the video right introduced this car. But then today basically right after I get it home the
drama starts. And please do watch this video all the way to the end if you can because
I want to explain everything I knew about this car when I bought it, how I learned that
the head gaskets are bad, and I really want your opinion on what I should do, or how I
should feel, or whatever because to be honest this has kind of consumed my day. I was
planning to make a totally different video but this is what you’re going to get because it’s happening
now and it’s kind of important and I genuinely want all your opinions and advice. So the basic
point is I put up the video introducing this car and then someone messages me today saying
Hey by the way I know the kid who sold you that car he put 2 bottles of O’Reilly’s head gasket
fixer into the cooling system because it has bad head gaskets and so I’m like great right
and here’s the thing the kid did not tell me he put head gasket fixer in this and that’s
the main issue here he seemed really honest about everything else he told me that he be
the thing up he told me that it went into a ditch which I actually have a picture that
old throw up right here and I know about that that’s whether some dents and dings and some
scratches it’s not in perfect shape you know the bumper obviously have the tiny gap there
he told me that he bore the struts replaced it he told me he board axle and replaced it
he told me there’s a frozen Campbell what’s of little things right he was very honest
he even told me that he screwed up the trans when he was going sideways in the snow on
these all season tires and heard a loud bang and it might need a new torque converter transmission
that’s all fine that’s all well and good I appreciate that honesty I got a pretty good.
Price on the car. I also do want to point out because I want to be fair hearing give
both sides so you can give me a proper opinion that when I first messaged him I asked him
what was wrong with it and he said he thinks it might need head gaskets all put that message
on screen right here for the rest of our conversation Intel I went to see the car he never mentioned
a head gasket again now the description I’ll show you the ad right here in the pictures
that went with it all he said was runs rough $1000 firm right so when I acquired about
what he meant by runs rough he told me that the transmission within shift. Hello Michael
that’s a transmission issue not an engine issue and the other thing is a lot of people
don’t realize this engine specifically and most of the turbo engines actually all the
turbo engines don’t actually suffer from head gasket issues at nearly the rate of the naturally
aspirated E. J. 25 especially and that’s because from the factory they come with M. L. S. multi
layer steel gaskets not the single layer Cody gaskets that are famous for blowing in the
E. J. 25 engine does gaskets the coding itself actually fails and the head gasket phaser
prevalent we all notice it’s from like 9798 whatever the first year that you do 25 all
the way through 2010 is when it was allegedly fixed sure the turbo engines especially the
E. J. 20 do not suffer from that same failure is not surprising for these engines to go
to 1000 miles plus if left stock and not blow head gaskets however as with any engine if
they get overheated if there be known wrong if they’re modded improperly the head gaskets
can go. So I obviously asked a bunch more questions when I got to the kids house I did
ask him so you mentioned something about head gaskets why did you think that he said will
it do to overheat a while ago and he said it over here a couple times I found out I
had a stock thermostat and that makes sense now over heating is dangerous as I said but
he said he replaced the thermostat he added Corwin and he hasn’t had a problem since then
it also had this week here on the reservoir still running it long cool it could have been
an issue causing over heating so the stock thermostat is not a problem that leak is not
a problem over heating a little bit not a major issue and so he said he added court
and the car did not have any more problems. So I asked him how much have you driven it
since then I believe you told me a few 0 miles now it’s also very normal for servers to get
their stock in the cooling system and a lot of people don’t know how to bleed out so it’s
very possible that it ran long calling from that leak he added coolant it’s still hot
air bubbles in it whatever the stock thermostat so all this points to me saying okay well
if you’ve put cooling in it and it’s not blowing cool into the reservoir I did ask him that
he said no and it’s not consuming cool when I asked him that he said no that means that
it’s probably not a bad head gasket and I of course did check inside the reservoir and
what was interesting to me you might be able to see it’s very clear liquid in there. And
there was actually ice in it when I was there on that day which means it’s not enough coolant
mixture in the reservoir so I was worried that the whole engine was like that but that
also means that. Once I opened this cap and saw the disco in is very green obviously a
proper mix or at least it has court in it it means that the court which is green is
not being blown into the overflow because then that would be green as well and wouldn’t
have ice in it you know it would be mixing back and forth and you wouldn’t have water
in one and corn in the other so all that led me to believe probably doesn’t have bad head
gaskets because obviously I want to know that since you mention it what he did not tell
me is that he thought it had bad head gaskets and he put into bottles of head gasket sealer
and of course I did check to see if there was any head gaskets you’ll because I checked
on every car and I didn’t initially see any evidence you know it might have been it was
it was fairly light out but so I pulled this cap off. In on initial inspection I don’t
see anything because normally head gasket sealers have that copper stuff or even you
know shiny bright metallic particles and you’ll see some of them left around there you almost
always see them were some small on the outside or on the cap itself and I didn’t see any
what I do see now is this brown build up on the cat and I’m wondering if it’s just a different
kind of sealer than I’m used to seeing you can see that flex off but that also just kind
of looks like normal regular corrosion that might bubble up to the top so I’m really not
sure but I didn’t see any direct evidence of head gasket sealer see like that right
there just looks like rust which you know could come from the reservoir because that’s
made of steel so again I didn’t see any evidence of the head gasket picture I’m not sure what
kind he used you know maybe it’s like the blue devil kind or something else that doesn’t
have the metallic particles in it whatever I hate the stuff you shouldn’t use it unless
it’s like a last ditch on a car that’s this valuable with Lois smiles it’s not rusty you
know you should have the head gasket some properly if they’re going bad but apparently
it worked if you do not bad head gasket any putting the sealer work because I drove us
home about 50 miles from anything from 30 miles per hour all the way up to 65 you know
reading it at 45 RPM certainly making some boost repeatedly flooring in getting off at
listening to the sounds and the card is not over he actually if anything I was surprised
that the car stayed a little bit cooler than it should because if you look at the coolant
gauge right here. Basically those 2 dots in the middle it’s supposed to rest right between
them and it was actually closer to the bottom one which is very unusual for Subaru in my
experience that almost always hover right at the middle so that also makes me wonder
if maybe he put in a colder thermostat which you also should not do by the way you should
put in the in temperature thermostat unless you really really know what you’re doing.
Basically that’s where I’m at. Now I don’t know how mad to be and I don’t know what to
do about this because the kid did tell me he thought it might need head gaskets right
so right up front he was up front about that and I understand that’s part of the low price
in he was up front about the transmission issue sorry about that my camera died again
from the cold but the bottom line here is he was honestly about seemingly everything
except for the fact that he put in that head gasket sealer which makes a big difference
and it is not even so much the money it’s it’s not the issues you know it really does
bug me out that I got into this they get okay I have to at worst replace the transmission
lots of other little issues and and hopefully she’ll drive for awhile suspected and now
instead it’s all like we have to pull the engine possibly the transmission as well replace
head gaskets or the engine you know so yes more money more time but what really gets
me is just honesty that’s all I care about and I bought that read do with 5 arrests that
has really been on the channel much yet and I went through a similar thing with that something
that you may be much more angry but I have a cover that story on purpose you you will
get it soon there was definitely some drama there as well although it kind of worked out
in the end but I digress. The basic point is even if he had told me he had done that
and give me all the details on what happened in that situation why was a reading why he
did that we told him to do it I probably store bought the car what I wanted a few $0 off
the price probably yes you know I probably would walk away if you stayed from 1000 did
but I get it he’s a kid he his mom for the car he allegedly paid 3500 or 4 grand for
depending on what believe his friend him in a friend in the you know he still does mom
he said 11 her box and you know his mom said he couldn’t sell for less than 1000 Bucks
I pretty much believe all that and I gave the money to his mother the car was in his
mother’s name and so that pretty much leaves me. To where I’m at here I I want to know
what you all think how upset should I be the he didn’t tell me about the head gasket fixer
I know I have a right to be somewhat upset but what what do you think is that just the
game when you’re buying used cars is it as is not like I don’t think so I don’t lie to
people when I sell them things I just don’t work for me information like that like I said
I asked him you know a litany of questions about the court about why it was overheating
etcetera and he neglected to mention that one thing which is very important you know
comes up everything means he thought the head gasket was bad for sure it means it might
be the only reason the cars running normally now. Beyond that what do I do about it should
I talk to him first and say what the hell man get confirmation have tax have evidence
or should I just call his mom because honestly I bought the car from his mom I handed her
the money shook her hand in the end you know shook his hand too but and it was the site
over her name and she doesn’t even know that he didn’t tell me this maybe she’ll want to
actually teacher you know high school son a lesson because I know I would want to and
honestly all that I would like to be made whole this is maybe like 2 300 Bucks because
I’m gonna have to drop at least 500 to fix this now I’m good you know I’m my plan B.
take up the engine OEM multi layer still head gaskets are like $75 I’m obviously gonna do
all the timing at the same time if it doesn’t look like it’s brand new and that’s like $300
easily and you know camming crank seals front and rear because the engine has to come out
probably that little cover on the back if it’s leaking. I you know there’s many things
you probably valve covers there’s no point to not do that well it’s out especially if
I’m gonna pass this car and somebody else and ask top dollar for mechanic so what what
do you think I should do should I contact him should I contact the mother should I just
leave it alone you know of my thoughts are maybe the mom will be like wow I can’t believe
you did that yes I will give you back a little bit of money and he’ll owe it to me that’s
what I would do as a parent you know this is the sort of thing sure I could try to take
them to small claims court or something like that but honestly I don’t have he you know
the time and energy for that over you know what to do $500 and Mike in the end you know
so so that’s basically where I’m at I just really wish I didn’t have to hear about this
from someone who knows him and does he did that and didn’t tell me rather than from him
himself and he’s young he’s got lessons learned but clearly this is a small community you
are saying the fact that 2 people within 2 days contacted me to let me know this he’s
got understand he’s gonna be burning bridges that he’s going to be making enemies if he
does stuff like this no this is not the in the world no I’m not going to heat the kid
I’m not gonna go after him I’m not you know I’m not angry I’m not serious I’m just disappointed
in it as a bunch of issues for me I would like to be made whole if you will so so I
want to know what you all think I should do you know how you would react in this situation
if you think everything I’ve said is valid or or if I’m you know missing something because
obviously when you’re in a situation like this are you can be blind to a lot of the
facts and I try to be fair reasonable all you guys and tell you the truth that he mentioned
head gaskets to me but he did tell me the car had a lot of issues but that I just didn’t
know about the stop leak about the head gasket fixer and that’s probably the most important
detail about what’s wrong with the car other than the transmission so that is a big issue
you know in the end I will still make money on this car even if I have to buy an engine
I can find them for between 100 and $1000 locally I can find the transmissions were
between 100 and $500 locally even with that in labor in putting it all back together cleaning
it up fixing a little things at the. End of the day I have no doubt I could eventually
get 3 to $4000 for this car but obviously if I’m making a net profit is 0 and I put
in 40 hours of labor that’s not a great deal for me you know and obviously I can’t drive
it right now is is that’s not good for me to sell right now the next steps on this car
are definitely still diagnosed in the transmission just so we can drive around fine in flushing
the cooling system to see what comes out of it and also make sure I’m not leaving that
head gasket picturing here I’d rather that the head gasket you know show its true colors
sooner rather than later and just that I know that I have to fix it and as soon as I have
the rear subframe in the 215 arrests I can pull out of the garage I could even do head
gasket this winter if I have to I really don’t want to you know if the head gasket seal was
holding and I put fresh cool in there and I see no issues I’m gonna run it like that
for the winter because doing this in the spring would be so much more enjoyable but I do need
to fix the trans I do need to flush the court I have some other little issues to fix and
then I’ll I’ll see how it goes from there I’m not going to try to give the car back
and get my money back or anything like that you know I think we’re we’re well past that
point I could I guess I doubt it would work but but I’m not unhappy with. The purchase
not even at the price people try to sell these cars all the time for $3000 for the bad head
gasket sometimes the worst condition in this because they are idiots they’re not worth
that but at this price I’m okay with it I just wish I had more honesty involved in a
purchase and that’s that’s really it for me and yes I know what people mention check to
restrict hours looking inside the wheel wells they look pretty good I don’t see any rust
through but I know that it can hide in the inside so I will do that that’ll be in a later
video. And I’m also you know I’ll probably make a few more videos on this and and and
show you all the progress on it but to be honest with you I wasn’t really expect this
car to be on the channel much at all I was expecting to more let’s introduce it do a
quick fix and drive it it seems like people are at least interested in watching the fix
it so I probably will show that you know obviously initially diagnosing affecting the transmission
issue and then also what happens with this head gasket ordeal and any drama that comes
from it well I’m not looking for drama I would love to get $200 $300 back in the car just
to pay for a lot of parts of the need to fix you know the kids mistakes on do I think that’s
gonna happen probably not people people don’t like to admit fall and they don’t like to
to fix it when they’re already caught in a lie they just get cornered and act like coyotes
and I’m saying but the mom maybe the mom will help me so who knows that’s right now let
me know what you think down in the comments below what should I do about the situation
how should I feel how my reacting what would you do with the car I just really I just really
want to know as you know I’m doing daily videos in December and this isn’t even the video
I wanted to make for you today I have other stuff I’m editing that will definitely be
released you know there soon obviously but this came up and I thought I should share
with you all of the plans of the car are probably to rob this terrible smart which I guess is
is definitely real and put that on the armrest and put the stock one back on this you know
I I basically want this car to be a stock as possible because I don’t want to spend
time on an automatic it’s that simple and I do want to sell it and they’re worth more
on nodded then they are modded unless it’s very expensive parts so yeah I was in the
video I wanted to make but I hope you get some Schaden Freude you’ll get some pleasure
out of of the drama that I’m going through and I hope you can give me some advice or
some kind words or say hi you deserve it because you brag about getting a good deal and this
is your comeuppance whatever you want to say that’s not how I think about life I try to
give you a good deal to try to get good deals and are usually usually get honesty but sometimes
it just doesn’t quite work out so in trouble that as usual she did make already into video
please do let me know in the comments because I really like to know who who the people are
who just like watch the. Thing and want to know every bit and also of course to go check
out monkey wrenching check out his channel pulling up here and I’ll put a link in the
description if I remember to he’s trying to DO daily videos with me and so that’s really
cool to have that kind of motivation and I’ve been talking to him about this whole situation
what I should do as well thank you all so much for watching YouTube rise and. Yeah you
win some you lose some and sometimes it’s in between everybody have a great day kids
very soon. Subaru.

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  1. Not angry, just disappointed. Let me know what you think in the comments. How would you feel? Where do I go from here? Thanks everyone!

  2. When I sold my last boosted eclipse , I was strait up with the guy . I told him everything that had problems with the car. I kept recipes and should him proof . He still bought the car and he’s happy with it.

    If your going to sell a car . Please tell the truth. It’s Better for your character.

  3. My money is on rust on the underside of the cap. That being said, I would probably (very kindly) inquire with his mom. I think you will have the best luck if you are polite about the entire situation. I'd still say $1,000.00 is a damn good deal!

  4. Run it hard for a while and see if it had any problems. If it still runs fine drain the coolant and inspect it. The kid seemed pretty honest with everything else, odds are he didnt use stop leak and then leave it to do its "magic" and then flush the coolant. If he did use stop leak that sucks and he was dishonest, but you did get a decent deal on it. Doesnt make it right but it makes it less hard on you.

  5. Definitely contact them and see what you can do but I wouldn't expect much. Maybe they are cool. Living in No. Illinois finding anything that old that isn't a rust freak show makes it hard to pass up buying. 😉

  6. I vote tar and feather previous owner’s son… just sayin. Can’t stand liars, especially about cars. Putting in head gasket sealer in nothing but a band-aid.

    I would definitely contact the mom, as she’s the actual previous owner. Hopefully she doesn’t know her son did such a thing, but at the same time he knows you’d find out. He had to know you’re a mechanic and it should be obvious you know Subaru’s.

    First thing I’d do before ya go much further, pressure test the system. I wanna know why it’s not getting up to full temp and why it’s not cycling the expansion tank. That not have ANY green (coolant) tells me it’s not pressurizing and would also not let it get fully up to temp cause it’s just venting heat.

  7. It's a small community, but still, it's a used car and should fall under "Buyer Beware". I hope it's not the head gasket.

  8. Def have a nice chat with the mom and see what can be worked out.

    Being honest goes a long way than lying about the faults and defects.

    But even facebook marketplace is full of a-holes and low ballers.

    I put an ad for my camera with all the items laided out and being honest about the repairs and condition.

    Some insist on low balling me. And one wanted to buy it from me but later chicken out with a lame excuse of flying overseas.

  9. In the spirit of MCM… "hEAdgAskET" 😁
    Make a Hondaru wagon? 🤷 Or just get an EJ207 long motor and have a STi spec. Up to you bro.
    Oh, and break the kids legs, get your money back. I'm sure there's a few abandoned mineshafts around Vermont. 😈

    Added edit: Also, if you come to Australia, EXPECT TO BE LIED TO with buying a car, period. 🤷
    Actually, I got a better idea for you. One minute….

    Do this to him and his mom. 😂🤣

  10. gettig mad is a waste of time just ask him if he put head gasket sealer in it and go from there. You bought the car as is man, buyer beware.

  11. I can relate it did happen to me with a toyota corolla 2003 the guy who sold me that car new the car was the most a price of junkyard but he sold me that car freaking 1100$ at the end it cost me the price of the car to make it run and he didn't tell me the gas tank had a hole in it so i do relate

  12. You should assume all cheap old Subaru's for sale have head gasket problems. You should contact his mother; at least see her characters. Finally, gasket sealer is the worst. It gets through out the whole cooling system. This makes the cooling system not work as efficiently.

  13. Stop crying. No one’s ever gonna tell you everything wrong with a car so it’s up to you to do you due diligence and accept the risk if something goes wrong with a $1k car. Sorry but that’s my 2 cents.

  14. I'd at the very least tell him that someone that supposedly knows him said he used head gasket sealer and ask him if he did. Let him know that it's important that you know so you can determine what all needs to be done to the car. Also try to let him know that you're not mad as that will give you the best chance of getting the truth.

  15. It sounds like he told you there was a problem with the head gasket but didn’t want to press the issue. In my opinion it’s a good deal. Maybe flush the system and put new head gaskets on. It sounds like it runs well otherwise – besides the transmission.

  16. Yeah not sure how productive contacting the family you bought it from would be, I guess if it gives you some sense of being righted then I say go for it…

    Honestly, just my own paranoia with the EJ, even a turbo model, I would likely have the engine pulled and every common wear item replaced.

  17. Used cars are as is almost everywhere. Unless you are going to a nonsmall claims court you will almost always lose from undisclosed information. You'd have to prove that he knowingly lied to you and that he has the knowledge to know for a fact that the head gaskets were bad.

    Calling up his mom and seeing what she is willing to do might work, but she probably wont give a shit.

  18. Even though the famous headgasket issue is a "2.5" problem, he did mention the head gaskets (and none of that other stuff) when you asked what was wrong. As for "runs rough," I ALWAYS assume that means an engine issue and not driveline because a car can run its engine without moving. Without a compression test, buying an old turbo car is a roll of the dice. It sucks, but then again, does any car person really have a perfect record when buying used?

  19. The mistake(s) here are more yours than his. Learning experience for you. For all we know, he DIDN'T put fixer in it, and his friend gave you bad info (e.g. maybe his friend mistakenly thought he was putting fixer in when it was just him topping the coolant off OR he heard him talking about maybe putting fixer in and assumed he did when it was just talk). It's a Subaru that he suggested MIGHT run into head gasket issues going forward because of some overheating, and people can't be trusted to be entirely honest–you're allowed to be frustrated by the mystery/confusion, but I think you're way too worked-up about this especially if you're spit-balling the idea of small claims court. Ask better questions and be less trusting next time.

  20. Deceived, yes. Lied? I dunno. In any case the car is sold as is. You own it now. Drive it until you find out whether the gasket is bad or not, or do a leakdown test. Don't start chasing this, just take the loss.

  21. Not all people selling used cars are not scum bags.I know an used car dealer whom wholesales that does not sell junk.If it is a pile of junk,goes in his parts yard.He gets good money out of his cars at the auction knowing they are ready to go on the lot.We fix them before he takes them to the auction,wants them done right the first time.My dad sells used cars and is truthful,tells them and is the same way,does not sell junk

  22. 18 year old selling a WRX for $1000. I can't say I'm surprised about any of this. How do you know the person who told you he put the sealer in the car actually knows him?

    Also small claims court for omitting information when buying a cheap car? I think that's a little overkill.

  23. Wait….you literally just told me two days ago that the turbo cars don't have the same head gasket issues as the NA and didn't have any problems.
    Total. Fucking. Joke.
    The engine design ITSELF is prone to these failures. PERIOD.
    It's called PHYSICS. They literally cannot do anything about it.
    The engine design is literally, LITERALLY over one hundred years old and was not designed for what Subaru is pushing as "reliable".
    Now we're getting into the "my Subaru is the ultimate in the snow because AWD and I'm borrowing a Chevy Tahoe and it's crap because not Subaru".

  24. Honestly, I think your fine dude. You got a steal for the car even with the issues. The kid doesnt know what hes doing, so idk if I'd hold him accountable due to lack of evidence. Maybe those guys dont like the kid and want to cause problems for him? who knows.

  25. Man hate to see that happen to you. But either eat the loss and power through it or make a video where you buy a new engine using scotty Kilmers link down below👇.

  26. Naw I say you just give a ps like yo you can't be keeping info like that on the low and move on cause he might not know how important it to people

  27. Be honest. All you have to do is take what you consider to be acceptable on principle and imagine if everyone did the same. You have every right to be upset and to expect a level of integrity from your local sellers. I'd add that it's even better that you're bringing up the topic and keeping the conversation fresh on people's minds.

  28. Didn't I just (the first video of this buggy) warn you 'bout those lasagna-like Hd. gaskets, cheri !? Yes, I did.
    BTW, after you pry-bar the heads off, make hast to scope out the cylinders for scoring…excessive scoring.
    Good luck. 💋

  29. I enjoy your content.

    I agree this sucks, but I think confronting his mom won’t get you anywhere. She’s probably just glad to get her $1,000 and I really doubt she’ll kick back any money. Chasing it down will only leave you frustrated.

    I bought a used car recently. It ended up needing a bunch of stuff despite the owner claims of “accident free CARFAX” and the clean bill of health it received from my mechanic.

    I think unexpected repairs are just part of the game with used cars. No seller is ever totally honest or they’d never be able to sell.

  30. He knew if he told u that he put 2 bottles in it u would have walked away so yes I'd be pissed to. I wouldn't call his mom bc it want make a difference chances are since he knew about it so did she

  31. You win some, you lose some. Might as well part the whole thing and see if you can make more than what you've paid for it.

  32. Did they seem like the type that knows about the dark side of leak fixers? Some people think having that stuff in the cooling system would be an added value.

  33. Short Answer: Yes

    But a lot of times those sellers sell their cars with easy problems an experienced mechanic can fix

  34. I saw that car on the Facebook marketplace a few weeks ago, he said nothing was wrong with it and it was $2500 I think.

  35. Bummer. If you gave the money to the mom, then talk to her. Obviously if the kid owed money to his mother, he's not going to be able to give some of it back to you. I hope you can work something out with them. 🙂

  36. Honestly I always assume there will be hidden problems with cheap cars, I wouldn’t bother even contacting the seller myself, maybe that’s just me, I’m not a fan of confrontation, that’s why I buy dirt cheap cars and plan on them being projects. I’ve had cars from dealers with issues, in that case I will make a stink about it for sure. I made it to the end, I never skip or click off your vids.

  37. Maybe the 'sealer' was those little bottles of official Subaru coolant conditioner… If i remember its darkish brown.

  38. I'd just chalk it up as a loss and not deal with him or his mom at all. I feel like it would probably go badly and that may not be worth the money/time

  39. A little over a year ago I almost bought a manual, bugeye, wrx wagon off an 18 year old. It had an oil leak that was causing smoke to roll up from the passengers side of the car so I said no thanks. Moral of the story is don't buy performance cars from teenagers.

  40. Lots of dishonest people out there. Gotta watch out when you are buying used stuff. That's why they made the Lemon law in my state to protect the buyer from asshole sellers like that kid.

  41. man you knos soo much about these Scooby engines. I had no idea about them headgaskets in different types. love all this infor! another great video

  42. @802 Garage I traded a 240sx for a 300z back in the day.. yeah, it had a bad head gasket… I was not happy. I ended up putting a bottle of Nanotech in it. I drove it for a year or so with no issues. I'm not sure what he used, but that Nanotech is good stuff I used it on a Catera, that 300z and on my silverado. So far I haven't been able to bring it to failure.

    From what I see, I don't see any head gasket sealer from what you showed in the video. Unfortunately I have come across that many times with people, I even bought a truck had a bad crank… not a rod bearing, but the crank, and it was hid so well I drove the truck 100 miles before it showed up. So I chalk it up as experience. Not worth going to court over, probably a good idea to let him know/his mom know. Thank his homies for letting you know.

    After swapping/fixing the trans drive it until the head gasket issue shows up.

  43. It's a $1k WRX that's been beat to crap, has 130k miles and is old enough to graduate high school. Of course the head gaskets are bad. It's on the buyer to investigate these things before money changes hands.

    Even with the head gaskets, $1k is still a fair price for that thing.

    But you still need to pull the rear interior to look at the strut towers.

  44. I'm wondering if there was Gasket repair put in the system. Could your informant be wrong? I'd be a little pissed if the gaskets were totally RS, but for a grand, you've still got a bit of a deal. Maybe replace the coolant and the oil and see what happens.

  45. Not a big deal about the head gasket fix. Some Subaru of that vintage had block sealer from the factory dumped in just to help with the problem. Another commonly missed issue even with force induction EJ motors is that when the vehicle is off the coolant in the block which is usually not changed regularly gets acidic and eats the gaskets and will even make the MLS gaskets leak eventually due to the heat cycles and the increased cylinder pressures with the turbo. If you are in need of some parts to fix that engine up I would be interested in tossing you the gasket kit from my shop if you want to make a EJ head gasket replaced video just let me know

  46. I wonder if they put head gasket sealer in, realized the issue was still there, and then replaced the thermostat and flushed the system. It’s also possible that the thermostat isn’t seated correctly and is letting coolant sneak around it and that’s why it doesn’t get warm or it’s just a lower temp thermostat. Also the blue devil head gasket repair stuff comes in a blue bottle and would be very hard to see in the coolant because there are no “ fillers” in it and it is also very transparent if my memory serves me correctly.

  47. $1000 on a almost rust free WRX that needs some work isn’t that bad of a deal I don’t think, has a good chassis at least. My speed6 just cost me $3500, whole new head with the updated VVT actuator and tensioner cause it skipped timing lol

  48. $1000 car, i wouldn't even consider this a transgression. Call the guy and let him know you are just looking for info. I had a slightly similar situation with a forester XT and the car is now my beloved "fun beater"

  49. You bought the car as is brotha it sucks but it is what it is. I bought an 02 bmw 325ci guy told me the ces light was on due to auto to manual swap didnt check took his word got home 16 codes wrong with the car. You learn lessons and learn from them

  50. Looks like you've got some solid advice here. I would ask him straight up, respectfully. Maybe you'll get a little back, maybe not. I think most people do tend to lie because they just want to sell the car. I mean…I bought a car that "needed a new starter and battery" and it ended up needing an engine ;'D

  51. Sold as is can’t expect to get a dime especially for that price.the kid did mention head gaskets maybe tried to do a precautionary about the problem but he was honest about everything else give him some credit.

  52. I have done it to myself before
    I wanted to believe

    I have not seen cometic gaskets fail. Although I have blown a head gasket seal with 20 pounds of boost on the dyno

    Buyer beware
    You got the skills to pay the bills
    Make it so you are happy with it so you can hopefully make a few
    bucks .
    Good job brother

  53. Honestly when buying an almost 20 year old car I kind of expect there to be one of two things. Either its high miles where it was babied and neglected OR it has low miles and was beat on. Considering that it was owned by a teenager I've been looking for a bugeye WRX wagon for my girlfriend but it's always either beaten to shit or a blown Transmission. Honestly going after the kid is a bit of a waste of time. Still a good buy even if it needs some work.

  54. He mentioned the headgasket(s) being a potential problem, along with everything else. Until anything is proven here, you bought the car at your own discretion.

  55. Being a Subaru WRX owner for 23 years I can tell you the turbo motors blow head gasket faster than the non-turbo model……..It's not the head gasket that is the cause, the head gasket is the symptom. The cause is the poor head studs Subaru use, under boost the head studs stretch allowing the heads to lift which in turn damages the head gaskets!

    Subaru have been doing this for years and it makes millions for them and their dealers………it's a massive scam ripping off the public!
    When head gasket sealer is put into the cooling system there are some tell tale signs, such as, when you remove the radiator cap there will be a ring of head gasket sealer on the rubber washer where it is exposed to the air, also the coolant over-flow bottle will have heaps of head gasket sealer in the bottom as it sinks.

    $1000 car you get what you pay for, although it's a low act, the seller does not have to tell you about the issues!

  56. I would definitely say the seller was very uneducated and didn't really know what he was talking about but also kept you in the dark about things I would also say that headgasket sealer is a very bad fix

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